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  1. Assuming it's the same situation I have... Geocaches do not show up, either on the list, OR on the map (distance irrelevant) Caches are PQ GPX files (5x1000, which is my norm, and the max for this unit) copied to the SD card directly from a computer. --- I have this happen often enough that I have a screen cap on my phone of how to fix the issue. Reset the settings to factory default. (this will set most things to default, But won't change user data / maps / etc saved to the SD card) Turn the device off Press and hold "Page" and "Enter" Press and release the power button Wait for the unit to prompt to restore to factory default Release "Page" and "Enter" Select "Yes", press "Enter"
  2. Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character, despite it being an odd choice for an adult male. (the wife doesn't judge me!)
  3. I bought iCaching a while back. As we typically use website PQ's to handle our needs, we don't use some of the available features, but I do use it to mass log long trails, or trips where the geocaches are generally generic (yeah, I'm one of those - if your cache is generic, it gets a generic log), and it's been great for that. Better yet, because the SO prefers to have a separate account, I do the work once, log out, log into hers, and just hit go - keeps life simple. What I can say, is that everything I've done has worked, it's user friendly and seems well supported. For our needs, it was worth it. I can't be bothered enough to deal with GSAK (despite being versed in programming, hardware and software), as I just don't want to dedicate more time on my chair than I need to for a hobby that, really, is about going outside...
  4. The Tink Mobile, in the Canadian Rockies (Glacier National Park, BC) 2017 Subaru Forester Touring. Not quite as grunty as my old Jeep Wrangler, but still seems to be happy going wherever I point the wheels! (and happier on fuel!)
  5. My SO and I were hiking through Golden Ears Provincial Park (West Coast Canada), chatting away, about 100m from the next cache on the trail. She was deep in conversation, but luckily, I was paying attention - Full grown black bear, less than 75m us. I stopped her walk, but she hadn't yet noticed. "why did you stop" i point... "holy s***!!" Turns out she'd never encountered a fuzzy friend before that. I scared it off with some noise and movement, and we went on to find the (fairly generic and otherwise unmemorable) cache. I'll never forget the look on her face.
  6. 42. This took >30km of hiking through 2 different trail systems in the same day. We hadn't set out to break any records, but that's just how many we came across. Some were quick finds, others took a good search.
  7. I gave up lugging the big SLR around on hikes and vacations quite some time ago. Switched to a high end point and shoot that does *most* of what the SLR can, albeit, it can't quite match a 70-200 2.8 lens... Has a built in ND filter for some neat water shots
  8. Somewhere along the way in Jasper, AB, in the rocky mountains, the StellaBailey, and a friend of ours. Found this lake / spot while looking for Leach Lake
  9. This guy was just munching grass on the way to a cache in Vernon, BC
  10. Leach Lake in Jasper National Park, from our recent trip
  11. You obviously do care, enough to not only investigate it, but post a topic about it. These forums are hilarious, I read through them on a regular basis, and still can't figure out why anyone cares how others play a game that there's no winner to... Congrats! You've got more _____ than anyone else and it means... nothing!
  12. I wouldn't call myself an old pro, but our outlook is pretty simple on it. If the hide was pretty generic, it gets a generic log. I often log from my phone, and have a couple of simple macro's that I log with. It's full words, but has nothing specific. If the hide was interesting, unique, or unusual, I will always try to add more about the find, trials/tribulations, animals, or a laugh and take a picture for my own memories.
  13. We're very happy with our Garmin 62s and at the price it can be found for these days, it's absolutely worth it. It's definitely a learning curve as others have mentioned, but once you've got it, it's easy enough.
  14. The $9.99 iPhone app allows you to utilize your iPhone as a GPS device, whilst using a data connection for maps, etc. If you have a dedicated GPSr, you don't need to purchase the app at all if you don't want to. This is a one time purchase. The $29.99 Premium membership has multiple other benefits that have little to do with the iPhone app - see this [LINK] for the benefits of being a premium member. The fee also only covers one year, and needs to be paid yearly to maintain the premium features. Personally, We use all 3 - iPhones, a dedicated GPSr, as well as a premium membership.
  15. 1-2KM each way is still realistic. We'll just have to carry the pups a little Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions thus far, we appreciate it!
  16. Hi All, Team Think Tink and StellaBailey are planning a multi day trip from Vancouver, up to rockies including Jasper and Banff. Our planned route: -Highway 5 through Kamloops, heading into Jasper; This is the big leg of our trip, and will involve the fewest amount of stops. -Jasper to Banff along the Icefields Parkway -Banff to Kamloops along Hwy1 -Kamloops to Vancouver along Hwy1. We're looking to find some interesting locations, sights, or just unique hides. any suggestions would be appreciated, particularly past Kamloops, as we don't usually get that far out. Stipulations: -We've got a smaller car. Offroading unfortunately isn't an option -We'll be travelling with 2 small dogs. short hikes 1-2KM, regardless of difficulty/terrain isn't an issue, however, long hikes won't be possible on this trip. We're not looking for number gains, so please no power trails. Many thanks in advance!
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