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  1. I got an email today that WOWED me big time. Almost 8 years later.... "Given to me by someone who can no longer take hikes. I think Biker Bob has been out of circulation for about 7-8 years, but he's back, along with his Trusty Bike Gecko!" I've got a couple others I'd love to see this happen with but I'm thrilled. Not in a cache yet but he I Got Word from one of my first! Like a long lost child...heheh.
  2. I hadn't even noticed there was talk going on in the forums ...I've been thinking...What a good Mom she is always making sure the little guy gets his share. As they've been getting older though I've been concerned. He's smaller... latest hatched so that's expected... when they were all younger Mom was great at making sure everyone had their share... now as they're older it seems the little guy is getting less of the grub. He's still moving around and trying to make his way but his parents' attention is harder to grab... I'm pulling for the guy...he's not necessarily a runt just last laid, last hatched... competition then gets rough when there's 4 in the nest. If he were to perish it would heartbreaking to us watching but would still be a groundbreaking statistic to have 3 of 4 eggs hatch and survive in this day and age. Thanks to the ecologically more aware times we're in (so I hear, but fear to see the debris the parents bring to the nest in the next few weeks.) breeding success rates are gaining drastically to the surprise of most. The gains in this nest are phenomenal just in the time I've been watching (third year now). To have four babies in the nest is almost overboard... so if mother nature decides it's too much we have to accept that. But if our nature such as last years mind boggling, firefighter rousing events occur then we really need to take serious look and get active. The storms are what really bring in (and out...Ozzie) the debris so it's hard to schedule a cleanup to be really affective but after watching lil ricky last year flapping in his bubble suit I'm all for a clean up mission to try to intercede. Anyone up for a paddle CITO at Milford Point? I stink at planning but this is a worthy CITO event to plan so I hope we can get something going. Do you believe how fast their growing??
  3. I can't believe there are 4 of them now! That's a lot of hungry mouthes to feed. I can't imagine how they'll all fit in the nest when they get bigger.
  4. And the Osprey are back too! I sure hope we have another Ozzie in the nest. Planet open the webcam page in MS Internet Explorer. You don't get the animation in Foxfire.
  5. Where's Lil Ricky??? He hasn't been in the nest for the past hour at least. Hopefully flying high!!
  6. Wow I missed the rescue but was watching poor lil Ricky trying to get out of his flight suit. I went to a barbecue Sat afternoon and when I got home first thing I did was check on him. I was relieved he was free but had no idea the rescue that took place. I snapped a couple of photos of what I caught. Mama fitting lil Ricky in his firstflight suit...the latest technology in first flight. The flight suit did seem to introduce Lil Ricky to his wings. He's been flapping those wings like crazy ever since. Here he is this morning again.
  7. They are getting so big! I keep looking and hoping for more hatching to take place.
  8. Yeah no doubt about it...how cool is that. Too cute... I sure hope we get to see a few of them in there this year.
  9. I use Mozilla Firefox browser and in there I don't see the live video. The Ospreys is about the only thing I'll open MS Internet Explorer for just to watch them live. Once you watch them live it's hard to go back to refreshing.
  10. I hate to say it but the site has been down most of the weekend :-/
  11. I'm anxious to see what's going on in the nest tomorrow morning.
  12. When I first saw this posting I thought no couldn't be already.. So I went to look myself. Momma was doing an awful lot of primping amongst the egg shaped ones tonight. And then when you zoom in....... looks like it could be. Good spotting Belfrypotters!
  13. How Patriotic! Do you think we've got a red, white and blue baby blanket in the works?
  14. Looks like an old tattered photo of Ozzie to me.... or a good clue that our feathered friends are in scavenging mode to build up their nest into a fun/safe and with any luck (for us observers) fuzzy nursery. Planet...one of these days...all us eyes from all over the world staring at this place on the globe... will turn out to be useful and not just entertaining... it's just got to be so! I think the third wheel jumped ship to hit the local pub... after all it's springtime! ;-)
  15. Just wanted to give a heads up that we're going to be hiking at the new state park at Wonder Lake on Saturday before this event... get the details on the event page listed above.
  16. My experience with the 76s.... totally turn off the compass... learned that one early on in my pursuits with it and its served me well. I was very frustrated with it before I did that.. thought I was upgrading and it didn't feel that way. Thanks
  17. So sorry... didn't mean to post to your topic cause not really at all related. But can't find a new topic button right now. I'm doing the 76csx doubts on receiving one for christmas. What are the truths to autorouting between 76 and 60? Does the 60 do it? I've owned a 76s for quite awhile now so I know how it works... generally. Haven't really tested out the new one.... but my understanding is that the 60 series has autorouting and the 76series doen not. Can someone please confirm this for me before I throw the box out? Thanks so much and hopping your having a wonderful holiday season!
  18. Oh no.. messed up.. have to figure this out tomorrow then.. too late now
  19. King fishers, seagulls... Lil Dude must be on his way if he's allowing this to happen. So cool to see the collective observations these days when activity is far and few between. Sorry I've been lazy with getting my photos out there.. I started to the next day after our venture and as I was at it got a call from Planet... Want to go out today caching? I thought she'd had other plans. Are you kidding?...beautiful weekend... all hyped up from the Ozzie hunt... could I say no?? No I could not. So my logging and photos got put on the back burner.. that bad influence.. Planet on the rise! I don't think I've got much new or exciting in my photos but let me put them out there anyways. The beginning of the search The nest up close...or a different angle anyways. Lil Dude doing what he does best... messing with the camera. 3 great Ozzy lovers.. never say die! The vehicles Notice the eyes in the water at all times.
  20. There were on the web cam but they are gone now,, i have some still that I took but i can figure out how to post them
  21. Hello everyone,, im posting for Ttepee and Planet, they are at the nest as we speak. I cant figure out how to post the snapshots of them
  22. I saw a boat go from right to left on the ospreycam in the background one day, it seemed pretty fast like a speedboat or jetski (I was manually hitting reload on the single-image link at that time, so it was pretty choppy visually) That's good to know... thanks MoutainMudbug ... rather look ridiculus to people that expect it than just the general public... heheh but then again who will notice me when Planet rolls into song and dance...hehehe
  23. One more thing. When we get out there I'm going to call my bf Dave and he's going to watch the webcam and snap some pics for us... if we find our way in front of the camera that is... but he'll also be signing onto the forums and posting under my profile to let anyone who's interested know when we're out there. That's the plan anyways. ...and if all else fails we'll take plenty of pics and post when we return. Think OZZIE!!!! OZZIE...we're coming to save you... hang in/on there just a little bit longer!!
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