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  1. New link to the R2-B2 Route file Updated 2016-03-14 (Pi day!) http://tiny.cc/r2-b2-route3 Click on the link above and it should let you download it from Google Drive.
  2. New Link to the R2-B2 Transmission. Updated 2012-03-04 http://bit.ly/r2-b2-route2
  3. Glad you liked it. Took 2 years to make<grin>. If you poke around on the cache page there is a link to part 1.
  4. The latest TPGMBF film (as you can see by the big number on top, there are two) got released for the Ottawa GAG 14 event this past weekend. To find the cache you must watch the movie (70 minutes in length) to find clues to the location of the geocache seen in the film (and hopefully have a laugh along the way!). Here is a link to the . Info to download the flick(s) is on the cache page: GC1RD0D - Trailerpark Geocachers meet Bigfoot 2 "The Trailerpark Geocachers are back! In this flick the guys run into Bigfoot on a night-cache and Tripper and Zartimus start believing what GRizzlyG has been telling them since last summer when they got their brains wiped clean by space aliens (see the last movie) . The guys enlist the help of Captain Hook who lends them the armored suit he's been building to wrestle Grizzly Bears. This time, they also have a new weapon in the search for Bigfoot. The Mammal Attractor, although at first it seems to attract everything but Bigfeet. It all ends in a big showdown at the old Green's Creek train bridge where Tripper unleashes a secret weapon!"
  5. It sure is! New location here http://www.davidcarriere.ca/geocaching/Los...r2-b2-route.gpx
  6. I just saw the screener(thanks for that), I liked it a lot. It was great to see the lady with the 16,000 finds (now it all makes sense). The points made by the park rangers were valid, as were the points made by the cachers. Excellent of you to show both sides like that. I was fun to see some names I've encountered in the forums and on ClayJar's chats on the small screen. Ditto for the original can-o-beans! Loved the police stories!
  7. Nay prosecution, yay $100 plus mucho embarassment. Happy ending. I'd love to know what happened to the original plate, maybe tossed in a dumpster?
  8. Excellent! People are good at heart I guess. Especially when public opinion is about to fall on them like a ton 'o' bricks and the threat of police charges is hanging in the air. People become so reasonable then. Geosquid, you're a gentleman and a scholar for being so nice about it. I'm glad they ponyed up the dough. Restores my faith in party animals with no concern for anyone but themselves. Hell of a story! Oh yeah, and I guess I should remind myself, that people aren't inheiritly bad, they just do stupid things sometimes(some with greater frequency than others). Did you find out what the heck happened to the original plate? Tossed off a bridge?
  9. Geosquid is being incredibly nobel about it. If it was me, Uhh.. I'd be decidedly less so. If they don't take up a collection among the miscreants and pony up the dough, I hope he presses charges. It reminds me a bit of the old thread about the kids who were destoying geocaches with a crossbow or some such thing and whizzing in the containers. They took photos of it and posted them somewhere online. A moderator found out, copied the pics (before they could be deleted) and kicked them off this site. If you do something stupid, have the audacity to post a pic of it somewhere and get caught. Then lie in it.
  10. Posted from the Canada forums(link below) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=154828 Funny story in my local paper. Always cool to see some geocacher I know staring back at me from the 3rd page of the Ottawa Sun. This geocacher down here got a custom plate for his cache-mobile. It's his geocaching name. Some roving pack of muggles thought it was so cool, they decided to steal it for a scavanger hunt. Then they went and posted the pic online. And then the geocacher, who happens to be a comp.sec expert tracks it down via a hit on his blog.. Stupid frickin people. The girl who took the pic is right cute though(she's not in the pic, but her profile blog pic is awsome)... Stupid, stupid muggles. Next time you steal someone's plate, make sure it ain't a geocacher. Our skillsets scare.
  11. How kewl is that?! But it's in Canada! But didn't you hear? It's Kewl in Canada! Hillarious. I always check this thread from time to time to see what people are doing, fun to see your own cache in here. I like The Body much better at night. I almost got caught by the cops planting it. I blogged that bit. Dead deer, cops, a body, 2:00am .. Typical night for me..
  12. Ok, I took this pic about two years ago. Why is that important now? Cause it's one of two pictures on the Internet featuring the GEOSQUID license plate. Mine's the one not posted by a stupid person(although a few of you might disagree<grin>). A year and a half ago someone nicked Geosquid's ultra cool custom license plate, which read of course, his geocaching moniker: "geosquid". I remember when it got stolen because he sent an email to a local geocaching list about it at the time. A few months before I had seen it for the first time at a geocaching event and thought, "Hey that is Cool!" (That's Tripper lying on the ground pretending to be a hit and run victim, not that I was trying to get anyone in trouble or anything<grin>) Now what kinda freaks would steal a guy's license plate? Especially one that memorable ? Well, stupid people that's who. (One of them's a cute stupid person, but still..uhh, not bright).. So I cracked my morning paper open this Sunday, and there on page three, is Geosquid, in his Nissan, with his GEOSQUID plate. I had heard he got a new one, that it had cost $100, but why is he in the paper? As his blog would also state, he was checking out his blog's hit stats and followed a track-back to a search engine, that pointed back to some blog, which had a picture from the time of the theft of three 19-20 somethings holding his license plate with a stupid caption like, "Duh, dis is some plate we done stole.. hehehehe".. It was some Carleton U scavenger hunt (Carleton U, where the K stands for quality!) Well that's cool! Newsworthy too! A psuedo geocaching story, woohoo! You don't see the pic hoster in the photo, I guess since she posted it, she was taking it, which is too bad because she's right cute(see profile pic below)! Still, we're talking $100 bucks here, and lost time, and at least one police pull-over once he got the plate replaced and it was still showing as stolen. What's a geocacher to do? The story generated a ton of traffic to Geosquid's blog, and the suspect's blog(which has shut-down, gee-I-didn't-see that-coming-not-for-one-minute, Oops, too bad I kinda archived it first). I'll agree it's a cool plate. I liked it the first time I saw it but at least I didn't grab a screwdriver and pry it off the front of the car while my freinds snapped pictures! Moral of the story. Don't steal a geocacher's license plate (even if you're cute!) He'll most likely know where to find you if you're stupid enough to post a pic online. God that made me laugh. I'm laughing now. I guess it's hard to know the guy you're stealing the plate from is a computer security professional. Luck of the draw I guess. Hehehehehe. Read about it at Geosquid's blog. P.S. Hey, I just checked and GS copied her blog to a PDF before it got taken down, check it out!. Not bad, good reading!
  13. We were doing some night caching and we hit a micro in a mini mall. After we signed the log I got the munchies and headed to the quickie mart for a snack.. I must have wierded out the guy behind the counter with all the geocaching gear I had on because he said to me in a thick accent.. "So"... (thoughtfull pause) "Are you coming from the Mars or what?" That's about the dog-god-darnest funniest thing a muggle has ever laid on me(grin).... I almost yelled "All your base are belong to us!!!!!" What's the funniest thing a muggle ever asked you while you were geocaching?
  14. Cool.. You can geotag your Flickr photo now. I've only done it to one photo of mine. A geocache! Go get it! Hehehehehe
  15. I would think the addition of as many compelling photos as possible does directly contribute to the user experience gc.com is aiming for - like the gallery feature. It may be a question of priorities rather than competencies. I find it painful to upload more than a couple to a log. I uploaded the photos to Flickr - I just wanted to know if this was considered bad form, since it cannot show up in the cache's gallery or contribute to the gc.com experience. I upload to both. If I have a pile of GC pics, I upload most of them to GC.Com and only the really cool ones to Flickr, and vice versa, if I go somewhere and do a cache and take a pic of something wacky not related to the hunt, it goes on flickr only.. I like the offline flickr proggie for uploading. Did you know you can geotag your Flickr photos now? Tremendously cool. I should post that. I made a cache using that feature today (hopefully it will be approved. it's in the queue and probably not clickable just yet)
  16. Dropped you an email. We'll talk your ear off about caching. About the logging, what the guy above said. I'll assume you already have an account 'cause you're in the forums. Cheers!
  17. Sure sounds like a geocache. Look out! I think the RCMP might be onto us! <grin>.. I'm suprised they just didn't blow it up.. That's why I make my caches look like hairy bigfoot arms and UFO'S and/or sometimes have them guarded by Gnomes.. Or you can do this...
  18. In Ottawa it depends where you put the center. Since Hull, Quebec is right across the river from Parliament, you'll get a lot of Hull caches (and I don't recall there being all that many), you shift a little South West, towards Kanata and you get even more. Thing I like about Ottawa caches, is that they were all pretty good in the early days, so newer cachers had a high bar to work with, and many have raised it since then. So quality over quantity for sure. And thank god for the greenbelt!
  19. http://www.batchgeocode.com/ And for Canada http://geocoder.ca/
  20. This is old news, but new to me. What struck me about this expensive marijuanna grow up in a cave under this cute little A-Frame house in Tennessee was the escape hatch. I mean Check that OUT! Hydraulics! Free hacked power courtesy of the county power grid(grin). Now THAT would make a heck of a geocache! Here's a PDF with bigger pics and a small write up. Now I'd love a cave like that under MY house, but I wouldn't grow pot in it. What a home theatre that'd make!
  21. Cool scripts Prime.. I saw you posted a collection in another thread. Keep posting your script finds here (or ones you write), I love helpful scripts like that. Cheers!
  22. Noticed your sig said Orleans (as in Ontario). I'm in that end of town too. Yeah, The GAG events are Ottawa based but people come from afar. They are a hoot! Don't miss them.
  23. We saw Bigfoot while geocaching and lived to tell the tale! There's even video! Trailerpark Geocachers meet Bigfoot
  24. Actual printed mag, Check it out: http://www.todayscacher.com/ El Diablo can tell you more. That was the first printed issue, I sent away for it., very cool.. I did another video cache called The Voorhees cache and at one point it needed a magazine prop and at the time I was just going to fake a paper geocaching mag by printing the Today's cacher home page and sticking it on some other mag. This was much better though(and that scene in Voorhees got cut).
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