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  1. Well, I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl... OK, seriously. I don't check the paper logs against the online logs, so I don't use them for an audit. Back when people actually left a short (or long) note, I'd enjoy reading through. Now it's basically a list of names. (Not calling anyone out, I have taken to just leaving a date and a stamp or signature, too.) So, what do I do with it? If there are enough empty pages left, I take out the used pages and use the log in a new cache. If there aren't, I flip through it and then recycle it. I have one nice (trackable) logbook that I use for all the events we've hosted. Which reminds me, we haven't hosted an event in quite a while. Perhaps we'd better get off our butts.
  2. Well, but the reviewer is correct. If there is an easement, then utilities have been granted the right to enter specific portions of that land and install equipment, such as power poles or water meters. Your dad owns the land. But your dad doesn't own the pole. It's not considered private property - it IS the private property of the utility.
  3. I guess that means it's time for my periodic update! Thanks for the mention.
  4. . And of course it's all German "cachers" who vigorously defend the practice of claiming an FTF with a throwdown. *sigh* Natürlich.
  5. I normally don't go out of my way fix caches that need maintenance. If I happen to have something on me, I'll help out. But that's the COs job, not mine. I almost never replace a cache that is missing. I used to do so thinking I was "helping" the cache owner. They were usually long gone. I was helping myself to a find, and somewhat helping others who came after me. So in the last ten years or so, I can think of one example when I've done it - in a place where no new geocaches can be hidden, so once they're gone, they're gone. I originally logged a find, then I thought better of it and went back to change my log to a note. Someone just claimed FTF on a throwdown they left for the oldest unfound cache. I don't think it counts, but I'm not the cache police. I do wonder though how many other of their tens of thousands of finds are throwdowns as well...
  6. If you're going out to Mingo, remember that Arikaree (GC31), another May 2000 hide by the same CO, is out that way as well. I'm planning on hitting both whenever my travels finally take me through, probably next summer. edit: and hey, is my advice timely, because your trip already happened. D'oh!
  7. I have been caught in areas without data more than once on an adventure lab and had to hike out of the location I was in to get a signal. Half the time when I did, the lab timed out and I had to reload the adventure again. (As in, select the adventure lab from the map and get it going again.) It would be swell if there was a feature to load the lab ahead of time for offline use, allowing cachers to rely on their phone's location services to complete the lab at the location and later connect with wifi or data to get credit for the finds. Or, at least, get the app to stop timing out on labs so quickly. Perhaps these are both purposeful features to keep cheaters from spoofing lab finds, but in case they are not, here I am.
  8. Most of my international travels have been as part of trips with others, so I consciously dial back the geocaching so that others can enjoy the trip in their own way. I have been known to wake up at 5 AM from jet lag and quietly slip out of the hotel to get as many as I can before breakfast, which helps balance things a bit.
  9. 19/25 with two bingos. Though I only logged in blood once before deciding that grass or berries would be much less of a biohazard. I've found plenty of other critters in birdhouse caches - like earwigs and wood roaches and field mice - but none have ever had holes big enough for birds. I was 25 for 25 on the blog version.
  10. Getting emails is part of owning caches. And for some reason, many cachers seem reluctant to log anything other than "found it." Meaning that, if people aren't going to log DNF, NM, or NA, the only way you're going to know there is a problem with a given cache is by reading the "found it" logs. So while you can set up email filters, or mass delete emails, just keep in mind you might be missing important details.
  11. It is visible to you as the owner, and to reviewers. Otherwise it is hidden. I can see additional waypoints 2 to 6 but not a final.
  12. I feel foolish that it was as simple as trying a different cable, but it was. The disappointing thing was that the USB Mini-B cable I was using was brand new. Apparently not from a reputable source. Meanwhile, the old dirty cable at the back of the drawer worked, first time go.
  13. It's been a few months since the last time I tried to update the caches on my Montana 600, but things are not looking good. For starters, there should be a large gepcaches.gpx file saved to the Garmin itself, but when I start it up, it says no geocaches found. I have a fresh load of caches to put in via GSAK, but my Montana refuses to enter mass storage mode. I've tried every interface mode on the menu in the settings. The cable seems to be working, as the Montana powers up and tries to connect, and it gets as far as the screen that says "Garmin" and has the USB symbol, but it never transitions to the screen with the symbol for the desktop, and the "My Computer" screen fails to populate with a "Garmin" drive like it always had before. I searched for troubleshooting and came across this Garmin article recommending to hold down the power button for 30 seconds while connecting it to the computer. It didn't work. Also tried resetting settings on the Garmin, didn't work. And of course tried restarting both the laptop and the Montana, nada. Windows 10 21H2 / 19044.1645, Montana software version 7.60.
  14. I for one appreciate your keeping it alive - it was our first find in Manhattan last week.
  15. 1. First heard of it in 2001 or so when I was living in Arizona, when it was brand new, but didn't end up trying it. Later, in 2007, when we loved in Germany, one of my wife's friends mentioned it, and we gave it a go. Haven't looked back since. 2. It is a great excuse to explore new places, and it often takes me to spots I would never have seen. 3. I'm not sure what this means, so I would recommend defining what you are asking some more. Edit: if this is "why do you still do it," it seems like the same question as #2.
  16. Bump - did some maintenance on the list after a year's hiatus or so. As always, if you see something that should be on the list but isn't, or is on the list but shouldn't be, please let us know. Also, since another round of Virtual Rewards is coming, a little plug: if you're struggling to find a spot for a virtual, why not put one at your favorite airport?
  17. I was just looking through my sorted country souvenirs (42) on project-GC and comparing to countries cached (46) to see what was still missing. - US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, not really surprised there since they're not really countries, but maybe they'll come out eventually. - Ukraine, perhaps 2022 is their year, though things are not looking great in the country itself. - And Ireland - because I forgot, Ireland just has the four provincial souvenirs (Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connacht), plus Dublin. I wonder if Ireland will get a country souvenir this year, or whether the Irish compromise will be maintained.
  18. Hadn't seen this one. I guess it's not retroactive, since we attended an adventure maze in 2010 but don't have the souvenir.
  19. There are a few different ways to keep track of it on third-party sites/programs, like project-gc, mygeocachingprofile, and GSAK's FindStatGen macro. The easiest for me has just been to make a bookmark list, plus check "FTF" in our found caches database in GSAK.
  20. I lived down the road for a year and a half, so I had ample opportunity. Still one of my favorite hides, not because it was especially creative or anything, but just because it tied in so nicely to my forum nerd-dom. (I tried to do something similar near the post office in Lackey, Virginia, but it didn't quite have the same ring to it.)
  21. Oy. I recently turned down the opportunity to do an intercache (remember those) that had 30-odd waypoints. There were three others that were looking at it with me. I decided that socializing with friends at an event, and then getting a beer afterward, was more important than chasing down waypoints. Unless I was part of a very large group, I would have even less patience with a cache that had 100-248 waypoints. I see these have a good percentage of favorite points. I am glad cachers with more patience than I have enjoyed these. I'm not sure I would have. If that makes me a filthy casual, so be it.
  22. Well, yes and no. If there's no one on the other end, it's going to be abused. We've seen that over and over; it's how "Greetings from Germany" became a punchline. At least virtuals can be adopted now if the CO or next of kin answers the call. Before, if they had turned into armchair caches, they'd just get nuked from orbit, regardless of whether someone could get hold of the CO. Now, they can potentially be adopted out, if someone in a position to consent agrees to do so. But at the end of the day, adoption by force is still not an option, and if a cache is truly orphaned, regardless of its value, it might be time for it to go. A community can prop up a container if it so chooses - I'm doing it now for all the orphaned caches at Guantanamo Bay - but with virtuals, earthcaches, and webcams, there's only so much that can be done if something needs fixing and only the CO can fix it.
  23. If you include your email address when sending an email through geocaching.com, I believe the site will send the email as if it came from you directly, and you'll then get a daemon error or whatnot if the email bounces. You're correct that there is no notification when a message fails to deliver through the message center. I have a few earthcaches in areas with poor or no cell coverage. Several times, I have messaged finders who hadn't sent in messages, only to get a response along the lines of, oh yes I did send in answers. I'm guessing a drop in signal meant they appeared to send but never went through.
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