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  1. I cannot find a way to navigate to a cache like there was in the paid app. I think it was: view on external map, then I was navigated right to it. Caching offline as an absolute necessity, many areas have no cell reception. I like access to the lists from the geocaching site. But also want list capability like the classic app. I use the two for completely different purposes. Where are pocket queries accessed from now? I know I'm a low numbers cacher, but all of my finds have been by the paid app.
  2. It's been archived now. Leaving the spot open for the next hider right? Or has GS put a no hide zone at that spot?
  3. Having been in both Scouts and Guides I agree the change needs to come from the top down in the organizations. A local district commissioner and prolific cacher has a hide that I'm still not sure how it passed approval. If the "teachers" don't follow rules, how will kids learn.
  4. The Wood Buffalo cache in Alberta Canada has been archived
  5. if you are doing a series of caches before returning to car, always know which one you marked your car in to follow it back. If you've parked, headed into bush for 20 caches, it's not fun to figure out which one marked your car if you forgot.
  6. Do you switch to compass? Or stay on maps? Do you zoom in if on maps?
  7. Yeah. I remember that series. (Okay a different one.) Not maintained at all. Though, probably not much worse than most caches. I never figured how the city got away wit drilling a hole in the tree in the cemetery. Oh, well. I remember that series too. (Or different one). Geocoin as a prize. Fair amount of driving involved, lousy coordinates and absolutely destroyed areas around caches. After a completely scathing log on my part I quit the series. I couldn't stand to see the damage cachers had left in their wake. Worst I'd ever seen.
  8. When I was relatively healthy and in good shape, terrain ratings meant nothing to me. Now after serious health compromising issues I weigh the terrain on every cache I attempt very carefully. It's essential to my continued life. A couple days ago one string of caches all rated 1.5 equated to some extremely steep hills to climb, to flat walk-ins a wheelchair could do, to heavy bush whacking. I will agree it's all subjective. Way back when (before illness) Hawaii one stars would have equaled a 4.5 at home.
  9. Glad you told me I was looking for numbers, still can't see them
  10. Poor co-ordinates is my irksome thing.
  11. I'm in the process of splitting accounts myself. My daughter Minor Pixos has finds I wasn't part of. In my logs though I'm specifying the why though.
  12. On my personal account not this family one. I hid a cache in honor of minor Pixos birthday. Two weeks later I had three sudden cardiac arrests and suffered major memory issues. When I eventually got back to caching I went and found that cache, and yes I logged it as found. I feel I deserve the find but certainly not the hide. No cheese involved.
  13. Red Deer & Area Geocachers is a group on facebook for central Alberta
  14. Team Pixos

    WestCan 3

    So happy to see this in place. I can't make it due to health reasons, but I'm so happy it's going ahead.
  15. My daughter needed to do it for a girl guide badge. So we researched it and had fun. We kept having fun, so we kept geocaching. And she got her badge.
  16. The Red Deer Geocaching club started a race in August 2011. The bugs were to go to WEST CAN 2 then return to red deer. Our leopard shark made it very close to WEST CAN 2 and actually returned to Red Deer in February where we snagged it. I emailed the returner and thanked them very much. My daughter was very happy to get it back. My sons in the same race disappeared last year. Of the 17 started I only get updates on about three yet. The rest seem to have disappeared.
  17. Really? Interesting! But I don't use GSAK to do my logging. COOL!, I have one too. I also have a coin for those caches that sink below a certain standard. Cruel perhaps, but it does help me keep my composure when logging. That poor trackable , what did it ever do to you. :laughing: I hope it doesn't have many visits.
  18. Here is a pinterest board that has geocache art My link
  19. Change your case. I cached exclusively with really really good results with my iPhone. Aesthetically I changed my case one day. Next three days geocaching cords were way out to lunch. WTH? I'd never been like that before. I couldn't believe that many caches had soft coordinates. Thought about it that night. Put my old case back on, my caching went right back to being awesome. The case can mess with the cords
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