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  1. No way... THOSE Are off a camera phone? What kind do you have?
  2. Both members who referenced to the letterbox hybrids knew what they were on about. I keep a record of stamps I've found in my geocaching notebook. Neither of us made any connotations re: taking the stamp, simply that we expect one to be there when it's listed as being a letterbox hybrid.......
  3. Sensible. I mean, we've all gotta stay hydrated and nutritioned up out there right? Does yours have the detachable solar panel? Or is it battery operated?
  4. I didn't sign a log today - it was sopping wet. But. I posted both a found it, and a needs maintenance log on said cache. I have come across micro's that I haven't been able to sign because I couldn't get the log unjammed. I bought a swiss army knife. If it's a FTF, and the cache is in good cond., just delete and move on
  5. Built in ND?!? A little bit of gold right there!!
  6. Good on ya. I post NM for serious stuff, but always upgrade the swag, clear the rubbish and replace a full log. Little things that can happen in all caches, well kept ones too, that adds to the game for the young families following us.
  7. We cache with kids, and so swag is a pretty big part of the game for them. We always have marbles, beaded keychains and loom band bracelets on hand, and then little medals and party pack type toys and items of stationary (erasers as opposed to paper etc). The kids will take what they collect, but always upgrade a cache whether they take or not.
  8. Yep, he's trained to it, it didn't happen over night. It's been pretty specifically designed for companion parrots, so lightweight and safe. I've been tempted to get him a wee travel tag to attach to it, but think that'll be too heavy. He loves car rides and trees, funnily enough! He's hand reared and pretty clingy though, so he wants to be with me when we're out and about....not sure how one would get on with a cat!
  9. It's the number that matters - but be mindful when looking at other tags. We have a log my dog tag on our poodle and it's small, solid and hard wearing. It's on his collar permanently. The kids have travel bugs out and about and they're both a lot larger and a lot thinner, not really 'collar stable' as such.
  10. To prove it It would be very easy for a sly person to site visual on a cache up a tree and log it. That doesn't mean they've retrieved it though - the point of that cache is to climb the tree! Poor DH is currently overseas, found the right location for the cache (knew this, because of spoiler photos in the logs), and stuck his hand down the hole. He's petrified of spiders and one came crawling out. He didn't log it - he didn't have the cache in his grasp, and he wasn't gone back for a second shot at it!
  11. This! Letterboxes with stamps are gold! I love letterbox stamps, path tags and other such personalised signature items, that push past the usual marinated yardstick. My husband think's he's hit the jackpot when someones made an effort polishing a lovely stone, or left a travel bug. My son is building up an amazing collection of marbles through swapping out. My daughter loves beaded craft items, shells, loom bands etc. We cache with kids, so keep a decent supply of swag on us to switch out for. They children are reasonably well versed in CITO and leaving caches better than as we found, for families following our footsteps.
  12. ~~ The TB didn't fit, so I took it right back to where it came from, two months later.
  13. Ooo Hoodfield those look great, might have to see if they ship internationally!
  14. We've got a mega IN our closest city this year, which is pretty darn exciting! Do you need to stay on site at a mega to participate? Or can you register and cache etc, but stay at your own choice of accommodation? Does it depend on the event? We'd love to support it and be involved, but the costs of staying on site are hard to justify when we're not that far away anyways....
  15. Lol it probably makes more sense with the photos! I'm so hunting down that cat story....
  16. Wow! That snake is impressive! Thanks for your thoughts everyone I might have a go with my daughters point and shoot next time I'm out and about and see how that goes.
  17. We're a family of four so we carry a backpack with us that caters for park and grabs, and short hikes. -notebook and pen -multitool (purchased when I couldn't get micro logs from micros! -water, barley sugars, muesli bars, bananas -a stamp and ink pad for hybrids -CITO bags -rubber gloves -hand sanitiser -wetwipes -personal first aid kid (antiflam, antihistamine, inhaler, plasters and panadol usually) -swag box -spare notebooks -pencil sharpener
  18. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully this time..... Lol yup sometimes we take our dog and he helps us look as though we're just 'out for a Sunday walk'. Henry on the other hand is a 'bird on a leash' and is a muggle magnet lol.
  19. We took our ringneck on his maiden voyage. Here's caching with Henry... [/url] I'm thinking I need to find him a log my dog type tag.....
  20. We can appreciate it by at least trying to translate. I mean, for me, even THIS is foreign language, and even in English caches there are sometimes things I don't understand, and some puzzles and multis are disquilify by me to get because the intimidating lenght of the English text I need to handle (and as said - earthcaches should come with extra D rating for non native English speakers). I'm just saying - at least try to translate, at least some of the text. BTW, there was a tourist visiting here who tried to translate his logs to the local languages. It was unreadable, and sometimes he mistakenly translate it to Idish instead of Hebrew... Lol fair enough
  21. If we expect caches to be translated into English, then I think it's fair to those cache owners that we translate our logs into their language..... or, we can all just appreciate the experience, reward and diversity of finding international caches...
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