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  1. Sure. I've revisited sites, both unintentionally as when I forgot to log it, and with other people. I don't mind it.
  2. It definitely has its burnout moments. However, it's organic. I go if I feel like it. If not, I don't.
  3. I commend you for persevering. I'm not that driven (in geocaching). Five minutes tops for me, then to greener ground zeroes. I've said before, I don't like looking for geocaches. I like finding them.
  4. I believe it's worth it, for how I use the website. However, if it went away, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. You'll likely discover over time if you feel you're missing premium features.
  5. IMO, it's a non-competitive activity that some use as a competitive measure with their friends and selves. It is competitive if you make it.
  6. HaHa! I completely understand your process. It made me laugh, however, to consider a human's height to a tenth of a centimeter, when placing a geocache.
  7. You can add those locked geocaches to a public bookmark list and configure your PGC profile to reference it for FTF statistics.
  8. I understand your sentiment here. However, my first find was by looking at the aerial image of the cemetery a mile from my house. Then, I drove over and found it. No GPSr. Saw the website, looked at the map, made a mental note of the landmarks and found it. Still do this frequently.
  9. Yep. I rarely trade. It's just a part of the game in which I don't want to be bothered. However, if I do trade I almost always trade up and over-trade to be safe. I don't have Bob Barker giving me the retail value of everything in a container to allow me to trade "evenly."
  10. Mostly they don't interest me, especially those 20 feet up a pole. It seems it was placed there just for the sake of it.
  11. If it hasn't been stated, I believe the line in the sand is dictated by profile statistics for most. I enjoy the statistics, patterns, color shadings and illuminations. However, If statistic generators are not part of the game, I believe some of this behavior wanes.
  12. You can expect anything. However, what you'll often receive is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Also, some attributes are vague. Takes less than an hour? Based on what? A geocacher with one leg may take much long to arrive at ground zero.
  13. Never been anything more true in these forums, haha. Many keyboard cowboys who would slink away if confronted at en event.
  14. Many have been archived and the two-month calendar may be blank.
  15. Please don't tell me what to do. I'm a grown man.
  16. Hmmm, I believe an exception was made for a locationless event. What language is that?
  17. The OP referenced only one municipality in Minnesota.
  18. Perhaps. I know there is an event scheduled in two days a mile away where four cased of COVID-19 were discovered.
  19. But a CO can disable their cache for any reason they choose. It's not forcing an opinion.
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