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  1. Just got an event published for 6/30/2012 2012 CITO at Vancouver Lake Park
  2. I spent a fair amount of time caching in Atlanta last year and did several caches that were in that area that allowed me to see some beautiful sites. I say go for them, if the site is worth it.
  3. I think about 7 or 8, which I don't recommend to anyone at all. But, it ended up being an ammo can in a valley off a rugged biking trail, so it wasn't too bad.
  4. There used to be a way to determine who has viewed your listing. I haven't done it in a while and as I just had a new cache published, I was just looking around and noticed that link didn't seem to be there anymore. Am I just missing it?
  5. Last year was a hoot. I will totally be there.
  6. I have a 450 myself and love it, although I know full well that there are so many things I haven't even started to do with it. Figuring out the street routing deal is a big thing that I would love to learn how to do. Basically I just use it right now to get me to where I need and have to figure out the route on my own. Anyone have good advice for getting the most out of my 450?
  7. I think .1 is more than adequate. Saturation guidelines are there for a reason, so you don't have these things everywhere. There are enough stories about people finding caches and thinking they are ordinance that effectively doubling that would be entirely too much.
  8. Water, lots of water. And I usually always have couple power bars in my caching bag and a few cliff bars for emergencies (along with MRE's) in my car.
  9. When I first made the account, it was just my name. But when my kids started getting into it early on, I realized that we needed a team name. We wanted GeoRaiders, but it was taken and my son had just been playing some random video game that had a bad guy (I think) called a Reaper. He suggested GeoReapers, it was available-we pounced.
  10. Seems like every now and again I see these stories. It is going to get worse as the game grows, too, if we don't start reigning this stuff in.
  11. Complete the 1 year of geocaching (366 consecutive days). Do 29 caches on February 29th (yes, I know this is a bit cheeky) and hopefully get out to some more events.
  12. My shins are a history of my last two years doing this. I once spent two days lathering myself in hydrocortizone because of the stinging nettles i happened into.
  13. 200 EU, that will do fairly well. I actually got along quite well with the Garmin Legend HCx. It isn't a 62, or a Dakota or Oregon, but it is a nice and basic unit that you have a pretty good paperless experience with.
  14. Got the ornament and the geocoin, both very nice. Thanks GS for once again giving me a reason to blow money on cool stuff
  15. Go hide one at the bottom of the Thames. I bet that would qualify.
  16. To cache 366 days in a row (working on it). To complete every random challenege we are currently working on (about five including a delorme).
  17. Best: handpainted bunny rock Worst: Gift certificate for certain services to be performed in a non PG manner.
  18. We are almost 1100 caches in, and this is a persistant issue, to be sure. One night, we replaced 4 different containers for caches that had a string of DNF's (and these caches were obviously missing). Then again, we have a couple of CO's out here with over 300 hides that the moment someone posts a "log is wet" log, they disable the cache until they can tend to it. For our part, we don't mind doing it-mostly because we don't want to have that cache sitting on our map waiting for the CO to come out and fix it so we can actually go back out and log it. Honestly, we look at it as a pay it forward sort of situation. We are good about getting out to our caches, but there could be a time when we are under the weather and our cache needs maintenance and maybe there is a helpful cacher our there to help us out. Kunarion has a good point, if it is something you don't want to have to deal with, then just read the logs and move onto another cache, less stress for you. The truth is, there are many CO's that get into the game, get really stoked about their first few hides and then get busy with life and don't get around to maintaining them. They eventually get filtered out later (at least that is my present experience), but not as quick as some might like.
  19. Denial is not a useful step in the healing process. At least five hours a week. That is on a slow week.
  20. There is a small power trail in our area we left at 7am drove 45 minutes before getting to the first cache and by noon we had 75 ended the day with over 100 and still got home before dinner. I heard about that. I need to get the GC codes from you or Gummi for it. We have done 60 in a day, 100 in a day-as Scuba said-in a cache rich area is pretty easy. I did 20 yesterday and that was just dinking around the suburbs for a few hours.
  21. So, your gripe has to do with Premium Member Only caches (aka "PMO"s), or with too many caches near each other, too many caches by the same owner, or with increased complexity? PMO caches do irritate some. But not most. Most seem to feel that membership has its privliges, and that you get what you're willing to pay for. You have been caching for years now, using the website listings to find and log the caches that you've found, at no cost to you. What is keeping you from becoming a Premium Member and helping to fund the activity that you value so much? Before mine, and 99% of registered account's time, but I'm quite sure "Charter Member" means you bought your premium membership in late 2001, and have never lapsed since day one. Now I'm all for the cracking jokes about the "elitist" thing as much as anyone else, but it has been shown there are a few places where there are absoluteley obscene numbers of PMO caches; like Smyrna, Tn. or Portland, Oregon. The OP is from Oregon. Most people appear to be making such a high percentage of the caches in these areas PMO, just because they can. I do that too. I make all my caches open to everyone "just because I can". That is until the day when I personally determine that "TFTC" only logs have officially overrun Geocaching. Them I'm going to do a total 180, and make all my caches PMO. I live in the Portland area and can say that there are a large amount of PMO's out here and we have placed a few ourselves, but with specific reasons. One cache is at a state park and was a condition of getting it placed there. Another is close by a heavy residential area where the land owners didn't mind the cache but didn't want a ton of traffic. I think there are good reasons to place PMO's, but just making one PMO because you can does seem a little senseless. I think it is all about targeting your audience and deciding what kind of traffic you really want.
  22. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. We actually thought about doing GC12 but realized we didn't have the time to prepare. We ended up doing a great TB hotel in PDX for 1000 but have serious eyes on the Ranier cache and others listed here. Thanks again!
  23. +1 We go for FTF's because we enjoy them, but there is a local cacher who usually gets them. Fine, we are 2tf. Really, it just doesn't matter that much-a find is a find is a find.
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