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  1. It's an error at Groundspeak's end (much like the more common "Error 500"); there's not much you can do but wait. If things are configured properly, the developers should be notified automatically. In the early days of Groundspeak, that message was fairly common. It's become harder to spot lately, so things are getting better. Mexico, 2007
  2. [set phasers to slap-fight] Your facts aren't quite right there, but that's for another thread, and really I don't care.
  3. Also, Canadian provinces in the 60s, somewhat randomly. I still use my Alberta bookmark (63) regularly; it has all the things missing from the new search.
  4. I can't believe how many badges I just had to clean up, given I've hardly been caching. Participation, rah rah!
  5. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/148-german-speaking-forum-deutschsprachiges-forum/ ...or more closely focused, https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=14 Trans: "I would have liked to know whether the river kilometers are entered on the Neckar (and also on the Rhine) (according to the large boards on the edge). I found out that the entry should be waterway = milestone and river: waterway_distance = * - distance (in km), but I am not able to find this in the OSM map. " If you mean Groundspeak's version of OSM, it leaves out a lot of items (eg, parking!), but you'll have more luck with the other options on the "Browse" map, under "Leaflet".
  6. It used to be possible to assign one of the usual sizes (Micro, etc.) to events. They considered that a bug and took it out.
  7. Whatever the browser, start typing "owner" into the URL bar, and see if a Groundspeak URL including that text pops up. It also works in the second browser I've tried, Brave on Android. Seems like a standard feature in modern browsers... IF you've visited that URL before, it'll remember. If not, well, Groundspeak still has a bug to fix.
  8. Workaround, depending on your browser: Typing "owner" into the URL bar may bring up the link you need; just select it from the list of choices. (Firefox does this.)
  9. The Groundspeak app has just enough maps to get by; it's not really a map app. So I'm guessing the answer is no, for that app. Have you looked at Locus Map? It's very flexible with map choices, and may use your OsmAnd maps directly (depends on format), but worst case, download the maps anew. Unlike OsmAnd, it's also a well-featured caching app, working offline or online. I'm more than happy with it; a single app that does two jobs: caching and outdoor nav.
  10. Search on the map: Sometimes, when you type your search text, it swallows the first character. Annoying! Backspace backspace backspace... (Sorry if this isn't new behavior; I have no idea because I don't use the feature except when HQ says, try it now.)
  11. Someone could've stolen a GPS unit with the coords of all nearby PMO+regular caches loaded.
  12. See https://coord.info/GC4JZR6. All 100% of the one (1) premium members (me) gave it a fave point. But the drop-down shows "<1%". EDIT: ...and the moment after I've posted this note, and clicked the link to double-check, now it says 100%. What the heck? (I haven't touched my log or the fave point in years.) Ah well... I guess that makes it not so MAGOR BUG. Feel free to ignore.
  13. "Typical" headlamps are pretty good nowadays. Any decent LED model should have a few hundred lumens, which is plenty. Headlamps are great for lighting up fire tacks etc, because those things reflect directly back at the light source. So you want the light source close to your eyeballs. Hand-holding a flashlight down at the waist is noticeably less effective.
  14. Hi J0ck. You're using phone apps of some sort, I assume? (I can't even remember such basic details about my friends, sigh...) If she's updated the coords on the cache web pages in her account, then downloaded into her app, that would show those caches at solved coordinates in her app, I'd assume. It does in my app (Locus) by a preference setting. Then, she could export those caches as .GPX, throw the file across the room at you, and you'd import it into your app ... at which point, hopefully, your app will show them at the solved coords. I've never actually done this, but it seems logical. Feel free to ping me for debugging. Cheers, VP
  15. I have to ask, sorry... Is this your brick wall?
  16. My compliments to the folks at Groundspeak for choosing and maintaining a forum software package with such goodness. It's pretty darn sweet. And well moderated too. (Proud to be part of the riff-raff.)
  17. Well I'll be darned, that works. (Key part bolded, which I'd never thought to check before.) Then find-in-page on your (my) username, bingo. Thanks.
  18. Are you using a phone app with short name, ":" in the name? If so, stop doing that. It's an unauthorized app, puts excess load on the Groundspeak servers, and you won't get any support with it here.
  19. Are you starting from a "draft", aka "field note"? As I recall, that door was welded shut a few years ago. If you start a log from scratch, you should still have new/old options. (Just checked; I'm still defaulting to the classic page.)
  20. If the OP provided us an example, we could catch glitches like using the wrong coord format. Until more info is given, I'm too lazy to help further.
  21. Better still, can you paste those coords (with a digit or two changed to protect the cache's privacy) into a reply message here?
  22. Ah, marketing stuff. They can say whatever they want, as long as they give proper attribution as well; I assume they do somewhere. BTW... Premium open-source map on the left. Off-brand map* that updates only every 3-4 months on the right. I have to wait too... (* openandromaps.org in an Android-only map/caching app.)
  23. Does it really say "Open Source"? Legally, it should be listed as "© OpenStreetMap contributors". Anyway, yes, that map is based on OpenStreetMap, and BTW, thank you for enhancing the trails therein. That map pulls fresh data from OSM only 2 or 3 times a year, as best I can tell, so you may need to be patient. 3rd-party caching apps, eg Cachly, offer more map choices, many (most?) with faster updates.
  24. I haven't noticed that page in years. I won't miss it. The one on the Dashboard does its job much better, thanks.
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