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  1. Italy is great! Faenza -> 58.953 (31. Dez. 2019)
  2. @Touchstone Could you please tell us your point of view? Thanks.
  3. "...Self Guided Walks and Trails come in many shapes and sizes. There purpose is usually to convey some knowledge, either in the form of interpretive signs or brochures that accompany a numbered path..." In my opinion barefoot paths don't fit well in the "Self Guided Walks and Trails" category.
  4. All barefoot walks/trails I know are permanent and well maintained. Problem at the moment, I have no time to create a new category. Maybe someone else? Here is one in Bad Reichenhall The following pictures were taken in Bayrischzell:
  5. Maybe, thanks for your thoughts! I'm moving over to Recruiting and Category Proposals.
  6. Where do I put my barefoot trail/path/walk? I have some more here in my area. Thanks!
  7. Less than 13,000 waymarks to hit the 1,000,000 milestone! Today I stumbled over pictures from May 2012 -> 400,000 Party
  8. The focus in the new category "Funerary Art" lies on special art on tombs/graves, not just figurative sculptures. So this is not solved if we allow just sculptures on tombs in the Figurative Public Sculpture category. This has nothing to do with collecting a new icon.
  9. I would prefer a new category. Mixing them together isn't a good idea in my opinion. Figurative Public Sculptures have now almost 10.000+ sculptures and we will get many many from cemeteries. It's a difference if they are located on a cemetery or in the "normal" public ground, but I'm open for a discussion.
  10. @NW_history_buff is the leader. He has to start the vote.
  11. Have fun, I will not contribute. Wonderful structures/buildings listed in a second great database (maybe some more) are not accepted? Fine tuning is possible all the time!
  12. Not sure if you answered my question already. Will you accept all records from the map (see link), even if these are not included (at the moment) in the "Catalogo generale dei Beni Culturali"?
  13. I'm not a crossposter at the moment so I waymarked this castle as castle Castello di Castellano - Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy - Castles on Waymarking.com . But it doesn't feel right that I couldn't submit it to the Italien Heritage site because it's not listed in the catalogo which is the only source you accept.
  14. "Trentino-Alto Adige" has only one record and "Alto Adige" (which has his own map system) has 0 records. Very strange.
  15. Not so good and it looks like this catalogo has big gaps, some examples: Chiesa di Santa Maria - Pomposa, Codigoro, Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Roman Catholic Churches on Waymarking.com -> built 874 I guess you have to do a very good recherche of online available lists/maps for all regiones and you should add all the links to your category description. Links to the databasa/maps for Alto-Adige for example.
  16. Almost perfect, but I would like to see a map with the 255 results for Ravenna. Is there a way?
  17. Thanks, but I can find nothing for Alto-Adige, also no location in Ravenna?
  18. Is there a map to see all the 77,000+ locations in the catalogo?
  19. lumbricus


    Ein/e andere/r Reviewer/in könnte solange aushelfen bis ein neuer Reviewer ausgewählt wurde. Ich wäre etwas vorsichtiger Texte (sogar mit Profilbildern und Klarnamen) einfach so aus Facebook an anderen Stellen zu veröffentlichen.
  20. We will visit Itlay end of August so I could contribute some in September.
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