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  1. Sunrise Over Madison, In From Clifty Fall SP Lodge
  2. I will be there and I'm from Indiana. In fact there will be several of us Hoosiers coming thru customs. We are a friendly bunch. Come out and meet us and maybe even pick up a few Pathtags for your troubles Deermark
  3. There are events all over the state this weekend. These are celebrating 10 Years of Geocaching. Check out GC22PP5 in South Bend and GC26HTC in Lafayette. Going to be some good events. Deermark
  4. I love looking at caching photos. This is the sunset from GCHV6P near Wnslow, AZ. I was doing a 5000 mile tour with my nephew Kepnfit back in 2006. Deermark
  5. If you don't come to the Indiana Spring Picnic this wild lady might just come after you with her magic fork. Deermark
  6. All in favor of having the Fall Picnic at Boondocks Farms raise their hands.
  7. You will have more fun than is allowed in 27 states. Honest. Deermark
  8. How did Matt guess every game right. He is a psycho.....I mean psychic...whatever. Deermark
  9. The GeoSurvivor games are finalized and were tested this weekend by the Picnic Committee and they are ready to go. The following is what you can expect. 1 - Let's Go Caching Baby 2 - Jello Dolly 3 - Just Sign The Log 4 - Gauging Your Opponent 5 - Duck It 6 - Hiking The Wood Can anyone guess what the games are? Deermark
  10. Here is WCNut doing a test run of one of the Survivor games. Don't worry there will be a safety net a few hundred feet below. Deermark
  11. The 2009 Fall Picnic Committee is meeting one more time to finalize plans. This years Event will Rock. If you don't have fun with us you must be catatonic. See you all real soon. The BRAVE folks have already signed up for GeoSurvivor. Be sure to notify your next of kin. Deermark
  12. Now that is what I'm talking about. Deermark
  13. Sounds good to me. You're going to play some good tunes aren't you? Deermark
  14. Keith was another one of those wonderful people that came into my life through Geocaching. Keith was truly a unique individual. He always had a nice word to say and never met a stranger. I felt as if I had known him for years 10 minutes after we met. I have lost a friend and it hurts but he will always be right here in my heart. See you around buddy. Deermark
  15. Sounds like quite the adventure. Count me in. Who's going to pick me up at home? Deermark
  16. Saturday March 28 dawned and the weatherman was calling for rain and Severe Thunderstorms. I was sure with this forecast that only the 13 campers from the night before would show up. Wow was I wrong. 43 cachers signed the log book and hit the trail. Just as I snapped the group photo the dizzle stopped and we were rain free until later that night. By my recollection this was the third largest Mix. The event was highlighted by a huge number of first timers. The trail was muddy but the company was the best. All the participants received a limited edition TrailMix Pathtag designed by Tanya of Eye Of The Pirate and Daggy. We have got to do this again. If you let the threat of rain keep you away you missed out on one of the best. Deermark
  17. Reflecting on the past years picnics.
  18. Oh by the way No animals were harmed during this meeting. No lungs were harmed. No brain cells were lost either d.. ..ur ... ...ing this meeting Deer.............whatever
  19. Your 2009 Fall Picnic Team hard at work. We will work through the night if we have to. There will be no fun for us until this is the best Fall Picnic ever. Deermark
  20. GeoSurvivor is being revamped and promises to be shorter and more compact. Can't wait. Deermark
  21. JeniSchmeni and Joeyschmoey gave this "Ammo Box" to Daggy for her 10,000 find. It kinda looks like a camper. Hey what's up with that? Deermark
  22. Daggy with the find. It was a great trip. New River Gorge is a beautiful area. Deermark
  23. Check out GC1DPDA July 1, 2001. It's a 3 stage multi with no more than a 1/2 mile total hike but what a tough 1/2 mile. This area is so different from anyplace you might have been. The final hiding place is really cool. Check it out. If you come be sure to bring your camera. Lots of view of the Ohio River and the cliffs over it. Deermark
  24. What a great weekend to be out caching. This photo was along the Knobstone Trail during the Men's Extreme Knobstone Open. Thanks to Team Shydog for a great event. Deermark
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