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  1. This is the Yahoo Group for the CVGA (Central Virginia Geocaching Association) All are welcome to join our group. Just let us know a little about yourself. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/centralvageocaching/
  2. Man, I'm gonna miss caching with my Reviewer. Guess we'll be regular ol' cachers now LOL Thanks for all you have done for the sport!
  3. Maybe there is a chance of getting the original container back, I don't know. I'm sure sorry it is gone. Should have made time to get up there and log it.
  4. I asked this same question a few weeks ago. It's very annoying in my opinion. When you go off road, it should go to the compass page like my old CS did. I wrote Garmin about it, but never got a reply.
  5. I'm sure this has been discussed and I searched, but could not find an answer. When I hit find, then Geocache, then search by name and enter a partial name, the 60CSx does not show the geocache I'm looking for in the list. If I close the menu, then it shows up at the very bottom of the list. Only does it on the find Geocache menu, it works fine if your use the Waypoints icon, then search by name, and you can find it easily in the list of waypoints. Not sure if this makes sense or not. Has anybody else noticed this? Thanks
  6. Worked for me too. Now I got Waas inside the house. Strong signal on SAT 51
  7. I hope they don't "fix" this, I would hate the map navigation screen changing on its own to the compass when I recalculate a goto. you know you can switch to the compass page and recalculate from there right? or as red90 said use the page key or the quit key to get to the compass page from the map page. When you recalculate to offroad, why would you want to stay on the map screen. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying here.
  8. I live in VA. and get SAT 33 sometimes and then get all D's in the bars. I would get 35 and 47 on my 60CS, but have never seen it on my 60CSx. the best accuracy I have gotten with the 60CSx is 10 feet, the 60CS I have gotten 7 feet.
  9. Hello. I upgraded from a 60CS to a 60CSX. I have a question about the offroad/geocaching mode. On my old 60CS, when I auto route to a Geocache I use follow Roads then faster time. When I get close to the cache, I hit menu, recalculate then offroad. The 60CS would then change pages to the Geocache Navigation screen. I do the same thing on the 60CSX, it stays on the map page and does not switch to the Geocaching/pointer/arrow page. What am I doing wrong? I have V 2.90 installed. What a big difference in the woods with the 60CSX vs 60CS. I never loose lock now. Thanks for the help. Oh I did search for an answer, but couldn't find anything.
  10. I don't like the new maps either. I click on the map and get every cache but the one I'm looking for. I guess I'm doing something wrong Plus I don't need to see a bunch of caches on the map that I have already found. Also, the map detail sucks. Half the cross roads aren't even listed on these maps. The old map had much better detail in my opinion.
  11. I know this is a little older thread, but I just noticed last night that my 60CS wanders to when indoors using a Gillson Antenna hooked on a window. I was watching the GPS using Mapsource and it was all over the place. Every once in a while it would say I was moving 1.2 mph. This may have been discussed before using an EXT. antenna, but thought I would share my experience.
  12. I'm in Virginia and I get SAT 48 with just the hollow bar on my 60CS. Still get Waas Corrections (D) on a nice clear day. Waas seems to go in and out more often now, at least it seems that way.
  13. You probably don't want to hear this, but I think they are gone. It's a bug in the software, but it's only happened to me once too, and I use GPXSonar alot. You didn't soft boot the PPC by chance did you?
  14. My replacement 60CS came with a new unlock code from Garmin. Make sure yours isn't in the box that the GPS came it, the shipping box, not the packaging box for the GPS.
  15. I've read about Garmins great customer service on the forums before, but I had to thank them again for my experience. My 60CS is about 2 years old and the in and out button covering had worn off. Some of the lettering was starting to wear off and I was also having some problems with the power button. I called Garmin, they gave me a RMA# and I sent it back to them. Three days later, I had a brand new 60CS at my doorstep, NO CHARGE. Now that is great customer service! I am so pleased with Garmin. I won't own any other GPS.
  16. I had problems with 4.05 beta when trying to autoroute. My 60CS would just shut off. I emailed Garmin and they told me others are having this problem too. I went back to 4.00.
  17. I had two Garmin 60CS glass mounts break at the hinge pin near the suction cup. I emailed Garmin and they sent me a new one, no charge, and the hinge has a different design. Looks stronger. I also use a Garmin bean bag and it works the best.
  18. Okay, got the waypoint problem fixed. Whew, thought I did the thing in. Thought I had a good excuse to get a new CSX
  19. No, I did not have a backup. Had no idea it would erase everything. Now it won't accept waypoints downloaded using GSAK or mapsource. It is connecting to my computer via USB, but I can't download waypoints to it. I'm not sure what I did.
  20. dadgum, what happened. I reloaded 4.00 and lost everything in my GPS. All my setting, waypoints, caches, everything. Never had this happen when doing a software upgrade/downgrade. Any ideas?
  21. Again today. When autorouting, my 60CS completely shut down. It did it 3 times in a row. I know it's a beta release, but it's not reliable, at least not in my 60CS. I hope I don't have another problem. Back to 4.00. Nobody else is having this problem??
  22. Some people do have an issue with GPXSonar losing the notes. It has happened to me once on my HP4155. Check the GPXSonarwebpage. There is some info on this problem. It seems to be very random. I have the newest version and have not had any problems for a long time.
  23. I upgraded to 4.05 beta and had a problem today with my 60CS. As the unit was recalculating a route it just shut down. Completly turned itself off. First time that has ever happened. Has this happened to anybody else?
  24. Just wondering if anybody has tried it. Changes made from version 4.04 to 4.05 Beta: * Improved display of labels for areas and features under the map panning pointer. * Corrected map drawing of outlines of certain road types.
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