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  1. Do llamas count? Geo-llama log
  2. A pair of hikers who disappeared during an extreme outdoor competition near Antelope in Eastern Oregon were found safe after a major search effort. The Bulletin in Bend reports that 23-year-old Ryan Johnstone of Portland and 32-year-old Luis Trybom of Milwaukie, were participating in a GPS geocaching event near Antelope on Saturday. When the pair failed to check in at the event's required check-in time and could not be found, camp staff notified the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office the hikers were missing. The pair were found Sunday near the John Day River by an aircraft assisting in the search and rescue efforts. The two hikers were not injured, and were escorted back to the Washington Family Camp by officials. My link
  3. I guess mine is just too old. Time for a new one!
  4. Working horses over trails, it would be very valuable to know the average and maximum speed that we've made. I can't find any GPSr's that do this. Am I missing some?
  5. I checked your profile and see that you've successfully logged those first five. Yup. Just go find more. Someday you'll get the urge to hide one of your own. We just hid our first and my kids thought it was really cool to do.
  6. you're supposed to go find more!
  7. Light sticks are my thing. I buy them bulk from Cheaperndirt or Sportsman's Guide and leave them in most any cache that is big enough.
  8. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I went to REI to look at all of the tools they had. I definitely wanted a large sized tool, so that eliminated the anodized colored Leatherman tools. I looked at the Gerbers, the larger LM, and a Victorinox. I really liked that Victorinox. But it was noticeably heavier than the others and it had no file. I used the file a lot. So I bought the LM "Wave" model. I really do like that there are some blades on the outside. I love that all of the blades now lock. That's a big safety feature over my original Leatherman. Had it about a week so far and have used it quite a lot. It's a winner.
  9. Maybe just dump it all out and post a digital image of it. I probably wouldn't read through the inventory list, but might look at the photo.
  10. I'll send it in to get repaired, but can't bear the idea of being without until it gets back. Now there are so many choices. I'm looking at the super-tool 200, but it's kinda large. So what multi-tool did you choose and how do you like it?
  11. Am I correct in understanding that the GPS receiver is getting its time information from the satellites? If so, then could this be considered a very accurate time source - like the US NIST clock? If it matters, my GPSr is a Magellan 315.
  12. I haven't received the email "weekly cache notification" for about a month. What's up? Is it being eaten by my SPAM filter?
  13. Mystery solved. I called the cops who confronted the guy. Another cacher came along a bit later and got the whole story.
  14. Check my two logs 3/24 and 3/25 on this cache. Cache is near a large metal "sculpture" in a busy shopping area. What do you think?
  15. OK. So you find some valuable item, coins, hundred-dollar bills, a GPS, whatever. How do you trade up? Or just take the money and run.
  16. Ask your bank. They should have them in rolls. 25 to a roll, i think.
  17. LOCKHEED MARTIN DELIVERS FIRST MODERNIZED GPS SATELLITE TO U.S. AIR FORCE FOR MAY LAUNCH CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla., February 9, 2005 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] today announced that it has delivered the first modernized Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., where it will be readied for a May launch. The satellite, designated GPS IIR-M1, is the most technologically advanced GPS satellite ever developed and will provide significantly improved navigation performance for U.S. military and civilian users worldwide. The satellite is the first in a series of eight GPS IIR satellites that Lockheed Martin is modernizing for its customer at the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif. "Delivery of the first modernized IIR satellite is a significant milestone in the GPS mission, "said Dave Podlesney, Lockheed Martin GPS program director. "We will now shift our focus to preparations for launch, and achieving mission success for our customer, which will pave the way for greatly increased navigation capabilities for our military personnel as well as civil users worldwide." The current constellation of 30 GPS spacecraft includes 12 fully operational Block IIR satellites, which were developed to improve global coverage and increase the overall performance of the global positioning system. The modernized series, designated GPS IIR-M, will offer a variety of enhanced features for users of the navigation system, such as: * A modernized antenna panel that will provide increased signal power to GPS receivers on the ground. * Two new military signals that will allow for improved accuracy, enhanced encryption and anti-jamming performance for the military. * A second civil signal that will provide civil users with an open access signal on a different frequency. The flexible design of the modernized spacecraft will enable GPS users to experience these benefits after launch and operational turnover of the satellite. The Global Positioning System enables properly equipped users to determine precise time and velocity and worldwide latitude, longitude and altitude to within a few meters. Air Force Space Command's 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2SOPS), based at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., manages and operates the GPS constellation for both civil and military users. The modernized navigation payload is being built by ITT Industries in Clifton, N.J. The satellite upgrades, along with final assembly, integration and test are being performed at Lockheed Martin facilities in Valley Forge, Pa. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin employs about 130,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services. The corporation reported 2004 sales of $35.5 billion. link
  18. I concur with the anti-skunk recipe from sbell above. It works - and you can use any sort of detergent. As for fish... When I used to do some comercial salmon fishing, I would wash my hands in vinegar at the end of each day to get rid of the fish smell. Good Luck!
  19. Let me know if I can help. I geocache with my geohorse sometimes. There are a number of parks here in my area (Central CA) which have pretty remote caches and horseback is a great way to get them. An example log
  20. Very cool site. Now I just gotta find someone with a boat!
  21. Spelunkmite is in a cave which I assume to be a long-abandoned mine shaft. It's pretty tight (and VERY dark) by the time you get to the cache. It's in California and the area has piles of mine tailings, but this small shaft was the only one that I could find - and only because of the geocache there.
  22. Both are in San Francisco... just a bit outside of my normal caching radius. The first set of coordinates is near the beach in San Francisco - west of Lake Merced. The second is on the bayshore just south of 3Com Park. How can we transfer this thread over to the regional forum?
  23. I did notice the dual sets of coordinates. Not sure if that means that there are/were two locations or what... Maybe I'll head over and see what's there. Over three years ago, though...
  24. All the printouts were stacked by the printer with care in hope that the Caches still would be there.
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