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  1. 1. A bag of children's underwear, bloodied, and deep deep deep into the woods. I gave it to the police because it looked suspicious. 2. The grave of a dog deep into the woods north far from any trail, complete with headstone and such.
  2. Which one? https://coord.info/GCZ554 Seriously this is so stupid.
  3. Yes. Open the app and select Geocache Utility (scroll down to find it, it's the 12th item from above). Then the app will search for chirps. Super helpful. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks! The first 2 apps you mentioned were preintalled on my s4 also. So when I get close to a chirp, I just open that last mentiomed app and it will receive the signal message?
  5. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is capable of receiving Chirp and I know there are other Android smartphones which also support Ant+. So it's not a Garmin-only thing anymore. My Galaxy S4 supports Ant+ I think. I haven't the slightest idea how I would use the technology to "read" a chirp beacon. Will you enlighten this curious cacher?
  6. I would log a note with whatever criteria I needed to list stating that I qualify for my own challenge. I would not log a find.
  7. I have never met anyone who actually knew what they were doing who had problems playing Wherigo on a smartphone. Conversely, I know many who had issues playing cartridges from GPS.
  8. I went to this event in question briefly. I do not log temporary caches. 1 GC Code, 1 Log, period. Anything else is a clear abuse of the system.
  9. Yep, that happened with one of mine. Someone got the FTF 2 days before it was published on geocaching.com.
  10. When I geocache, I usually wear white pants, white hat, and a sky blue shirt. It's become my Geocaching outfit because ant ticks are easily visible. If I'm in the woods, I do a check every few hundred feet, and especially before I climb back into my vehicle. When I get home my clothes all go immediately into the washer, and I check myself everywhere before I get in the shower. Once or twice a tick has snuck by, and if it embeds itself in me, I use a cheap chemical free tool called Tick Key that removes the entire tick every time.
  11. Do you have gsak? There's a few macros that are very helpful in looking at caches that are your potential FTF s
  12. I wouldn't even consider the idea. It almost never works out well. I do, however, own an Earthcache in Scotland because there is no container to maintain. Perhaps you could learn some geology and place an Earthcache?
  13. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21148804/Wherigo.html I created this a while back to be of help.
  14. Often cachers wish virtual caches could return. However, if you have something in your area that could make a cool virtual, make it a multi with virtual stages. For example: http://coord.info/GC3A56M
  15. I've had nothing but bad luck with Garmin handheld GPS'. I prefer Delorme products. I currently have a Delorme PN-60 and love it. It is crazy accurate.
  16. Yes, it is a Marian Grotto. I have found one at a similar location before. However, it was archived by the CO after the majority of found logs complained that they felt uncomfortable with the location.
  17. ...but my family said that I'm the number one cacher
  18. So...was it intentional or coincidental for the CO to put a "skirt lifter" in a strip club parking lot? I know the CO'S and have found the cache in question. It was intentional.
  19. I use GSAK as well. I create a database of all the geocaches I want to get in a particular day, and a macro will literally route the fastest possible route between them. You can even quickly create child waypoints (where to enter the parking lot etc.). Finally you can send all of these to your handheld gps AND your driving gps. GSAK: spend less time planning geocaching so that you can do more actual geocaching.
  20. Just make your caches Premium Members Only. Problem solved.
  21. It's the evolution of your premium membership $ being wasted on another feature no one asked for.
  22. There are several Web cams and other virtual caches that have abandoned owners.
  23. One of my puzzles is being used in the series. I was asked permission prior, and of course I said yes.
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