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Favorite Photos Taken While Geocaching

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Your photo, Capt. Bob, reminded me of this photo I took while searching for a cache in the woods of upstate NY a couple of years back.  Like you, I stumbled upon the babe who didn't move while I took the photo, but got up and ran when I quietly tried to alert my husband nearby to what I had found (he was finding the cache a few trees away...)  https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2CY44 is the cache we were looking for.  June 5, 2020 is the date of my log for that cache.


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On a recent road trip. Tarra Bulga NP. It was a visit for a long distant multicache*, likely over a 1,000 kms long, and I had a lovely walk getting to the WP to answer questions, which I won't give the GC number for, as people need to work this out for themselves. However, GC6NHV7 is also there, which I had a DNF for as I was there on a weekday and this is only available on a weekend. The old rail trestle bridge is near a later WP.


* When I first 'stumbled' on this multicache, I didn't realise how long, but when I realised, I thought, why not, let's do it :). I have done the first three WPs. All lovely, well chosen places to visit. As usual for long distance multicaches, which I have completed a number of (the longest, Canberra to Darwin), it often takes several attempts and some have taken years to complete. (And for ONE smilie, compared to some ALs finished in 5 -10 minutes and five smilies :rolleyes:) I like these long distant multies; so satisfying and more likely to keep me in the game than an AL.

Fern lined road.jpg


Tree lined road 1.jpg


Walking track 8.jpg


Rail trestle bridge 1.jpg

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My friend smudgepuss took this photo of me at The Crazy 81 (Challenge) - The Hounds of Love - what I love is that the picture makes it look like I’ve doing some new age tree yoga in front of a dark stormy sky, whereas what I am actually doing was balancing on my tip toes on a post behind the tree sort of holding on for dear life with one hand while trying not to break anything while I returned the cache!


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