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  1. Message Center use to show emoji correctly (I usually press Win+; to get a list and pick one) but now it is either coming up as a small square or some kind of Asian character. It looks fine when I am typing them but once I hit send they change. The small snippet in the pane on the left that shows the first few characters of recent messages to different cachers does display correctly I have noticed.
  2. Well then that kind of stinks. I thought I used to be able to see a list of all of someone's hides even if those hides had been archived. Now, it only takes me to a map instead of giving me a list so then I would have no way of seeing the entire list. I am trying to do this to solve a puzzle cache that the user has that requires I check some information about old hidden caches of theirs which might have since been archived.
  3. Thanks for verifying you can reproduce. I get the same, sort of. It zooms to my home area in the map but shows no caches in the list on the left.
  4. Good thought, that may be the issue. However, the URL does properly escape the & with %26. Also, I can get all their active hides on a map with this URL https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?lat=33.0449&lng=-95.4952&zoom=7&asc=true&sort=distance&hb=G%26N+Geocachers so it would seem the search should be possible. I just can't get any that are archived (i.e. the complete list).
  5. It works for some users but not others. I am clicking on the All Geocache Hides link (https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?owner[0]=G%26N Geocachers&a=0&sort=PlaceDate&asc=False) for this user https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=de91e6bf-de01-4a34-9202-e340f278c2bf&wid=1da28a7f-0860-47bc-b2a7-1e311b62cd0d&ds=2&tab=geocaches#profilepanel but the map just seems to hang and nothing ever comes up. I have tried it for some other users (including myself) and it seems to work fine. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Thanks, this is exactly what I was referring to. I am very proficient in using a browser and know of all the ways mentioned by everyone to get back to where I came from. However, none of those methods is less clicks/key presses/taps/scrolls than having a simple link at the top of each page of the users' list to go back to that user's profile (or better yet, the Geocaches tab of the profile page). I have resorted to just opening the list in another tab (ctrl click the link) so that I preserve the users' profile main page geocaches tab in its own browser tab and closing the tab with the list once done perusing. Still, this method results in one more more click/tap/key press than if I simply had a link at the top of the list page.
  7. When looking at a list of a user's found or hidden caches there is no link back to the user's profile page making it a pain to get back to their main page to look at something else, especially if you have clicked on a number of different pages in their cache list. There is a reference to the user's name at the top of each page but it is not a clickable link. I would like to see that changed to a clickable link back to the users main profile page or back to the Geocaches tab for that user.
  8. Thanks Touchstone! This list does look complete and contains all announced souvenirs even ones that are in the near future like International EarthCache Day which starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, while for some it is obvious how to get them like state and country souvenirs, for others it is not so obvious how to get them or if their time has passed and there are not links to find out any more information on them. However, I have found that if I search Google for the souvenir name that I can generally find a page with more information though.
  9. Is there anywhere that one can find a comprehensive list of available souvenirs including upcoming ones (such as earthcache day, etc.)?
  10. Have you tried GCDroid yet? Any thoughts? It does work in landscape on my tablet.
  11. I have seen more and more preforms listed as a small lately. I think this is mostly because small trade items can fit in a preform if the log doesn't take up too much space.
  12. You should put this in the GPS Garage Sale forum here: GPS Garage Sale
  13. What was the name of the cache you were looking for?
  14. I don't think so. There are millions of caches so any list like that would be just too large to deal with.
  15. Also, since you are using a unit designed for automotive navigation you will need to change the routing to off road when trying to go on a trail to a cache. You can find the manual for the unit at http://www.gpscentra...etpilot2730.pdf . Look at page 16 of the manual (page 24 of the pdf) or search for Off Road.
  16. Are you looking to load maps into the unit or geocache locations? Cache Locations I am not sure if that unit supports cache information directly so you may have to load cache locations as 'points of interest'. I would try the Garmin poi loader here: http://www.garmin.com/us/maps/poiloader Maps You can get various maps for Garmin GPS units from GPSFileDepot for free as https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ . There are instructions at https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-load-maps-on-my-garmin-gps-unit/ on how to load the maps installed from that site to your Garmin via Garmin's map management software called Basecamp (I do this all the time with my handheld Vista Hcx)
  17. I wouldn't call that junk. You might want to put each in a small ziploc type baggie just to keep it clean and dry. I know a number of kids (and some adults) who would love to get one of those RPG dies. It is sad that cache owners can take a long time to address issues such as a full log book. I carry around a mini composition book like the picture below for notes but also so I can tear out a page to use as a makeshift log in case the cache log is full. I tear out a sheet sign it and try to place it together with the full log (or maybe soaked log). I don't use a paperclip or anything though. I also make a point in my online log to say I had to do so.
  18. GCDroid and GDAK are both good Android apps
  19. GeePa

    Filtering Issue

    I was trying to find a cache whose name is simply ! (https://coord.info/GC1C6WP) in Tallahassee Florida. I went to Play and chose Find a Cache. I typed in Tallahassee, Florida in the search box and got a list of caches. I then clicked Add Filers and changed the miles to 20 and typed in ! into the Geocache Name Contains ... box. Then I clicked on the Search button and it said nothing matched my search. What gives? I read through the FAQ but couldn't find anything.
  20. I am having same problem. Cannot get favorite to stick. Finally got it to work by using the API via GSAK. There is definitely an issue here.
  21. If this has come up before then sorry. I tried searching the forum using different keywords but kept getting so many hits that it was impractical to read through every search result. Maybe I am missing something, but if I go to my List Management page and then click a bookmark list to edit it there is no direct way back (no link I can find) to the List Management page. If I don't actually make any edits then I can use the back button on my browser to go back but if I make some deletions and additions then it takes several or more back clicks to get back to the List Management screen. I did find a two click way to do it by clicking my user name at the top and then clicking the Lists link again but still this is two clicks instead of one. I would like to see a link at the top of any page within the bookmark list editing process to have a link at the top and/or bottom that takes me back to my List Management page.
  22. I see that GC1ZJKZ was the cache you were looking for. The hint may help you a bit. Also, like others have said, it is helpful to look for larger caches when you are new to the game.
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