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Longest slump between caching?

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I had a three-week (approx) slump in February, where between "Life" and "Weather" I couldn't cache at all. Went caching like ONCE.... and here it is, the very end of March, and I haven't been caching since. Severe thunderstorms kept me cooped up all last weekend. Thinking that this coming Sunday afternoon (possibly a quick cache or two Saturday a.m.) will be my best bet for escaping! If I'm cooped up inside much longer, I think I will offiically finish going completely insane, LOL!


/End rant


So...what's the longest slump you've had between caching? :)


I first discovered geocaching while on an army land navigation course. I liked it and then found myself with other priorities. I know, a lame excuse. :lol:


Anyway, 569 days without a find is my shame.

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When in the Florida Keys last year for a race, my sister asked me to find a geocache and drop a couple of her family's geocoins there. So I did. Also visited a virtual. That was the first I had every found a geocache. 71 days later, my kids and I started geocaching on our own. So that is the official slump. Since we started really geocaching, 5 days slump (twice). We are however approaching day 100 for a cache a day streak for 2011 :)

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I have one of those shameful high numbers...


2574 days without a cache. I logged GCGGR4 on 8/2/2003 as my first cache (as RebelTag). I then logged my second find on GC26HP4 on 8/20/2010.


When I found my first cache, paperless geocaching wasn't even thought of yet... I didn't think that my family or my girlfriend would enjoy it like they do now... but then I got my Blackberry in February of 2010 and discovered the Trimble app in August while out of town.


Now I cache with Cachesense on my Blackberry and have more than 750 finds.

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Mine was over a year:


Most consecutive days without a find: 441, from 21/12/2008 to 06/03/2010


Honest reason - I got myself a new boyfriend and was scared to even mention geocaching to him in case he thought I was an uber geek :)


Finally got up the courage to take him out caching after we had been going out a year or so, and he loved it! :)

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Our longest slump was 38 days, from July 15, 2010 to August 22, 2010. I don't really have much of an excuse. We had been caching for a little over a week and then, all of a sudden, we just stopped. This is in the middle of summer, so it wasn't like the weather wasn't cooperating or that we were too busy. I remember spending a large amount of time during lunch breaks at work trolling gc.com, looking for caches to try. I even planned out several cache runs that never materialized. In the end, we just didn't bother with it until we went on our end-of-summer trip to a regional theme park and we did some caches on our way back....9 to be exact. I keep telling myself we won't let that happen again, but looking at our statistics, we had several pretty substantial slumps during the winter (one stretch lasted 17 days, another at 14 days, and the last slump at 13). Ironically, our best month thus far was December 2010 at 80 finds. We've only found 73 since then, which was 4 and a half months ago.

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About 6 years.


Got my first eTrex Legend back in 2004 and signed up on the Geocaching site. Found a bunch of caches but never thought about publishing them. I got out of it for for 6 years and then I was thinking of something my Daughter and I could do that's outdoors and Geocaching came to mind. Picked up a new eTrex Vista and I'm hooked again, only this time I'm logging my finds.

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1042 consecutive days without a find from 08/11/2008 to 06/19/2011


That doesn't really reflect that I only found 5 caches from 12/11/2005 (when I first joined... after finding a cache by accident while out hiking) to 08/11/2008. All my other finds (the other 296) have happened since 06/19/2011.


My only shame is that I had a TB from 2008 that I didn't release until 2011. Whoops. :unsure:

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Longest Slump:


627 consecutive days without a find from 09/14/2009 to 06/03/2011


Second Longest Slump:


335 consecutive days without a find from 10/17/2008 to 09/12/2009



2 failed marriages and a 2 year hitch in the oilfields limited my ability and desire to go caching. I will not let that happen again!! (famous last words)

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Wow, some started wayback in 2001 and stopped for 9 years


Here's mine.


Longest Streak 7 consecutive days with finds from 12/28/2010 to 01/03/2011


Longest Slump 1047 consecutive days without a find from 11/29/2007 to 10/11/2010


Best Day 18 caches in one day on 12/05/2010


Best Month 50 caches in December of 2010 Best Year 105 caches in 2010

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My longest slump was 31 days in May/June of 2010 which is somewhat surprising because I wasn't trying NOT to cache. I coach Little League in the Spring and it must have been a busy time with regular games, make up games, and practices. I had previous slump in August-September 2009 that was 25 days that felt longer, mostly because I could've gone cacheing but had no desire to do so. It was actually part of a longer period of time that lasted closer to two months where I hadly went caching at all and just about every caching experience I had was completely unenjoyable.

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I posted in March, but seeing this bumped made me examine my longest drought of 15 days, which was way back in 2004. A possible explanation popped into my head, and I actually found the receipt. I blew the head gasket on my vehicle, and the mechanic had it for 3 weeks. Good mechanic, just a little slow. I borrowed vehicles from relatives, but didn't abuse the privilege for caching or anything. So now I have an excuse, not that anyone cares.

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Mine is 12 days.


Of course I had heard about Geocaching, and understood what it was YEARS ago. I resisted logging onto the site and eventually forgot about it. I think that was about 2002 or 2003. I don't think there were many where I was, or I had no way to get to them while in college, no GPS, etc.


Fast forward to this past summer. My sister caches. The boy and I visited her and family in Germany. My first finds are in Germany and Austria. I logged on and got my handle after we got back to her house. It's been downhill ever since!


Now if I can just get some $$ to get some GPSers for my students to use...

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Longest Slump: 213 consecutive days without a find from 10/22/2010 to 05/23/2011.


Eh, I think I just got busy with school and life and kind of forgot about geocaching for a while. Plus, that was when I was a relatively unexperienced cacher (<50 finds) and the idea of geocaching when there was snow on the ground seemed like an impossible feat. I just hadn't gotten too "into" it yet, and it'd slip from my mind for months before I thought about it again.


Although I really got "into" the game this past summer, and...based off a quick glance at my calendar...probably haven't gone more than 10-11 days without caching since.

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I just learned of Geocaching on Christmas 2011 so I am NEW!!!! I found 41 caches in about 3 weeks. I am crossing my fingers that I will not "burnout". I just LOVE it thus far! I am in no way prepared to hide my own as I am still learning and am enjoying the seek! I geocach alone as my husband is not sold on it...yet...


His hobbies include heavy metal bands and such <_<

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