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  1. I know that Iève significantly slowed down because of school, but am hoping to start up again maybe in the summer.
  2. Like people have said, I think lots of people aren't thrilled with finding 5 containers (or so) and getting one smiley. However, when I ravel, I enjoy doing mutlicaches, because they show me areas in the city that I might not check out before. For example, this summer I'm taking a trip to Whistler. I wouldn't know what to look at there, before I move on to my next BC destination, but there's a multicache that takes you on a tour of the village, and it looks like it has some nice stops. I guess if I'm travelling, I'd like to do a multicache that shows me the area, not a brutal 5 stage terrain 4 hike through a swamp.
  3. There's one a bit past me. I'll post a picture someone put up on the cache page. The cache is literally right off of the sidewalk, and though it is a terrain 1.5, it looks wheelchair friendly, seeing as the sidewalk appears to be paved. http://coord.info/GC4HPFB
  4. Check out http://coord.info/GC2G8CW. It's a whole cache full of bad hints! When you get close to the cache, look at your GPS, mine read zero. Yours should as well. :lol:
  5. It's been visited once, and had one DNF. The cacher who DNF'd it made sure to rehide an other container, to replace the missing one. Asking for this to be archived is like posting an NA on a cache that hasn't been looked for yet, just because you "have a feeling it might not be there". I would only post one if it's almost 100% certain that it is missing. With one visit, there's really no way to know until someone else makes the hike to the cache. I think the cache should be archived after say, three DNF's in a row, unless one of the cachers chooses to replace it again, like it has already been.
  6. I had a 100 streak going, but I planned it out so it would end at the end of August, that way I wouldn't be forced to go out and do some geocaches in cold, cold, cold, weather. I have found most of the winter friendly caches that aren't 2 km < walks. I know that one day in August, I DNF'd about five caches before I managed to find one. I think I did about 102 days, then stopped cache entirely until the new year came.
  7. I find that if the multi (or puzzle) is well thought out and well placed, then it is just as enjoyable, maybe even more enjoyable, than a trad, EC, virtual, etc. There are multicaches that are annoying, and poorly thought out, but you can find plenty of traditional caches like that too. Put the bad ones on your ignore list, and only find the ones you want to. That's what's great about geocaching. There's bound to be something for everyone, with over what, 2 million caches (?), out there.
  8. The only geocaches near playgrounds/schools for me were actually placed by the school students. However there was a bomb scare about a geocache at a school, just a week or two back. Check it out.
  9. So am i the only one who uses deviantART? Anyone else? On deviantART my photography page is Digital-Llama and my art page is GopherGreg. Surely I can't be the only one...
  10. Everyone's photos are amazing! I wish that I could visit all these places! This one was from GC542FQ I found this little patch of plants whiel attending a CITO Here's one from an earthcache. This picture was taken at the site of an earthcache, but I took it on a seperate day, and attatched it to a DNF log from a puzzle cache I couldn't find. Climbed this tree then fed the birds. This one was from the winter. I kinda like it. Big waterfall earthcache of mine! Any other photography of mine can be seen here
  11. I have a few others on my profile, and more picture on my photography page. It seems like whenever I run into a deer or something more interesting than a bird my camera is away, and in my bag, I have no time to get it before the creature runs away.
  12. The deepest I ever put one in the woods was when I hiked about 6 kilometers (one way). I think my GPS accuracy was decent... The cache is a Terrain 3. Since it was in a big park owned by the NCC I could only place it 5 meters from the trail, but the trail i took was hardly a trail, and I sank up to my mid-shin in mud, three times. (ew.) http://coord.info/GC4KG0H
  13. I live behind a forest, and three minutes away from a big conservation area, so I didn't find my first skirt lifter for a while. My first skirt lifter was around my 100th find (a bit before I think), and the log was just a plain TFTC. I didn't start writing real good logs until my 200th find, really.
  14. We have one intercache published in our area. I haven't got chance to do it, but it looks fun and well set up. (GC4QC9V) Yours does too. While multicaches that take you on tours are neat, this one seems like a different way to do it, something that I would definitely like to try.
  15. I have a lot of earthcaches I'd like to visit, some of them being; GC2ERV1 GC2JWK8 GC1Y2RV GCPCPX There's so many others that look really cool as well.
  16. I've found good, and bad caches. I enjoy micros, nanos are okay, and I'm fine with larger caches. One thing that's good about geocaching is that there's something for everyone. Don't like Traditionals? Ignore them and find a puzzle-cache. Not into those? Go for multi-caches. Don't like micros? Then just do a PQ or only look for larger sized caches. For me it's not so much the size that's the issue. Like others have said, the location, and the container type play a big role in an interesting cache. I'd rather find a micro-film canister at the end of a long hike to the top of a mountain with a scenic view of the area than a Tupperware container dropped at the base of a stop sign covered with moss and a rock outside the Walmart. Sometimes park and grabs are good, for stuff like streaks though. But if I'm going for a day trip, finding two micro caches along a trail with scenic views is more fun that nabbing 40 medium caches all under rocks outside of parking lots. There are lots of micros that are in good spots for something bigger, but if the log is dry, the location is nice and the cache is in good shape I'm happy enough. If it's big, even better, but size isn't what makes the cache.
  17. More photos. Recently (yesterday) I went Ski-ocaching. I have a few good pics. For those comparing fancy cameras with phone camers, these were taken with the Iphone5. I also used an app called "After Focus" to edit them. Every thing was done on the Ipod.
  18. Some phones, sure. I have the new Ipod 5, and the camera on it works very very well. And if you get the right apps, you can add effects in, use focus blur-stuff, and lots more. So, yes, the expensive fancy cameras are better (of course), but phones aren't always that bad. The pictures I took in my post above were taken with a Nikon Coolpix. It wasn't a big camera you could change the lens on, like lots of you guys seem to be talking about, but it was light, portable, and easy to use, so I liked it. I honestly think my phones's camera is better though. That's just me.
  19. I like your pictures. Man. All of these are really good! I don't really "do" photography, but if I find a real nice location, then sure I'll stop and photograph it. Here's about ten of the pictures I've taken. Not as nicely edited as yours, but whatever. This picture was taken at about N 45° 22.297 W 075° 48.179 Here's one from Mont Tremblant, QC Power trail in Perth, ON These two are from a forest next to a chruch and farm in Kanata, ON This is an old quarry trail in Kanata, ON An old reservoir outside of Kanata, ON This was a neat little creek I found while hiking in the Gatineaus; A big stretch of forest in QC This one isn't nature. It's the museum in Central Park, NY. Here's a beach in Arnprior, ON. Nice place. Most of my geocaching pictures are me and friends with the cache, but there's a few more like that. I might go hiking in Vancouver an Calgary this summer, so I'll be sure to bring backs lots of good ones! These pictures others have posted are actually real good though. Wow.
  20. I always place micros in urban locations, because IMHO I'd rather look for, and find a micro, then DNF the small medium sized cache five times before finding it in a really urban location (behind a bench or such). However, this one by 9Key seems to be doing pretty well url="http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4Q1Q9_large-plastic-bin-hidden-under-a-bush"]http://coord.info/GC4Q1Q9[/url]. Good luck!
  21. Thanks for the link but: You don't have permission to access /stuff/EarthCachePresentation.pdf on this server. Never mind, I just used a proxy to fake being Canadian and then it allowed me to download the file Oh woops. Well, at least you got to it. It's mostly EC guidlines stuff, but I found some of it useful. G
  22. Cool. I like hard puzzles. I like those interactive kind of puzzles. The only puzzles I'm not so keen on are the ones where you copy-paste the question into google and take the answers digital root. I'd find that puzzle, if I was in your area. I have a puzzle not exactly like that, but in which I made a little interactive thing which I wrote in HTML. Probably spent a good 7 or 8 hours on it, since I didn't even know what HTML and Javascript was when I started... http://coord.info/GC4VM2N I like this one!
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