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Favorite Photos Taken While Geocaching


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Figured I'd start up this new subforum. I'm not a professional photographer, not even close. Typically I just have my phone with me, which is poor at taking photos, but it tries.


Here are a few of my best low-quality, over-saturated photos I've taken while geocaching (these happen to be taken in instagram).


What are some of your favorites?


Following photo taken near http://coord.info/GC3AMJ0




Following photo taken near http://coord.info/GC4K87R




Following photo taken near http://coord.info/GC4B47




All taken with my tired Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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It's hard to choose what would be a favorite out of over 2500 photos in my gallery. One of the nice things about caching is the opportunity to explore a given area. So after signing a log, my daughter and I went to the top of a rusty crane. While caching in Scotland we looked around Callinish on our way to a cache near one of the sites - or was it the other way around? Earthcaching brought us into the Bisti Wilderness. But just walking along a city street to an urban cache can be interesting.









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As photos go, these are a few of my favorites:



A keyhole on Mt. Tyrwhitt, Alberta, just uphill from this cache.



5:20am, actual un-retouched colors, just a few paces away from a cache that I keep returning to for some reason.



We hiked two days hoping for an FTF on this cache, only to find someone had stumbled across it a year earlier and signed in. The place made up for any angst about the missed FTF.

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We hiked two days hoping for an FTF on this cache, only to find someone had stumbled across it a year earlier and signed in. The place made up for any angst about the missed FTF.


Wow, I checked out all the pictures you loaded up for this cache. What a great trip!

Make sure to create a Waymark for the turtle beaver stone in the Simulacra category



Picture by Viajero Perdido


Limestone Lake fits perfectly in the Natural Lakes category

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Thanks. I posted more pictures to that log than I ever have for a single cache. The place was so gorgeous and all-around fascinating, the pictures practically took themselves.


If this place was only a half-day hike instead of two days, it'd be world famous. Now, shhh.

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Everyone's photos are amazing! I wish that I could visit all these places! :grin:



This one was from GC542FQ



I found this little patch of plants whiel attending a CITO



Here's one from an earthcache. This picture was taken at the site of an earthcache, but I took it on a seperate day, and attatched it to a DNF log from a puzzle cache I couldn't find.



Climbed this tree then fed the birds.



This one was from the winter. I kinda like it.



Big waterfall earthcache of mine!


Any other photography of mine can be seen here :)

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I was thinking of the diifference between the photos I have taken in the wilderness -- primarily earthcaching or virtuals - and photo opportunities in more urban settings. Both have their place. That brought to mind when my daughter and I went out to the SS Red Oak Victory and enjoyed seeing an old crane next to the cache location. There were no fences. No signs that said keep off. The next thing I knew, my daughter was climbing to the top. Of course I had to follow her to make sure she was safe. Although I have explored many abandoned places, this was the only crane that I have climbed. Since then, they have fenced in the crane. So the pictures I took there remain some of my favorites while geocaching.





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Here's a short video of the I-90, Wild Stallions Ride Again shot by Landrover this last weekend.



Ack, I've never found that cache, even though I drive by it all the time. But we're always in a hurry. I've been up the hill twice - once before caching, and once to dnf the cache that existed just before this one when it had gone missing before being archived.


It calls to me, but never calls to my driving companions, unfortunately.

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I'm currently in a photography class in my school, and have picked up some skills. Mostly rule of thirds, ISO, brightness, leading lines, and distance. Your photos have good framing and contrast. Your leading lines also do good at framing the focal point. Here are a few of my best photos taken near caches. One of them even got a round of applause from my classmates when doing peer reviews.


Golden Minivan




Desert Wanderer




Lake Photo



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How do I post photos . I dont see any add picture icons


You need to have your photo lodged anywhere.


Normally I use Image Shack or TinyPic, but if you have your desired picture in the logs Gallery, just click in it with the right button of the mouse and save the URL.

After that, use the little picture icon above this dialog box and paste the obtained URL.

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