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Post a pick of your caching dog


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This is Shadow, he is a 9 year old Siberian Husky. I am new to Geocaching so neither of these dogs ave been out with me yet. I hope to take them both out soon.



The is Wags the Wonderdog. He is new to the family. He is about 2 months old now. Geocaching should help him use up some of that puppy energy!


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Originally posted by Etrex Pirate:

My future caching partner. I brought him home today. Yana (Native American for Bear) is a Shepard - Lab mix. He took no time to make himself at home. He is sleeping at my feet right now.



He's CUTE -- and very cool name!


Joel (joefrog)


"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ye are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!"

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Here's Javamutt and Java the mutt by our favorite cache: Issaquah in Irondequoit. Java is a pointer/greyhound mix. He can hike all day with me and still make 6' frisbee catches at night. Agility training really helped him learn to negotiate trails with me. Caching is always better when you can leave pawprints.



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Agility training really helped him learn to negotiate trails with me.  Caching is always better when you can leave pawprints.

Before we moved I was seriously thinking about getting Sage into some agility training. As you can see, she loves this kind of stuff. We did go through about a year and a half of training which has also made her great on the trails!


Hmmm... now that I look at this pic... she has a pretty good camo job :ph34r:

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I just got a new dog from my brother, he is a Burnese Mountain dog, he has never cached before but we are going to change that soon! His name is Hannibal, and no he was not named after Hannibal Lector he was named after a Phoenician Carthaginian general, one of the great military leaders of antiquity, who commanded the Carthaginian forces against Rome in the Second Punic War.



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Here's a pic of my wife Mesha and one of our dogs Rosie (4 y/o Boston Terrier). We have two other dogs (shar-pei's) and another Boston Terrier on the way. Oh, don't want to forget our two cats! One of which growls at strangers when they come knocking on the door :o



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