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  1. I have messaged and emailed them. Should I wait a bit longer? Normally I wouldn't mind, but they got the FTF log.
  2. How long should an earthcache owner wait until deleting a find on an earthcache? I have yet to receive a message after 3 days.
  3. "I help run activities for a group of homeschooled kids. I'm setting containers and they have to practice coordinates and map reading to find them. We're teaching them how to read maps, and follow directions, and a compass through this." That's my excuse.
  4. I have severe anxiety. Especially about driving, parking safely, and trying to not get a ticket or having my car towed. If I cannot figure out parking and a CO does not tell me where parking is, I will skip the cache.
  5. Just the other day there was a group of us getting a cache from a local park when a possessive homeowner let his dogs out to scare us. His yard had no definitive fence, so his dogs came right up to us and barked their heads off. They had mean barks too. The homeowner came out and said that he didn't like people near his property. Keep in mind this tree is in a public park, placed with permission, and is a decent distance from his yard.
  6. I don't have a photo, but I found a dumpster in he middle of the woods. It had been there for some time, so it was sunk several feet into the ground. This thing was a quater mile hike into the woods- away from the main road. I was so amazed by it, that I hid a cahce there too.
  7. I've been waiting for this as well too. I love this game.
  8. I'm going to resurrect this thread.
  9. Thanks for all of your help, but they're working now. I think Photobucket was just doing some site maintenance.
  10. I see a little free library. Is there a cache in it? Yeah, that's where it is
  11. I know that over time, images can have dead links and stop working. That's why I saved all the images for my cache pages onto my own Photobucket account. But recently, they've stopped displaying for me. I don't understand what is going on and I've checked on other devices and it's doing the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Cache page: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5HCQ4_the-anime-caching-test?guid=3aa58670-484c-47f9-bc01-cb9fcdfe4c26
  12. What? No upside down flag? That was across the street. Along with the signs saying that God hates Easter.
  13. I have a fake wasp nest that looks way too close to the real thing. Wanted to put a cache in it. - But then I thought of all the expletives deleted people who flip over real birds nests "JIC", and even though it might "fix" some, I'd kinda feel bad for the others who weren't quite sure, yet took that chance. I have a fake log in the woods... It's surrounded by ivy now and I can't move it because I'm highly allergic.
  14. You also have those people who hide a fake poison ivy plant in the thicket of poison ivy plants. Now that's evil
  15. Here's the Mimbres fish geocoin.
  16. I like the limitation, but I do wish things like that wouldn't appear on the app at all. It's confusing to new cachers.
  17. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but it seems that a mountain is being made out of a molehill here. What we have here is a new cacher who wants to make new and unique caches, and now this is being turned into a legalistic battle over the guidelines. Just privately ask for things to be changed with the cache. No need for a public roasting. *Edited to fix a spelling mistake
  18. I'm working on a series of five letterboxes themed around the animated series RWBY. They will be inspired by the seasons, which is an integral part of the show. Spring will be a puzzlebox in a library (painted with flowers) Summer will be a cache that one must dredge up from the bottom of a lake. Fall will be approximately 30' up a tree. And winter will be a fake book in a library. The final of sorts will be a large ammo box about 20' up a tree. Suspended by a cable and hooked with a carabiner, so it can be taken down from the tree easily.
  19. Sorry for the bad angle and drawing. But here is mine.
  20. I'll have another picture up this evening.
  21. Is it the Cache of the Titans Medusa Mythology Geocoin
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