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  1. Seemed like entirely the wrong place to bash Norton AV too Not on topic at all. Least I'm talking about Geomate Jr. updates. Whatever.
  2. It worked fine for me but sort of cripples what was a great GPS for a roadtrip. While it is nice to at least be able to load one pocket query at a time(with a limit of 1000 caches), it would be GREAT if the utility would allow is to load our own .GPX file without limit to the number of caches(the device originally came preloaded with 250000 cache or something like that). I have a GSAK file of about 15000(yeah i'm gonna find them all) caches for an upcoming road trip. It would be nice to be able to export them to one .GPX file and use the utility to dowload them to the Geomate Jr - making it a GREAT roadtrip GPSr again. I did this, and it sort of worked, but the utility said not all caches would be loaded to the Geomate as I had exceeded some limit built into the transfer utility. I have no idea which or how many caches ended up on the JR but some got there. It would be REALLY nice if some info about the file transfer method and file format could be released so maybe someone else can create a more useful utility. Ideally get it to GSAK so we could send filtered .GPX files directly from there.
  3. Did an update this AM before going out on skis to an area that had 4 caches. Only had one of them in the Geomate Jr. I found out after getting there. Three of them were new caches since the first of the year. Lucky my caching partner had the caches on another GPSr. Been asking for years for some utility to let me load my own caches to the device(NOT JUST ONE PQ). If they are out of business maybe they could at least release that utility now or talk to Clyde at GSAK to allow some updating thru GSAK - that would make this device fantastic. Was always inconvenient having to upload caches thru their website. Sort of backwards in fact. Love the device though when current caches are loaded. If the website goes down, the device will be dead though with no way to ever update it. Anyone have any sort of utility or idea how the caches downloaded to this device are formatted?
  4. I noticed the same problem today. Been asking for years for some utility to let me load my own caches to the device(NOT JUST ONE PQ). If they are out of business maybe they could at least release that utility now or talk to Clyde at GSAK to allow some updating thru GSAK. Was always inconvenient having to upload caches thru their website. Sort of backwards in fact. Love the device though with current caches loaded. If the website goes down, the device will be dead though.
  5. WIth Magellan off to other things(Triton) I guess there will NEVER be an approved US 2.57 firmware update. It seems to have added a bunch of nice features(some of which I asked for early on in the Explorist lifecycle). Unbelievable that people will pre-order or rush out to buy a Version 1.00 Triton with the way support is sadly lacking on the Explorist line. Or maybe the support just sucks for US customers.
  6. I've had this prob a few times quite recently again. Could be somewhat cooler weather related(it really has not been what I'd consider cold this winter yet). Mine has also been shutting down randomly quite often lately.
  7. Being from the Pacific NW you've possibly logged many of the oldest original caches. One of the oldest existing caches is located here in the Chicago suburbs. Beverly - GC28
  8. Would love them to ALL be micros in the woods if it meant there would be NO more Walmart, Home Depot, street corner, lampost, guardrail, park bench, etc, etc, etc, caches. Will always rather spend an hour or two hiking/looking for an out of the way cache, even if we don't find it, than spending the same time driving to the seemingly now endless inane driveup micros. Yes, I'll still stop to make the driveups 'just go away' but there is, with very few exceptions, nothing enjoyable about them. If it has to be, more micros in the woods please.
  9. What a pain! What's wrong with an ammo box in the woods?
  10. That wasn't a bad deal - IN 2003 - when this thread started - DUH. How did this get dredged up?
  11. Yes, I've mentioned it before but... I would still like to see the number of users ignoring a cache show up on the cache page below the number of users watching a cache. Making my ignore list public would be fine with me too. As a cache owner I'd really like to know that users are ignoring one or all of my caches. The feedback might be useful in placing future caches or deciding the future of an existing one. An ignore note, with a reason for the ignore would be the most helpful. Perhaps that would eliminate the need to create 'thumbs down' lists too. An option to this is to post a note on the cache page saying you've ignored this cache and perhaps a reason. This just promotes 'hostility' and usually gets deleted by the cache owner anyway. Yes, I know that there are many reasons a cache might be ignored. I unusually high number at least would prompt me to read the listings and logs more carefully to decide if I wanted to do this cache. A simple 'x number of cachers ignoring this listing' would serve me well.
  12. In another thread there is some discussion about many having flaky 'cold' weather problems, I noticed it too, since updating the firmware on the Explorist. Did you upgrade yours when the upgrade was released a couple months ago? Just curious.
  13. Maybe for Sox tickets... Nice idea, sure you'll have a mad dash for the FTF.
  14. Caches near peoples houses, a wonderful hide i'm sure. I always wonder about the need and reasoning for this. NIMBY - I'd call the cops too.
  15. Maybe we're just supposed to use them indoors. My battery lasted 16+ hours indoors at low light setting. Forget it, it seems, even at moderatly cold temps outdoors.
  16. For sure THE BEST caching area in the Chicago area. Have fun!
  17. Here's a cache example taken to the opposite extreme as it was considered 'flooding'. The stages are all about .5 mile apart or more over an established 11 mile route yet individual caches were not allowed by the admin. It seems to me that more series like these should be encouraged instead of not approved. Magical Mystery Tour The paragraph that follows is the owners description of why it was not allowed as 11 separate caches but is now an 11 ammo box multi that your supposed to log 11 separate times. I'm not a fan of logging an individual cache more than once and this seems to be an overreaction to the 'flooding' concept. There are several other 19 hole geo-golf type series(one approved after this one was not) in the area that are not much different in concept and much shorter end to end. I love these series as you can often park once and make a day of it and log each individually. Just don't see this one as 'flooding'. *********************************************************************************** taken from the end of the cache description ***UPDATE 11/22/05*** Many people, either in the logs, or personally, questioned the reason why this multi was set up this way. I originally submitted this series as eleven mystery caches. It wasn't allowed by IlAdmin reasoning that I was flooding the area.(?) I did not want to list these individually because I wanted you to do them in order as to take you on a journey through this area. Their are no bonus caches after you complete the eleven stage series. Some don't like to, but you are able to post a log for each cache you find in this series. And why not? You spent a good amount of time hunting them? **********************************************************************************
  18. My battery last just under 6 hours today after sitting on charge all night and showing full charge when turned on this AM. 6 hours til DEAD just SUCKS! Temps were in mid 30's which I hardly consider cold. I received this GPS new in August so the battery should not be dying already in my opinion. I HATE RECHARGEABLE DEVICES WITH PROPRIETARY BATTERIES! Never would have bought it just because of the battery. Give me my AA rechargeables any day. Our Meridian lasted all day and was still working fine. Yes, I know the Meridian is not color, etc, etc. At least the batterys are much easier to swap in the Meridian also. That cover screw on the Explorists is a real pain. I'd be happy to offer this unit up to Thales/Magellan for analysis as long as they send me a loaner unit in advance to use in the meantime Let me know Magellan. Also happy to do some real world testing any time you ask as I use my GPS often. Oh yeah, I HATE RECHARGEABLE-ONLY DEVICES.
  19. My Explorist 500, which I NEVER had any operation probs other then the clickstick, has been terrible since upgrading. Wacky split screens, lock ups and random shut downs. Battery time has gone down DRASTICALLY too a point that it is now very annoying. One of the reasons I did not like the rechargeable battery in the Explorist to begin with. Glad I won it -I'd be smoking mad if I'd paid for it. I will say that some days we've been out in some fairly cold weather(I know this can effect battery charge). Today it was just in the 30's though and the thing kept shutting down all day. I still LOVE my old original Meridian. Three plus years old and out all day today with it and NO NO NO problems in the cold(while the 6 month old Explorist flaked out all day). Last week in and out in 10degrees F all day and NO probs with the oldtimer Meridian. The Meridian is worth EVERY penny paid for it. I'd hope Thales/Magellan follows these threads. I see comments in other threads about how these reported problems have strongly inluenced their possible and existing customers buying decisions.
  20. Been wanting to take this pic of the family before they're split up soon. Magellan Meridians - 2 Magellan Explorist 500 Magellan Explorist 100 Magellan Roadmate Magellan Sportrak Map Magellan GPS Companion for Handspring Visor Rand McNally Streetfinder GPS for Palm III TravRoute Co-Pilot GPS Ths insanity must end. Only two purchased new - one won in Magellan contest. Thanks for the inspiration Got GPS, forgot I had a couple of these around.
  21. WHile your asking, find out why they do not post the old versions of firmware along with the new 'improved' version. It's terrible that they do not post ALL versions of firmware for all units - just in case. Those that have upgraded are stuck with it as is with no way to put back the prevoius version if they wanted too. I know that the improvements have outshined reported problems though. I waited a couple weeks to upgrade my 500 when the updates were posted to try to make sure there were no critical problems. You brave souls that upgraded the first day without the safety net of being able to 'go back' where indeed guinea pigs. Thanks for taking the chance I guess.
  22. One GC.com cache ID = One Log Never logged a cache twice.
  23. I finally updated and really like the improvments but now have had flaky lockups and performance that I NEVER had before. Also I still have 98 and ME on a couple computers. I have far far less probs with adware. spyware, virus stuff on them than I do on an XP box. I do love XP though as most of my customers problems lately are all related to these problems on their XP boxes FAR more than their old 98 machines. Keeps me busy so thanks XP.
  24. Yesterday, near Chicago. Put wrong coords in for a multi we were doing and it pretty much took us right to a Letterbox. That was weird, then again it was a strange day all around.
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