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  1. We spotted this somewhat camera-shy blue heron upstream of Bow River Paddle #3 - Highwood Confluence Approach. Snapped this just as it lifted off.
  2. Not disabled so much as partially borked, perhaps... Some of the searches are still using the old geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx... links and they're fine. But other searches are being routed to the geocaching.com/play/search?... links and some of those aren't quite right by the looks of it. Searching by country and state for example, didn't work for me. Searching by address or postal code went through the old geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx... links and worked fine. Searching by lat/long was routed to a geocaching.com/play/search?... link and appeared to work. So you've got some that work the old way, some that work the new way and some that just... don't work. The old advanced search appears untouched so far.
  3. For the time being (until TPTB remove the old code), you can still see your finds here and your hides here (granted, it's not doing it through your profile, but it's better than nothing). It might be worth bookmarking the links. Note to others: those links are specifically for Trekkin' and birdin' s finds and hides; if you want to use something similar, you'd need to add your URLified name to the end of this link fragment for finds: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul= , and, for hides, this fragment: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?u=
  4. I noticed this myself last December. Gift payment, but no email. When no one I knew owned up I shrugged and figured that maybe HQ had added an anonymous option for gift giving.
  5. Leaving the rain behind after another Brass Cap Cache find.
  6. Looking upriver after sunset on the bike ride home from the Elbow River Float.
  7. While only HQ knows for sure, I would imagine it won't happen until after the WATSON camera is unstowed and takes a picture of the SHERLOC calibration target with the tracking code on it.
  8. This is probably what you're looking for. <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/548f52b6e4b01aa3d4a724b0/t/57f82e5c414fb528b4067281/1475882589238/HauntedHides_ProfileBadge_vFINAL.png?format=300w">
  9. I think 'Skip the Dishes' must have just arrived, as the hamsters seem like they're back on the job now and pages are loading quickly again. It's hard to concentrate on spinning those wheels when your stomach is growling!
  10. And if that's not a mic drop, I don't know what is. Well said!
  11. You could do a "My Finds" Pocket Query. It'll have a single GPX text file with all your find logs in it. Load that into a text editor and find away.
  12. I've had this taped up in my computer room for many, many years. I'm afraid you might soon be able to make use of one too...
  13. Neither of mine got any direct sunlight, which I'm sure has helped a lot. I also haven't had any trouble with the PLA absorbing moisture, which has been a pleasant surprise.
  14. I've put out a couple of unpainted PLA prints and had no trouble with them. One (a cryptex) has already survived 3 winters and is still in excellent shape.
  15. I just did a quick search and in a 10 mile radius around Billings there are, out of 393 total caches, a grand total of, wait for it, 6 PMO caches. So it's not hard to see how you might have missed them! The closest PMO cache to Billings is The Da Vinci Code Cache, and if you can see that one, you should be all right.
  16. You'll likely have to delete your log and then create a new one with the proper date. The "award a souvenir" software only seems to check the date on new logs, not edited ones.
  17. When the OP signs out of the forum site and back in again, it'll catch up. Their current session must have begun when they were a basic member, and that's what the session cookies reflect.
  18. Have you blocked the cookiebot.com domain? If you haven't, it'd be worthwhile to try blocking it and seeing what difference it makes. NoScript, Adblock, either would do. When this all started I noticed that a page would mostly load, then, after about a second's pause, it would actually complete (it was the page displaying with mostly broken image icons before the pause that gave it away). Clicking anything before that pause had completed and the actual images appeared created problems. With cookiebot.com blocked, that pause disappeared and the pages behaved as they had before.
  19. I'm using the old profile page and and not having any problems moving through the pages on either my finds or the gallery. Have you tried blocking the cookiebot.com domain to see if that helps? That site does seem to be causing some grief for some folk (and it may be dependent on which browser you're using).
  20. It might be worthwhile blocking the cookiebot.com site with one of the ad blocker/javascript blocker addons for your browser and seeing if that works around the problem. I've had that site blocked since it reared its head a few days ago and have had no trouble editing logs.
  21. With cookiebot.com unblocked, the one oddity I noticed was that pages would initially load with only image placeholders displayed for the majority of images. There'd be a short pause (on the order of a second) and then all the images would appear. Blocking cookiebot.com allowed pages to load normally. Even with cookiebot.com unblocked, the old pages for logging caches, profiles, etc., all seemed to be functional. I was able to log a cache yesterday with no spinning green wheels of death or unexpected redirections to another page. Just that "wait just a second while I look for those images..." behaviour when a page was loaded. I can't comment on the new pages as I don't use them wherever possible.
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