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  1. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry to laugh at your expense, but that right there was funny stuff!
  2. We found a cache on Saturday called District 9 that specifically stated In keeping with the industry of District 9, please only trade items related to GRAIN. Trade up or trade even. I had nothing grain related, so I didn't trade anything, but it was awesome... It was filled with trade swag that was all children's toy foods that were grain related. All kinds of plastic food items! The one and only time I have ever seen "food" items in a cache that made me smile
  3. Thankful for the "quick" and safe location of your daughter! I can only imaging that it felt like days for you both. By 12 year old makes fun of me for constantly checking for here exact whereabouts when we are caching and such, but this is why. It is incredibly easy to slip away unnoticed in the woods here while caching. As a general rule I lead, she walks behind me and my GF brings up the rear so that the little one is always in sight of one of us. On those times when it is just The Bean and I, I am always talking to her, asking how she is doing, looking back at her or making her walk ahead of me Great advice on items to carry for emergencies, from all who posted.
  4. • Reasonably unlimited cache downloads/day what does that mean?
  5. I would agree that the ability to add the location of your car, aside from doing so as an additional waypoint of a cache, would be excellent! I currently use the google maps and drop a pin at my cars location then add that as PARKING in my contacts. Its a work around, that allows me to then navigate to a contact via google maps. This feature in the APP would be wonderful
  6. There were server issues over the weekend that ended up maxing the CPU. As such they had to shut down the API server. IT was fixed yesterday afternoon, about 5:30pm CST. Iphone, Android and Windows phones all had the same issue. After they got to the core of the problem the servers were rebooted and the app is working well again. As a matter of fact, it seems to be working better and faster than it has in months for me!
  7. Swiss Army knife, multiple pens and pencils, trade swag, a camping sized roll of TP, wet wipes, tweezers, extendable magnet, mechanics mirror, GPSr and iPhone 4, spare ziploc bags, spare log books, camo duct tape, cache notes, extra batteries, 3 flashlights, more pens, emergency rain ponchos (some for swag and some for emergencies, band-aids, more trade swag and a smile. I carry all but the smile in an old vietnam era military issue bag I got from my uncle prior to his passing. Basically a map bag in olive drab that he carried during his time over there. Works well enough. Just one big pocket, so things tend to be jumbled. We now put everything in ziplocks so it is easier to get the item we want when we want it. Ultimately, a bag of bags!
  8. I hear ya! 6'1" tall, shaved head, gauged ears, 50+ tattoos and wandering around stealthily peering under benches, around corners, in crevices... Yep, not scary for the ordinary muggle at all! Give me the woods and fields any day. Trees and wildlife don't care that I am a walking comic book!
  9. I'm with MrsB, all of my facebook friends know what geocaching is. If they don't, they haven't paid attention to my status updates
  10. I carry the actual tag on my keys with me. While my car has the Sticker in the window, I always have the spare replacement tag on my person. That way, through a mere technicality, I can log that the TB visited the island caches. That coupled with the fact that we can just drive across the ice, here in Minnesota, to access them if we want... Much like was said above, it makes it seem more "legit" to me.
  11. Perfect! I was just going to look into how to do this and saw this thread! Works like a champ. THank you very much
  12. I managed 4 finds today. 300 miles of driving in a massive snowstorm that dumped 10-15" of snow so far. I had that many miles due to a court appearance up north. Managed the finds on the way home, in the storm. One find I was 2nd to find and another I got FTF! Pretty happy with the outcome, both at caching and in court!
  13. The app and the iphone work fantastically for geocaching, on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and any other network that carries the iphone. The only limitations are signal and battery life, generally speaking. Start with a full battery, keep a charger in the car, charge every chance you get, and cache away. Even if you do lose signal, you can still cache with the iphone if you save cache info for offline use and/or if you are on the hunt, have the navigate to cache screen open, and don't close it again. I ran into that Saturday. Caching in a ravine I lost service. ZERO BARS! Luckily my screen was still up and I was able to go right to the cache without service. The navigation was quite accurate still and the blue dot put me right where I needed to be.
  14. Generally speaking, blood, burrs, torn clothing, dead batteries and the look of sheer exhaustion are the signs that I had a good day caching. This is a picture of me, covered with burrs, at the end of a long day of caching which culminated in a night cache. Clothing wet, dirty and covered in burrs!
  15. I love firearms, but I never carry them while caching. I hunt every chance I can, and sometimes I will be able to chase a cache while out grouse or duck hunting, so the shotgun is with me then, but I have never just grabbed up a handgun or any other weapon for protection. When I am not hunting, I am camping and hiking or camping and canoeing, and it has never occurred to me to bring a weapon along then either. My interaction with animals of the wild type is vast and frequent. I see bear and wolves, coyotes and bobcat quite often. I have even seen a mountain lion, twice. Both times they were running across a road. Not once has it crossed my mind that I may need to protect myself from an attack from any animal. My guess is that it's because I grew up in the northern woods and was around all these animals often. My experience tells me that they are far more wary of us than we are of them and if I go about my business, paying respect to my surroundings, then things will be okay. Should I be wrong, and end up on the wrong side of an angry bear, then so be it. My goof up. I am in their territory, and it is my job to do my best to avoid aggravating them to the point of attack. That said, I was also homeless for 10 years, living on the streets in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, LA, San Fransisco, Miami and Houston and I never carried more than a pocket knife then. The knife is a utility tool that I used for opening cans and bags, repairing things and cleaning my nails. I even used the scissors on that trusty knife to trim my beard. After having gone through that, I have no real fear or concern for the two legged type either. I lived through that, I will live through the rest without need of protection aside from my wits, skill, and fleet feet! I am 100% in support of anyone who wishes to own and carry firearms and think it is fantastic that so many on here do. I am also loving the civil discourse taking place about it! Kudos to all!
  16. I hadn't thought of that! Good point and it makes sense. Since I switched to using the iPhone almost exclusively a year ago, I haven't had to think about that.
  17. I do the same with my iphone 4. Jailbroken, running AT&T goPhone $50 unlimited! No plan, no contract, no problem! I had to trim the SIM card by hand since the iphone 4 uses a micro sim, but I got it done and it works. The newest jailbreak is available for your phone, however, I would probably leave well enough alone myself, given the circumstances.
  18. Sounds right. The drunken Bee dance, it is affectionately known as. Circles, backtracking, etc, until finally finding the cache. It is very common to have them under rocks, downed trees, in hollow logs, under a branch, etc. I have found micros wedged between the bark of trees. Searched everywhere I could, up and down, all around, left no stone unturned (then replaced) and was about to give up when I leaned against the tree and saw it. The light was just right at that angle and I was able to see the little bugger! Your method works, it is about the same as mine. the farthest from the posted GZ that I have found a cache was roughly 80ft. Confirmed by one other cacher as well. Not uncommon to have them 30-40 ft off of posted coords. Tree cover, cloud cover, not triangulating the coordinates when placing the hide, can all have an effect on the accuracy. Same goes for searching. Just because your GPSr shows you within 2ft of the coordinates, doesn't mean they are spot on. If the hider actually was off by 15-20 ft, due to conditions, etc, and you are only accurate to 15ft as a general rule, you could easily be 25-45 ft off at any moment. Most of what I find my GPSr and iphone show me within 9 ft of in any direction, so I ain't complaining. As you find more, you will learn the subtle nuances of the cache Ground Zero. You will start noticing the little things that aren't quite right or seem slightly out of place. You also will learn the hiding techniques of many cachers. Then you begin to know what to look for more easily. Also, study different cache types. From larges to nanos, become familiar with them and you will start to be able to figure out how evil some of the hides can be, but it will open your eyes to all kinds of sneaky tactics. This thread is of endless help in seeing what is out there that can be used as a cache container: My link HAppy Hunting!
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