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  1. To answer the actual topic I usually pick a cache that is fairly close to some others. then once i find that one i look at my Geocaching App and see which one is closest to me where i am. then i go to that one. i just continue doing that until i get tired and wanna go home
  2. Are you using the Google Maps option? You need to use the Leaflet maps option. On the left of the map screen open up the sidebar (if it's hidden click on the arrow down the left). then click the "Set map preferences" button, then click on the Leaflet maps. this should change the maps from google maps to OpenStreetmaps although that may not show all the trails, it kind of depends on how well covered your area is. actually in my area its Google Maps that has the trails on it and others that dont. i think it mainly depends on your location.
  3. I use an Osprey Messenger bag. Osprey is my favorite brand for back packs or any kind of bag. I also use a smaller camelback bag if its just a quick grab.
  4. i was also thinking about custom swag as well. that would be a little simpler and cheaper.
  5. I like some of those ideas. a tree branch may actually be the easiest of them all and i might try that for my next one. and i know a lot of people sell them on ebay and such but those are mainly made to be high difficulty finds. Now is someone asked for that i'd be happy to do it but im hoping it varies a little and some of them are made for other reasons besides blending in. i was thinking something like a cache that looks like a memorial stone for a cache dedicated to someone who has past. or something representing something special to that CO. not to mention puzzles and such. i think im going to come up with some ideas and make a portfolio, maybe post some of them on etsy or ebay and see what comes of it. but thank you all for the input, its very helpful.
  6. i think this one will stay a secret since i do want to hide it, but i will work on building a portfolio to show off. this is something i would love to do, even if i only broke even on it. i enjoy doing it and it can make the game that much more fun.
  7. of course all ideas would be tested to make sure they work properly as cache containers. if the things inside the cache are not protected then it doesnt really count as a cache container. then it'd just be some weird looking box. and also, the idea would be to make custom containers by working directly with the customer. meaning they tell me their idea and we go over it together until it is exactly what they want. there are plenty of "custom" cache containers out there that are just someone taking some object, hollowing it out and sticking a bison tube in it. im talking about custom as in made to your specifications from scratch. so as awesome as it would be to sell items in an established store, i dont think it would work.
  8. I have a few years experience with sculpting and recently put my talent into making, what i consider to be a fairly unique container for my first hide. i dont want to describe it too much because it will hopefully be up for finding soon. but it gave me an idea. I could make these type of caches, not only for me, but for others. im sure there are other people out there who have a great idea for a crazy container they would love to have but dont know how to get. but of course nothing is free in life and so i wouldnt be able to do this for free. like i said the supplies i used were cheap but not free. so my question is, would anyone pay for a service that would work with the CO and design a custom, personalized, and hopefully fun container for cheap? i figure an ammo can cost around 10 bucks each. depending on the project i could make something larger and way more interesting for only slightly more. but is there any interest?
  9. i thought of that but narrow crowded neighborhood roads are the last place i ever want to park. not only fear of getting my car hit but i dont want to be in the way of others. ive driven though there and it seems like it would be hard to find a place to park where your not in front of someones driveway or way too close to an intersection.
  10. i didnt even know there was a FB page. i have now liked it
  11. the more you cache the more your instincts like that will build. sounds like your doing great.
  12. my very first find ever was with a garmin Nuvi from my car and it worked great.
  13. with the IPhone app, it will tell you on the compass that it is accurate upto 32' or 16' for example. once your within that distance it tends to swing, pointing in different directions and changing distances. i dont know if this is what happened to you but it is something to maybe look for in the future. im glad you enjoyed yourself and eventually found your first cache.
  14. ive seen a few caches and people who say you can use that entrance to the water tower on Foxboro, but are you allowed to park in that driveway? and isnt it gated off?
  15. i plan on carving some things from soapstone to use as swag.
  16. my advice when it comes to walking through woods is to stick to the trail when possible. not only will this keep you from getting lost but is usually the path of least resistance. meaning the path is usually easier to take than bushwacking off trail. make sure you have GPS and a map. if that GPS battery dies or something you have to have a backup. a compass and map can save you. and also if you dont know where or how to go DONT GO. do your research on the website first and familiarize yourself with the area. also make sure someone knows where you are going and what cache your heading for, and make sure you bring more water than you think you'll need. one time i was out for a 2 hour hike that turned into a 5 hour hike in extreme heat with no water when i got lost. learned my lesson. go with someone when you can. another set of eyes makes things easier and safer. also, when looking for a cache, dont just stick your hands in places. specially in the woods that could be very dangerous. snakes and such like to hide under the same rocks that a cache might be. use a walking stick to poke around and bring a flashlight. point is, be safe. its very easy to get lost or hurt when your doing things in the woods.
  17. the best thing about this game is that you play the parts you want to. like others have said, nothing wrong with only doing the part you enjoy and i too, wouldnt want someone making a cache that doesnt want to. that leads to bad/not kept up with caches.
  18. i always make sure to replace what i find unless its obviously trash (candy wrappers, tissues) or dangerous. some things you find like that, at one time, may have been good swag.
  19. everyone else gave the info your looking for so i'll just say this. dont give up. nothing feels better than avenging a DNF.
  20. hey, welcome to the hobby. im in northern NJ but if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  21. Q1: Before getting to GZ Q2: Before getting to GZ Q3: 15-30 minutes if I haven't found it
  22. for me it's 1-5. i think all involved should at leats be looking for it. someone driving but not hunting shouldn't get credit.
  23. Good to know. I tried out the Chicopee spot yesterday. it worked beautifully. i saw some other cars parked there as well but didnt see anyone else hiking. they may have just been well ahead of me. i also gave a shout out and thanks to ramapo in the first log i signed. now i can attack this park from both ends.. ..that...that didnt sound how i meant it to.
  24. Just ask yourself what you would would think is cool to find. as long as it isnt perishable and wont hurt anything, put it in. also, if its a cache in the woods, they have bug repelant wipes. man, i would have loved to have found some of those today. but thank you for worrying about this stuff. if people put thought into it then we dont get stuck with caches full of trash.
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