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  1. I posted about the same issue back in November, never found a reason for it though.
  2. I just looked in message center for the first time in a couple of months and not a single reply to messages that were sent from my Gmail are in there though they're in my sent items in Gmail. Verified with several people they never got my replies, just thought I was ignoring them. Yikes.
  3. I have a gmail address as does my girlfriend. My gift membership was purchased around the end of September/beginning of October and as mentioned my girlfriends was today. Neither of us received an email letting us know a gift membership was purchased although the buyer did receive one. Spam boxes checked as well regularly though none of my emails from geocaching.com has ever gone to spam. I do get many other notifications (found caches that I own, new cache notifications, finds on my watchlist, etc.) just fine. This is the first time either of us didn't get a gift purchase notification, find it odd the same thing happened to both of us with 2 different email accounts.
  4. Every year for the past several years my sister buys me a renewal for my premium membership on my birthday in September. This year I never received a message saying that they had bought me a gift membership unlike previous years and thought they had forgotten until I noticed my membership had been increased by a year, kind of awkward not to thank them for the gift since I wasn't notified. Earlier this evening I bought my girlfriend a gift renewal for her premium membership which I've done every year and she also hasn't received an email telling her that a gift membership was purchased for her although it shows that her membership has been extended for another year. Is anyone else having this issue with gift memberships?
  5. Thank you for getting this fixed em_adventuring!
  6. Both myself and another cacher on different networks are getting an "Error 500... Your request resulted in an error. Please check Geocaching on Twitter for updates. We apologize for the inconvenience." when clicking on the "View Who Favorited" on multiple caches. Another GDPR casualty, or is there a problem on the backend?
  7. Yes, trying to log the caches from today and getting server 500 issues as usual for any day that generates a lot of logs. Getting a little old for a paid service.
  8. There's an issue with a recent update to a certain tampermonkey script for sending caches to a certain app which is causing the old browse map to not show the popups for caches when you click on the icon. Apparently it's being worked on. If you're using scripts that may be the issue you're running into.
  9. Possibly related to Java, do you have it disabled on the site?
  10. I guess my concern with the disabled caches getting the clues is if there are only a certain number of caches in an area that get a clue and the disabled caches are getting them does this mean it there are less available/enabled caches that get a clue in the same area?
  11. "Geocaches that are disabled at the start of Mystery at the Museum and enabled during the promotion will receive the detective clue." These have been disabled for weeks or more and have not been re-enabled. Maybe I'm just confused by the wording in the FAQ?
  12. If they're underwater and the roads are closed due to flooding not much you can do to enable them again (in this case anyway).
  13. Why do caches that are disabled get a clue? In one small area there are multiple caches with the "detective" clue that have been disabled for weeks due to flooding. One was disabled on May 1 (GC7RH6H). All of the caches shown here have the detective clue yet all but a couple are disabled.
  14. https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2019/06/mystery-at-the-museum-faq/
  15. In Chrome it's the status message in the lower left corner. Sometimes it's the standard "Waiting for geocaching.com..." but when trying to open a cache page it's been showing "Waiting for available socket..."
  16. Not for me, I can't get any GC.com pages to open at this point. "Waiting for available socket...".
  17. Seems to be worse than usual for the past few days, takes multiple pan/zoom tries to be able to click on a cache icon in a map "square". Caches outside the square still respond. Also the map goes grey at times until you pan/zoom.
  18. Mike Fitz

    Error 500

    I've seen the error 500 multiple times this morning, working on solving puzzles for a geo art and it's really annoying to try to submit corrected coordinates and get repeated "error 500" pages.
  19. I just got 4 notifications that were from yesterday, seems to be working again.
  20. Registrations (other than the free one) may be closed now. From an earlier announcement: • Registration Closing: Event Registration prices are expected to go up on or before Monday, April 2nd. Registrations will close down April 15th or sooner!
  21. Still getting an "Error 500" trying to log in.
  22. Yep, seems to be having major issues at the moment. Suddenly shows me as not logged in.
  23. It's hit or miss for me trying to log caches, mostly miss. "Service Unavailable" still popping up more often than not trying to open or log a cache. I'm sure the souvenirs are lagging behind as well.
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