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Im pretty new at caching and have only been to one event (wallflowered the whole time). Im a little intimidated by all the seasoned cachers, not only in experience but age also. From what I have gathered, a majority of cachers are older than me. I know caching is for everyone of all ages and I love to drag my mom out to find altoids tins and 35mm canisters. I just was wondering what kind of demographic is really out there doing the bee dance.

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I'm 30 and I've been caching for 2 years now. I have a few friends who have started geocaching who are comparable age to myself, but they were all friends of mine before they took up geocaching.


Of my friends I've met entirely through geocaching, nearly all of them are in their 40s and 50s and have been caching for 2-5 years.

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I was 52 when I heard about geocaching. I was an online gamer (Dark Age of Camelot) and gamed from 2 - 16 hours a day. Every day. For over 3 years. GAH! I heard about geocaching from a neighbor, went outside caching, and NEVER gamed again. I think geocaching saved my life.


There are a lot of older geocachers but also a lot of young folks. It's a totally mixed group. Next time you go to an event INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!! Go up to the folks who organized the event and talk to them. They may introduce you to a bunch of other folks there. Don't be shy - geocachers tend to be a friendly bunch


Oh, you asked about current age. I'm now 59. Heard about geocaching in late July 2005 and found my first cache on August 5 of the same year.

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I was 37 when I started Geocaching and am now 45. I drag my beautiful wife along who still sits in the car, reads books and rolls her eyes when I do a found dance. My daughters are currently 19 (caching since she was 10), 10 (this one loves it!) and 8 (stays in the car with Mom most of the time). My active caches have been placed since 2007. I have never been to an event or even a local caching meeting.


GC is truly an activity for ALL ages! :)

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I was 27 when I started caching, and I'm 37 now. The mind boggles. :rolleyes:


My husband is 2 years older than me. My kids were 5 and 8 when we started, and now they're a month away from being 15 and 18 (again, I'm boggling :blink: ). They'll cache when we cache, but I doubt they'll ever go caching on their own. It's a cultural thing for them, they've grown up with it, but they've never really embraced it as their own.


My daughter taught geocaching at summer camp this year, and is proud of that, but she's happy that her boyfriend/almost fiancee is ambivalent about caching and opposes me talking him into getting an account. :rolleyes:


We burned those kids out of geocaching when they were 7 and 10, when we took them on a 20+ day of caching. I've regretted that day ever since. They complain about caching, but enjoy it for the most part when we go. But I think that's just because they're out in nature with their family, not because they're caching. They also enjoy going to events, and like being around geocachers in general. So it's more of a social/outdoor adventure thing for them. This is something they can get without geocaching, so when they're out of the house that will be that. :(

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I'm in my early 40's (No I am not giving up the exact number :anicute: ) Started about 4 years ago. Divorce caused me to open my own account so the "member since" isn't accurate. I see you are in Fontana. They are having a Leap Year event out at Dave and Busters in Ontario on Feb 29th. (GC38N1H) I was thinking about heading out there for that one and I don't really know any other cachers either so if I go and you want to meet up and "wallflower" together just let me know. :)

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We are 66 and 64; we began caching in 2006 so we were 58 and 60 then. We sometimes cache with our daughter and son-in-law who are both 27, with a one year old son. We also cache with our other daughter and her family when we visit them; they are ages 35 (the parents) and kids ages 7, 5 and 2. One of the best things about geocaching is that it's fun for all ages!

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I am 40 and my son just turned 9...we have been caching for around 5 years and love every minute of it....Been to 1 event so far also and went with the intention and just kinda "wallflowering" also but that was extremely short lived because within 5 minutes of arriving we met some of the friendliest people ever...they were from 20-60 plus! Everyone shared stories from their caching experiences. Now my son and I try catching fellow cachers out. Looking forward to going to GeoWoodStock10 here in about 4 months...Caching is for everyone...Good Luck and Happy Hunting

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I'm currently 29 (I'll turn 30 in March) and I started geocaching in early April 2011. I first heard about it around ten years ago on some kind of news show (along the lines of 20/20 or Dateline). It sounded really interesting but it took taking a "GPS and Map Use" class at the local junior college to get me started. We recently got a unit though an online auction site (one guess which one) and have been geocaching since. My mom who is in her 50's goes with me and we drag any willing family members along with us. My parents' two Girl Scout troops each have an account now and the older troop has even planted a cache by the local Girl Scout office. Mom and I are hooked for life on geocaching and, so far, have only been to two events though we plan to attend many more. We keep hoping to meet other geocachers while we're out looking but so far have only met two groups. It's still amazing how different each geocache is from the rest. I don't think we've come across identical geocaches yet, which is a good thing. :D

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I was 34 when I hid my first cache. I'll turn 47 this year. :(

I was about 7yo when I hid my very first cache. I started keeping a cache of treasures, in an american cheese box (circa 1971), under my bed, when I was about 5. I started caching in earnest when I was 22 (1989). I bought my first GPSr when in 1995. I was 35 when I discovered Geocaching and I'm 44 now.


Im pretty new at caching and have only been to one event (wallflowered the whole time).


I hope the event host took a moment to introduce you around a bit. That's really the most important job for a host other than securing the venue.


Im a little intimidated by all the seasoned cachers, not only in experience but age also.


Don't be. We find tupperware in the woods and film cans in parking lots. That does not make anyone a rock star. :laughing:


From what I have gathered, a majority of cachers are older than me. I just was wondering what kind of demographic is really out there doing the bee dance.


I have never heard it called the bee dance. That's pretty good though. I like it. That's kinda what happens at events too if you think about it. :anibad:


I turn 25 this year also. I stumbled upon geocaching on the internet a little more than a year ago so I don't know any other cachers.

Go to more events and find out what forum your local cachers hang out on and you'll eventually know and be friends with other cachers.


The vast majority of my friends are cachers now. It's a natural progression when you stay in it and remain active in your local community for awhile.

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I started caching when I was 20, and I'm 22 now. I barely cached during my first year or so (like 40 finds in ~18 months?) but I've been doing it pretty often and consistently since this past summer. I've noticed that a lot of cachers in my area are a bit older than myself as well, but I haven't attended any events yet so I can't be sure (other than just from reading logs). I just need to get some of my friends as addicted to geocaching as I am, but it's difficult when they're babies when it comes to cold/mud/bugs/etc! :P

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I'm 40 but my kids that go with me are 9, 12 and 14. You will find that as you get older, age will matter less and less. We teach our children age segregation all through school (can't talk to him, he's just a FRESHMAN!) and then when we release them into the working world, they are amazed that they have to work with people of all different ages, backgrounds and skill levels. At an event at least you have a guaranteed common interest. Next time, walk up to an "older" cacher, introduce yourself and then ask what their favorite cache is. Odds are, you will still be chatting by the time the event shuts down!

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