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Favorite Photos Taken While Geocaching


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And this was at GC1B7XQ, "Hanging Rock Multi-Falls".  I found the earthcache twelve years ago, but returned a week ago because I had improved my photography skills and was there for photography and not caching.  Caching and serious photography are usually mutually exclusive for me: caching requires me to visit a ton of places and not linger in any one spot while serious photography requires me visit relatively few locations and take my time crafting a compelling photograph.




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Oh, a heron.  I've been trying to get a quality shot of those for a while.  Back in March, I was shooting with an 800mm f/11 lens.  This meant at 1/2500s, I had to go up to ISO 3200 to get still shots.  These two below might be good by others' standards, but the sharpness is lacking for what I'm trying to do (and that's make the best photos I possibly can).  Like caching, I'm not competing against anyone, but I'd rather use common interest to establish relationships and encourage each other to do better and improve.


Anyway, these two photos were from March this year.


What happened is in October 2020, I bought a new Canon camera and an assortment of lenses.  This is my fourth Canon camera.  When I started caching, I carried my first Canon with me, but then it was easier just to bring a smaller camera and then a cell phone.  I didn't have that many lenses, and the ones I had were adequate.  I have quite a large geocaching photo archive now, but most are snapshots and not artsy.  Skip ahead about fourteen years to the pandemic and I wanted something else to do to balance out (one-a-day) caching and work.  Now, I'm trying to carry that camera with me everywhere I go.  It will be really interesting when Halloween rolls around and I see what I can do at haunted attractions, which have been my bread and butter photographic interest since prior to my starting geocaching.


Do feel free to share your photographic stories.  And if anyone wants to see how I combine photography and geocaching, check out my Epic Logs bookmark list and look for the one for "The Triple Crown".  The log is spread over eleven log entries and is fully illustrated with photos I took along the way.  Some people don't like long log entries.  Others love it when I author an epic log.  I never go into a cache intending to write one of those.  It just sort of happens when I start telling my story.  But I do hope people are entertained, encouraged, motivated, and inspired.  If so, that's all I can hope for and perhaps I've contributed positively to the community when all is said and done.





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Back when we had profile pictures on our profile, I would change mine at least every month.  I did that to show I was active--and it was a fun thing to do.  When profile pictures went away, so did my habit of taking a photo of me every month.  I have few photos of me over the recent years.


I was out in the desert last week, drove up a hill, and took this photo.  I'm using this photo and the cache there for my recent milestone find, 100K.  I think it's one of the better photos I've taken of myself in recent years, so thought to post it here.  I really need, though, to post a photo here without me in it.


Yes, it's raining in the desert in the background.  In fact, I had to weather a heavy rain where I was just half an hour prior.


Anyway, it'll take me a while to go through the trip's photos and decide which I might want to publish.


Oh, and before I forget:

Canon EOS R5, 23mm, 1/60s, f/18, ISO 320, HDR

AZ9A1226 (Copy 640).jpg

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Haystack mountain in Bannock County Idaho - easily the steepest mountaineering climb I've done without harnessing up. This is overlooking Marsh Valley with Old Tom mountain and Scout Mountain across the other side. Up valley out of shot is Pocatello, Inkom, and Pebble Creek ski resort.


Edit: GC1ZZJQ Haystack mountain

Haystack view.jpg

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Happy autumn to those in the northern hemisphere.


This was taken new GC21N6F.  For those who know of the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is likely the most-photographed spot.  Perhaps next year I can bring a ladder or something and get the full curvature of the viaduct.  To get this angle, I had to be perched atop a small rock with very little room even for my tripod.

AZ9A3614 [800x600].jpg

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On the 16th April 2016, I attended the 15th Birthday Event for Canberra Nature Park by Alex, Helen & Jock | GC6CF | Australian Capital Territory, Australia. It was at this event with great sadness that I found out that the original Canberra Nature Park Cache (the ACT’s Oldest Geocache) had been lost forever and replaced by Sol de lune a 5 years earlier. After the event I walked down the hill with some of the other geocache crews to find and sign the logbook for Canberra's Oldest cache even though I had found the cache 12 month ago. The other geocache finders all went to a pile of rocks and pulled out the replacement cache for GC6CF. I yelled out "That's not the right cache, the cache is over here". I ran 40 to 50 meters away and pulled out from a crack in the rocks, the Original Canberra Nature Park by Alex, Helen & Jock | GC6CF | Australian Capital Territory Australia, including all the old original logbooks dating back to the very first day of placement. Sol de lune (the current caretaker of the cache) came running down the hill as fast as he could to find me holding both the original and the replacement cache. When I had originally found the Canberra Nature Park Cache (the ACT’s Oldest Geocache) I didn’t have my GPS with me so I just searched around for it. Not known to me at the time I had found and signed the original cache, not the replacement. Twelve months later I had both an original and the replacement cache in my hand as well as a smile from ear to ear. It gave me pleasure to know that I am responsible in giving this piece of ACT Geocaching history back to the Geocaching community to enjoy on its 15th Birthday.


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On 4/6/2022 at 1:48 PM, RuideAlmeida said:


Lovely. Please always try to add the GC code of a nearby cache.

That picture was taken 20 years ago near Quincy IL.  No way I would remember the GC code on a single cache from 20 years ago.  Most likely that cache has long been archived.

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Some photographs from my recent three weeks holiday.


GCGH5V  Another virtual & an Earth cache not far away.



Pilliga Nature Reserve, and a couple of muggles posing. Evidence of Aboriginal occupancy. GC1AVQX & GC646XX



Bellata, NSW. GC7FT3A I liked the blue against the blue sky, and the streaks of power lines. Same with the blues of the following one.



Blue mountain I titled this one.



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Your photo, Capt. Bob, reminded me of this photo I took while searching for a cache in the woods of upstate NY a couple of years back.  Like you, I stumbled upon the babe who didn't move while I took the photo, but got up and ran when I quietly tried to alert my husband nearby to what I had found (he was finding the cache a few trees away...)  https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2CY44 is the cache we were looking for.  June 5, 2020 is the date of my log for that cache.


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Added GC code of the nearby geocache
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On a recent road trip. Tarra Bulga NP. It was a visit for a long distant multicache*, likely over a 1,000 kms long, and I had a lovely walk getting to the WP to answer questions, which I won't give the GC number for, as people need to work this out for themselves. However, GC6NHV7 is also there, which I had a DNF for as I was there on a weekday and this is only available on a weekend. The old rail trestle bridge is near a later WP.


* When I first 'stumbled' on this multicache, I didn't realise how long, but when I realised, I thought, why not, let's do it :). I have done the first three WPs. All lovely, well chosen places to visit. As usual for long distance multicaches, which I have completed a number of (the longest, Canberra to Darwin), it often takes several attempts and some have taken years to complete. (And for ONE smilie, compared to some ALs finished in 5 -10 minutes and five smilies :rolleyes:) I like these long distant multies; so satisfying and more likely to keep me in the game than an AL.

Fern lined road.jpg


Tree lined road 1.jpg


Walking track 8.jpg


Rail trestle bridge 1.jpg

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