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  1. The way I understand it, yes they will go away. However, not instantly. Sometime in the next few months when website upgrades are coded, tested and approved. Those pages will not be updated. A two-week warning was given because the date may be as early as Tuesday. Plus, it may not be all at once.
  2. The announcement gave 2+ weeks warning, saying it will be "Sometime after November 1, 2022 and before the end of the year"
  3. I have found a number of benchmarks, and recovered some buried and hidden. They were treasure hunts. However, as a player I know that it does not warrant work when no one is using it, there is no owner to check logs, and it is decades out of date. I do not know this for sure, as I have heard no discussions, but eventually you have to put work into it or it breaks as you update the rest of the site. Your coding is decades out of date and will require a major overhaul. And it is for the 75 people that used it in a summer month to log 200 of them. One of those people was myself, finding a half dozen. Sad to see, but I could see it coming years ago, just sad we finally got there.
  4. No, the caches will just be archived. So your finds will still be there.
  5. You can find the reviewer for your area by looking for newly published caches and then looking at the name of the person that published them. I assume that is what you are meaning? or for another reason?
  6. I am assuming you are looking for advice? Contact the museum for permission and what you want to do. Outside is ideal. i have found a number of caches chained to the a post or a bush. You can also use something less expensive than an ammo can and hide it in the bushes.
  7. I believe you need this page https://www.geocaching.com/notify/default.aspx Check where the coords of all your notifications are set to be from.
  8. Is your reviewer saying it is an issue? or just in submitting it where the problem takes place? If it is the reviewer he should understand with an explanation. If it is just the HQ cache creation process, just move through it and submit it with an explanation. I ignore Earthcaches and Virtuals in my review if they block another cache.
  9. If it was very long ago, most likely not. I do not unarchive caches that were archived more than a few months ago. I never do if the owner does not go out and check on it and someone else replaced it, or finds it, except in very rare circumstances. It is the cache owners responsibility to make sure it is there. You may have had it disabled for some time, or archived it after a reviewer noted there may be an issue. Yet problems are yours to see it taken care of or send someone to take care of. If they were archived for maintenance issues by the reviewer or yourself, it is rare it will be unarchived without a visit by you to the location. (in my book) Every cache is different, every situation. So this is more of a general rule.
  10. You will need to have a logbook if it is a traditional. In order to list it i as a virtual you would need to have been granted a virtual a year ago. They have only allowed a few virtuals every few years.
  11. Moving to the GPS forum. This sounds like settings in GPS
  12. This is just me as a reviewer in my area. If the QR code give your coordinates to the next point. I treat those as if you posted a label with the next coordinates. You could have it as a multi. If each step has you solve a cypher, puzzle, or needing to figure out a code to enter into a checker, I would say those run a mystery. I am sure there are grey areas in between, but that would be my general rule. I do not know how prevalent that idea is in the reviewer community. However that is my thought process.
  13. I have used that process (a QR code sticker) on stages in puzzles and a multis before. It works kind of nice. As for the ending log From the guidelines A virtual logbook like you explain would not work. Your argument is that the QR code is the physical log, but it is not. It is another stage to get to your virtual log. HQ has pushed back against these over the years.
  14. You might also check the "Geocaching Colorado - GCCO" page on facebook. They have a pretty active group there.
  15. Your best bet is to look for local events. There are usually local get togethers. Though I do not know in that area with Covid.
  16. They are not specific. If you buy a coin run you can pay for any prefix you want. However, does not reserve that prefix for you always.
  17. Moved to this forum. It is a little more appropriate. You might include some more info. My assumption is someone dropped it there for the next finder. If it is not activated. I removed the tracking number from your post when moving it, we don't share those in the forums.
  18. I get back to some and not others. if I wonder if I did it right I may wait a bit. If I think I nailed the answers, I just log.
  19. I have been using one called 'GPS point' for my android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sk.grecnar.gpspoint&hl=en_US&gl=US No ads, and gps averaging to get you a bit closer than one reading. This can be good or very bad depending on your location. I have seen some locations where they are off quite a bit and others that are spot on. So this is usually not a recommended way to get coordinates.
  20. I would say many people that call these people cheaters would not be able to do it, or would not be able to without cheating. That does not mean that is the case for everyone. So tossing out blanket statements is not really constructive. I could not do it. 100 days was a nightmare. Was I tempted to cheat, yes. I got out of bed a few times to grab the cache that I needed, and had forgotten about. Many of the cachers in question are in cache rich areas, travel a lot, are retired, or have the finintial ability or willpower to go and look for them at odd times. They have friends that will regularly place caches. I know and follow two cachers streaks. One is a long many year streak I mentioned above, the other is a few year streak. I cheer then on, and in winter months or when there are rough times I may place some that I know he will find and be appreciative of, if I find an interesting place and have the cache I wish to hide there.
  21. I have met most of them, the only one I can comment on is DrJay. He works hard to keep his streak going. He only logs caches three day that he finds them, and virtual and Earthcaches the day that he visits them. I have seen him brag himself out of bed when he's incredibly sick to grab one or two of his emergency caches that are easy, and nearby that he is left for some time. When he's traveled on trips to Europe he's scheduled his flights specifically so he could grab a cache and then fly and have enough time to grab a geocache on the other end. Much to the annoyance of his wife that they are leaving on flights at odd times of the night. It can be done and he admits that once in awhile it is a close call when he has a string of dnfs and is driving 40, 45 minutes away to the next geocache and running out of time. He used to be a big first to find hunter, but eventually he gave up on it because he realized the dwindling numbers of new caches meant he was not going to be able to keep a street going. I have rarely met a cacher that has the same ethics as him. So people saying that it's not possible, you just don't have the same drive or ethics that they do. True at some point there will be a mistake in somebody will slip. That's how things come to an end. It's true that there are some people who probably cheat. I have seen some people with shorter streaks that have cheated. However, that does not mean that everybody cheats.
  22. Be aware that a non-profit is not a guarantee that it is not commercial. If you mention it too much how great they are, they sell T-shirts, or push the company too much you can roll into the commercial aspect. A large non-profit in my area runs a Garden, a museum that sells a ton of stuff, has a few stores, various art and gardening studios that you can take classes in. Your write up could push it over the commercial edge.edge. Every case and write up is different, touch bases with your reviewer, write up a skeleton page, and submit it with a question.
  23. I agree with hzio's statement above. What lesson is he teaching?. That is very important before knowing if it is needed or helpful to the logging tasks. As guidelines have changed, and other issues, I would always assume you need to follow the logging tasks unless there seems a specific issue (like them requiring a photo of your face) that is not allowed. Just doing the logging tasks, and moving on is usually better than having a months long argument decided by HQ. If you are planning an Earthcache with one. Make sure that the temperature is pertinent to the experience and what you are teaching.
  24. Just to echo keystone. That is the policy right now. If you drop a stamp in it now, you will still be a Bonus cache. From the help center
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