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  1. That was it. That is what I was looking for. Thank you very much. Seatrout
  2. I have a older blue Etrex Legend. I have had it a long time and know how to use it. I am playing with resection (taking gps points and finding my location back on maps) There is the obvious bearing indicator to waypoint on the bearing ring, but it looks like the legend does not give a bearing in digital format like the yellow etrex does. Instead of for example 312 degrees the digital readout is very rough ie N,NW etc. Is this correct or am I missing a config setting. Regards Seatrout
  3. edited/removed because of my slow typing.Question already answered. Seatrout
  4. I guess I will have to re-rate my my cache hides to 5 difficulty and 5 terrain for this weekend. I should go tether them down and you will probably still need 4wd or a boat to access them for a few days . Maybe I will convert them to temp Virts Regards Seatrout East coast of Central Fla.
  5. If I am not mistaken ,in Metroguide,there are 13 map sections of Montana and total about 9.12MB. Seatrout
  6. You should leave some space to store temp waypoints in the field. I recently download 500 to my legend(holds 1000) and the same 500 to my wifes yellow etrex. While out caching it was a pain to keep deleting waypoints in the yellow one to make room for temp waypoints. Seatrout
  7. Here is a link to the Legend Users Manual. Legend Users Manual The Basemap is not very useful,but buying Metroguide is useful. Seatrout PS I am having DSL connection problems,so if I do not reply again I am not ignoring your posts.
  8. Your question is about averaging and placing your first cache. I do not average. I look at the satellite page and try to ensure that there is good geometry(satellites all around me,not just on one side) and try to get the lowest error(in feet) that I can and store the waypoint. I usually try to leave the site and return to verify the coords. Many people use to average and stopped.If I can not get 18 feet accuracy or better I usually look for a better site. Seatrout
  9. Could you not download your track info and get waypoints from it ? When you lose signal and reacquire you will get large jumps,but maybe you could extract the time from the track as well,and jot down the time(from your watch) and sync it with the track data. Seatrout
  10. Lómion I forgot to mention that I downloaded your cmd line registry util. Very useful. Thanks Seatrout
  11. I just recently got a PDA and bought Cachemate. I use Gsak on the PC and export to the PDA and use Cachemate on the PDA. I really appereciate the effort that you have spent on developing Cachemate. I really like it a lot. Thanks Seatrout
  12. I really like browsing the cache photo gallery. Many,if not most digital cameras are now mega+ pixels,but most people just keep shrinking the physical size of the photo til they get below 100k. You can resize the photos to 800x600 then use a compression program,like a free copy of JPG Wizard to keep it 800x600 and reduce the file fize. There are many photos posted from all over the globe of scenic places but the posted images are often small. This is a example of a 2mp resized to 800X600 and compressed to about 90K. Sample gallery photo Just a thought. Seatrout
  13. That Tilley TH4 looks pretty cool. Not into the hemp thing and a little pricey. Looks like it would keep the sun off your neck. Seatrout
  14. The Yellow Etrex is good,but the PC data cable costs a extra $30. The Legend has more useful features and $150 includes a data cable. Later you can buy Metroguide map software and upload detailed maps to the Legend.The Legend is much easier to rename waypoints and the feature to 'relocate the waypoint' is priceless for making a waypoint named 'car' and quickly get fresh coords every time you leave the car.The Legend's 'favorite' catagory is also great for frequently used waypoints,such as car. Seatrout
  15. Now that I have a PDA,Does anyone know how to save the route properties(turn by turn leg text including road names) from Mapsource to a text file ? I download maps and routes into my Legend,but would like to copy and paste route text into a memo pad in my PDA. I have tried CTRL C with no luck. If you export it,you loose the road and turn text. If you do not know what I am asking I will try to explain further. I could do a screen capture,but would like to use text instead. Seatrout
  16. Just Saw the new Jeep Commercial. It has a house, 'Hide a key' hidden under a huge boulder. The Jeep has a strap to roll the boulder over to retrieve the house key. That would make it a 5.0 cache. Non jeep owners could use a shovel to tunnel under it,then recommend it be archived. Seatrout Why would anyone cache in anything other than a jeep.
  17. My new PDA ,for paperless caching,is 'on it's way'. For those that still print. You may try printing a screen capture of GSAK. There is a lot of info that can be gleaned from just a screen capture. My GSAK Screen capture Seatrout
  18. I have a Legend and bought Metroguide to upload. I really like it. Gsak or Easygps helps to upload your cache waypoints to your Legend. Gsak allows you to rename the cache waypoints to something 'more meaningful'. Seatrout
  19. In Fla,real men cache in shorts. And have the palmetto scars to prove it . Bloodletting Seatrout
  20. I agree,easy puzzle to solve.(3 seconds) I also agree with keystone about giving away the secret,but I feel that it's ok to post interesting puzzles for others to see. Seatrout
  21. The only GPX file that I have is the Gsak sample file. It will not load(unedited) into my easygps. I looked at the easygps site and it does(as you state) use gpx files. I do not know what the problem is,but I am sorry that I was unable to solve your problem. Seatrout Perhaps you could open your edited gpx file in GSAK.
  22. I do not think that easygps accepts gpx files. I tried a sample(unedited one) and easygps did not accept it. Has he used a PQ (gpx files) before ? or just the loc files from GC ? Seatrout
  23. What program does your son use to upload to his gps ? Seatrout
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