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  1. Got to agree with the original poster. I'm pretty sure if the Google maps aren't reinstated soon then i'll not bother renewing my premium membership. Yeah fair enough I could run grease monkey via Firefox but why should I switch browser and start running scripts. Bad move GS!
  2. I take my GSD with me quite often and he is also a trackable with a German Shepherd coin attached to his collar.
  3. I heard the tragic news today that fellow Geocacher known as Sven sadly passed on the 4th. His videos on YouTube (Geocache Spoilers) were what really inspired me to try my hand at more creative caches and I for one will greatly miss his work. RIP Buddy. http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/9514932.Video__Father_dies_in_house_fire/
  4. I've just discovered this on YouTube and have to say it's the worst container I have ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMu3mHYE2gI
  5. Hi all, a friend asked me the following question regarding his eTrex Legend and I couldn't help him so I wondered if the kind people of this site can throw some light onto it.
  6. Sorry about that, i'm still getting used to the terminology so I may have got that one wrong. Basically this is the setup ... There are 4 caches in which all have logs and contain the necessary bits of info required to find the final 4th cache.
  7. I've recently adopted a multi which consists of 4 caches. Each stage gives you a piece of the combination padlock code & coords for the final. Now the 3rd cache has already been muggled once and i'm not expecting the replacement container to last terribly long given it's location. There's an ideal spot nearby for a nano, now as the log book in these would be rather full with the bits of information you need to collect, would it be against any rules to allow people to not sign the log but still count it as a find?
  8. That's just given me an idea, thanks
  9. The padlock is because it's the finale of a multi and each one gives you a part of the combination. The coordinates that you pick up along the way lead you to a small lock & lock with a doorbell 'buzzer' inside. You then have to walk around pressing the button until you can hear the bird tweeting from the receiver mounted inside the bird house ;-)
  10. Here's my first contribution to this thread. It's a commercially available bird nesting box with a few adjustments. It was originally held together with staples so I reinforced the majority with drywall screws & Gorilla Glue, added a hasp + padlock, burned the wood to blend it easier with the natural surroundings and added the two chocks at the top so the hasp can do it's job. I've done a few things since the picture however, covered up the entrance hole from the inside so I don't actually get things nesting in it, sealed all the joints with silicone to keep it nice & dry and tacked a plate of ply to the base as it was originally designed with pretty big drainage holes.
  11. I got these two for my birthday by a fellow caching friend :-)
  12. Camo them and hang them upside down. They won't leak. Give them time. They all leak after being opened and closed a dozen times. We had a new cache published couple of weeks back which was a film can and it didn't take more than 48hrs to go damp.
  13. Congrats for finding it! When doing maint on the first cache I placed it took me over an hour to find it, I thought that was bad!
  14. Another +1 for Magnesium Sulphate here, i've used it before and it works like a charm.
  15. You have nano's dotted around the house on radiators, light fittings, practically anything they'll stick to!
  16. This has made me go place another nano, cheers
  17. If all else fails and you use Outlook, create a 'rule' so that any emails from GS get forwarded onto your email address when they come in.
  18. I had the same problem but on XP. I had to un-install all Garmin related software and start again. Are the drivers that you're using the current up-to-date ones?
  19. Gorilla Glue is my personal choice.
  20. It was at the side of a road in a bush so I doubt it. Can you imagine the look on our faces when we opened the camo bag and found it full of shards of plastic!
  21. Was that in England? I've found there's a very wide variation on the quality and type of plastic used in different types of lock & locks, some plastics are brittle when cold and so if dropped on a rock (easy if it's raining) that could happen. I dropped a (different type) of Lock & Lock on our (stone) kitchen floor and it broke like that. (It was empty, thankfully!) Yep it was 'oop north. It did feel like a decent quality clip-lock and not the cheapo ones you can find from pound shops or home bargain etc. Not sure if it was a wild animal, looked like something rather heavy had been dropped on it, as two of the clips were missing from the lid too.
  22. +1 For the GS official app, it's more than worth the price tag and I really can not fault it.
  23. I did my first 5/5 earlier in the week that involved going down a tunnel with a stream in it and i'm hooked!
  24. 11 days for me and I was getting serious withdrawal then!
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