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  1. I've run into this, usually on the weekends. My guess is that it's related to high traffic. Typically, if I switch to the browse map and use another map layer, say, OSM, the map loads up right away.
  2. In years past, I used the geocaching app as a secondary to GPSr, but now that situation is reversed, I find myself using the app nearly full time. One feature I use a lot on the app, which is (mostly*) absent from the website, is the ability to add multiple user waypoints to a cache. It would be great if there was the same ability to do this on the site - in fact, it would be great if doing so on the app would allow me to see it on the cache page, and vice versa - and it would be also helpful to see this in a GPX file once done. *Yes, the "enter solved coordinates" function on the cache page partially does this, but that only allows one waypoint at a time, and then it's an all or nothing approach - either you see the original waypoint in the GPX file, or the new solved coordinates override that waypoint on the page and in the GPX file. Whereas the app allows for multiple user waypoints to be added, and seen on the map and navigated to, without changing the original waypoint. I am aware waypoints can easily be manually added on a GPSr, and that child waypoints can be manually added to a geocache through GSAK, so before helpful souls start suggesting other ways to do it, I already know how. This is not a "how can I do this" question. It is solely a suggestion for a feature on the site, to better marry up how the official app functions with how the website functions. Apologies if this has been suggested before, but the search I did failed to turn up a related suggestion thread.
  3. Bumping this to make it more accessible to newer cachers. Some folks only know about complaining on YMBAGI on facebook, and it's important to keep the old knowledge in mind.
  4. Really? All 4 of them? I remember there being more the last time I checked. But apparently there were only a total of six published. I met a cacher in Germany who went through on a C-5. Because the Galaxy kept breaking down, she got some caching layovers in places like BIOT. Like Kwajalien, I wouldn't mind visiting. But not staying. I'll get enough time hanging out in cache-poor areas during my trips to Guantanamo.
  5. A new souvenir: Cuba. It's a work trip, but I've found three so far. I'm having to make an exception to my rule against community maintenance, as without it, there'd be no caches here. Or at least, only messes. Replaced one log, replaced a second cache entirely, and CITO'd out a third cache that had been archived years back but was still sitting, lidless, in the same pillbox since its last find four years ago.
  6. I think I'm a fair to middling cacher when I can find a cache. Until I can't - then I think I'm a bad cacher. It happens more often than I'd like. For every ten caches I've found, I've not found one. But usually it's not just one - it starts out as one, and then it happens again, and I start getting frustrated and lose patience. Though I never wish anyone's caches to be missing, I am always relieved when it turns out I couldn't find a cache, not because of my own impatience or incompetence, but because it wasn't there for me to find. And this is probably one of the BIGGEST, most enormous curiosities I've had with the web design decisions on GC.com, because this isn't just aesthetic, it's a functional choice that leads to many errors/mistakes and even from a 'business logic' standpoint it just does not make sense to default an action log on an item to "Found" when "Post a log" could mean any number of things - "Found" being the potentially most misleading. I would love to hear the reasoning behind this decision - assuming it was consciously decided, and not just an oversight that hasn't been corrected in so long... What confounds me is that it's not the default for all cache types. It's the default for all the caches you can claim with a "found it" log, and "Webcam photo taken" is the default for webcams. OK, that's not ideal, for the reasons stated above, but it's at least consistent. But then, there's events. If I haven't already logged "will attend" on an event cache, then "will attend" is the default log. I suppose that makes sense. Miss Manners always recommends an RSVP for social gatherings. But if I have already logged that I'll attend, "write note" becomes the default, not "attended." I've had to go back and fix more than one event log that was supposed to be "attended" but was just a note.
  7. OP reported a potential bot. Groundspeak has tools to determine whether that's the case or not. If Groundspeak had determined it was a bot, the account would be locked for violating the Terms of Use, and the account's finds would likely have been deleted. As neither of those things have happened, to date they have not concluded this is a bot. Perhaps they might later. Or perhaps they won't. You've done what you can. Unless this cacher has logged any of your caches, and you can prove they never signed the log, then it's time to worry about something else.
  8. hzoi


    As an attorney, I complement you on your excellent lawyerly answer.
  9. Yep. Contact the cache owner and ask. If you've got a decent streak together, this isn't one of those where you want to find out the hard way that, no, the CO does not count locationless. I'd argue that it counts, and really, if the CO didn't want it to count for a streak, they should say so up front on the cache page.
  10. Here's the wiki article on geocaching policies and restrictions in Washington. It appears only Discovery Park has restrictions.
  11. I was just talking about Diego Garcia at work this morning. I'd love to visit there and snag some caches. I should be adding Cuba this year, finally.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I know it has an easy fix - I pointed that out in my initial post. But since it's clearly a bug, I figure the dev team would want to hear about it. So here I am.
  13. If you're talking about the "Owned Trackables" list, I just sort by last log, and the long-gone ones sort themselves to the end. It's tempting to just lock them all, since most of the time any logs they get are bogus ones from people "discovering them on Facebook" - yeah, I know what page you found them on. But now and then, one of our trackables actually manages to get found at the back of a drawer or the bottom of an old caching bag, so I leave 'em unlocked, just in case. Like old submarines, I don't want to think of them as lost, but as "still on patrol."
  14. This happened again yesterday, so still an issue.
  15. My understanding is that these event activities are what Groundspeak had in mind when opening up Adventure Labs to everyone, but many folks (myself included) went with making them multi-part virtuals instead. Do the labs anyway. Attendees will enjoy them.
  16. Sometimes, when I have seen caches hidden in places like these, there is a justification along the lines of, "There is a sign at the trailhead that the property is only open to [community] property owners and guests. I am a [community] property owner, and you are my guest." Does that mean it's actually been cleared with the HOA? I suspect not. Otherwise the blurb in the description would say so. I wouldn't hide a cache there, even if I lived in the community, without getting actual permission. But if I was coming by to find a cache there, the sign wouldn't make me drive away without looking the way an explicit "No Trespassing" sign would. While tenuous, the language on the cache page at least gives me a leg to stand on if someone asks if I live there. So in the grand scheme of things, it has better "adequate permission" than most commercial parking lot micros.
  17. Just to circle back on this - both issues have been addressed. A big thank you to the mobile app team for working these!
  18. Anyone else getting this? A few times now, I have been minding my own business, navigating to a cache, when the app goes from whatever the actual distance to the cache is, to over 5000 miles. It would appear it thinks it is on Null Island, N 0 E 0. Exiting the app quickly fixes the issue upon restart, but it is annoying. Screen cap attached if it helps. Using v8.47.1 on Android 11, on a Galaxy A52 5G.
  19. You have the option to view the cache in your browser, and can enable it from there, as a temporary fix. But I agree that this should come back to the app. It seems that adding adventure labs broke a lot of things.
  20. It doesn't get a log back, though. Just reloads the logging screen, with a big blank box where the log used to be. I did indeed, as we walked from the cache. The space bar on my phone is annoyingly small, so often my thumb will type a period where a space would be. I am about to upgrade to a 5G phone, so perhaps that'll improve. That,' or I just need to use voice to type more often. Though I feel self conscious doing so, especially if I am caching solo - oh, what's that middle aged man doing on the path by himself? Oh, just mumbling some manifesto into his phone.
  21. That's funny, I seem to be able to log from the field just fine. With multiple sentences and everything. And when I do it right after finding the cache, I find I remember a lot more than I used to when I'd just scrawl down a cryptic note and then try to recall which cache that was when I got back home. I realize you're more chiding the OP than phone users in general, and I agree that an emoji does not a satisfying log make, but you're off topic. My phone doesn't always show a cache as found after I log it, since I use my browser to log and not the app. I know with the Android app, if you drag the screen down when on the cache description, it will reload the cache details and update the activity on the cache - this should include the "found it" log you just left.
  22. I move every couple of years. We have 239 hides, but apart from earthcaches and one enduring mystery cache in Alabama, we've picked up all our hides when we've left. Even if you know you're leaving in a year, that's still plenty of time to hide a cache, get some finds (and feedback on how you did), then take those lessons learned with you to your next location. We've hidden a few different versions of the same puzzle in different places - when you have a new audience, the same material can work more than once.
  23. I presume that you're working on qualifying for GCVG6Y, the South Carolina Delorme Challenge. I think the threshold question is, does the Delorme map edition matter for that challenge? Using the project-GC challenge checker that is linked to this challenge, I would say it does not, because when I run your name, it says you're good (though it doesn't specify which edition the challenge checker uses): If you're still curious what page 54 in the 4th edition of the SC Delorme atlas looks like, there are some possibilities. When I was doing the Virginia Delorme Challenge back in 2009, I found multiple copies of the Delorme atlas in what was then our local library in Charlottesville. If this is your local library system, I see one available as a reference in Aiken County and one available in circulation in Bamberg County (3rd entry, 2017 version). If you are not already involved with a South Carolina geocaching organization, you could try to find one and post your question there, since someone there is likely to have Edition 4 on their shelf. Facebook seems to be the best option these days. Or, just comparing the map that's on mygeocachingprofile.com and comparing it to Google maps, the middle of page 54 is north of Seabrook Island and west of the mouth of the Santee River. Not many towns around the area, but my spitball estimate is just east of Ridgeville. Thanks for helping me pass the time during a boring conference call.
  24. In the few occasions I needed someone else's help to maintain our caches, due to us moving out of an area, I have employed an ancient yet reliable technique, known among my people as "asking nicely." These days, I pick up all our physical caches before we leave an area, but for our first hides, we were sentimental and wanted to leave some behind.
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