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Post a pick of your caching dog


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With the help of several great people, I now can post a picture of all my GeoPup Pals. The one I take the most, we just refer to as "Big Dog". (Kind of like the artist, formally known as Prince.) He's our 180 pound baby, Blitz.




Then there are the two who usually stay home together, Gizmo & Rachet. Rachet in a mini-schnauzer. We are going to start taking her on the trail more, she loves it.




And last is the one that I get my name for, Gizmo.

What can I say? <_<



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Couldn't resist posting Rusty's pic (he's the tri-color one). Unfortunately, Casey (the sable) never went caching, as we started after he left us.




(There are 2 more up, with the same url, but replacing 4.jpg with 6.jpg and 7.jpg. Those were so large I didn't want to link to them.)

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This is Sira, the dog who is always on top of me watching everything I do




This one, Irc, is my all-terrain geodog.




And our third dog is too fat and old for geocaching, I don't have pics of him in my gallery but just picture him as a big black dot. :(

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K...since I don't have a dog :laughing: (living arrangements won't allow it currently...)


I decided to post my favorites from those that have been posted here:


I'm a big guy...so I like big dogs (Desert Warrior's PARKER):



Speaking of Big Dogs...I'm a big fan of Bulldogs! (4agers' Sage):



Keep the pet pics comin'!!!



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My as yet un-nmaed dog.


I saw this picture in another thread...are those Curly Coated Retrievers???

Standard Poodle. I'm told they make good retrievers I don't hunt so have never trained one up for bird.


Edit:re post in other thread; Can you tell I'm a proud Dad? :laughing:

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Here's pictures of Curly Coated Retrievers. Looks just like Standard Poodle pups. In fact, lots of people ask me if my Curly is a poodle.




BTW, it was your helpful info about posting images on the forums that allowed me to share this cute photo.

Don't forget tirediron. :laughing:




Water Spaniels look a lot like standards to or versa vice a. I think I read that the Standard Poodle originated from a spaniel breed.


I like them because they don't shed and are smarter than most dogs. Besides its like having a big, living, stuffed animal around they house.


Everybody was a lot calmer when we had a dog, they contribute so much to a household that you don't notice until it's gone.

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I like them because they don't shed and are smarter than most dogs. Besides its like having a big, living, stuffed animal around they house.


Curlies shed lots, but they don't have to be groomed like poodles. Curlies are smarter than any other retriever breed I have had contact with, but they have a little bit of an attitude (which I like, but some people prefer the all loving personality of a Golden or Lab).

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WOW! There are some beautiful animals here. We have three dogs. (And a cat. The dogs need a chew toy, right?) I couldn't imagine not having them. They are each unique in their personalities and we have so much fun taking them out. I take Blitz (See above, he's the 180 pounder) out with me in my Miata. He can only fit when the top is down and he sits so tall he looks over the top window. I always get a chuckle when people will stop in the middle of the road to talk to us. I must say, he is a sight. He is so mellow and just loves to go cruising with me. I'll have to get a pic and post, it's pretty cool.

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