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  1. Hi all. I thought there used to be a way to log premium caches even if you weren't a premium member. I am a member but my 8 & 6 year old daughters aren't. Today we found a premium cache and I'm trying to log their find, but can't figure out how. I thought there used to be a way to do this?
  2. closed my eyes while scrolling to the bottom of this page to skip all the creepy photo's. spiders and their webs get me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It wouldn't be a normal caching trip without me having what looks like a seizure because I walked into a web and imagining a tarantula on me......and screaming at the top of my lungs in fear is not only a good way to clear my lungs for a hiking trip but also scares off anything bigger than a rabbit in a 2 mile radius. People KNOW when & where I'm caching, lol. An imaginary spider is way more frightening than the real thing because you never feel like you got it off your back. <shudder>
  3. I picked up a bunch of TB's from the table at GeoCoin Fest recently. Went caching with the family yesterday along a trail with 4 caches on it. I dropped TB's in caches along the way. I got home, started logging our finds and logging the TB's and accidentallly logged a TB in the wrong cache. I logged it in one cache when actually I placed it in another. I no longer have the TB so I don't have the number. I tried deleting the log hoping that it would put the TB back into my inventory. It didn't work. I did email the TB owner with the correct cache #, put notes in the logs, and there was another cacher following in our footsteps and he got it straightened out thankfully. But is there a procedure on how to fix this? I'm sure this won't be the last time I make this error.
  4. Edelweiss has traveled around the world and is now in New Zealand. Fab's 2nd little dog made it back to him in Austria!! He brought it to New York City and is now missing but I have a feeling he will show up again.
  5. never mind....I figured it out. I was using Chrome browser..... ^%$%$#^%^*%
  6. brand new mac, trying to dowload some caches to my Oregon 450. I downloaded and installed the Garmin communicator plugin. run the test page, says " Garmin Communicator Plugin is NOT detected. See our download and installation instructions." I see the instructions, I double, triple, quad druple check....its downloaded--its installed. WTF?
  7. I can't cache that day, but I passed your post along to a few friends in Charlotte and posted it here... http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_33102555957&ap=1 Have fun while you are here. Reedy Creek Park, Latta Plantation Park, JAWS. If you are up for a 5/5 try the lost treasure of the confederates....its a biggie though.
  8. I have come across a flash drive TB in the past. TB29FG6 My computer geek husband just *had* to see what was on it, even though I protested. Thankfully it was safe, and my hubby knew what he was doing so that anything nasty on it wouldn't have done much damage (or so he claims). I never heard of the game. And I would not participate in that aspect of it. My husband probably would because he's into games like Everquest and WoW. Just don't be surprised by many finds and no one wanting to play along.
  9. I have the smaller decal on my van. So far its only been discovered at events and a friend was discovering mine while I was discovering his.... (oh, that sounds a bit x rated, doesn't it?)
  10. That's great! I love videos where the story is drawn on camera. Reminds me of Vi Hart videos.
  11. Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not. I know one or two people who completed it The Lost Treasure of the Confederates
  12. Another vote here from us. Brillant and simple instructions so we now have our TB's on our ptofile page. Thanks. Instructions worked great for me! and another vote for ....this should be a sticky!
  13. I recently bought a craft book explaining how to make those knots. I would love to find that one!
  14. I want to play! Please send me the address to mail one to be added. And in the photo, there's a tag with "please do not keep me" WHERE do I get one of those?? Send me a private email if its a competitors product, don't want anyone getting in trouble...but seriously, I would love a few of those.
  15. My 5 year old knows that stealing wrong. And where this cache is located....you need a boat (I would think an adult would be present), or you need to bushwhack for quite a ways...its in a park with miles of wooded trails, I don't usually see groups of kids here. Maybe a scout troup...but they would have an adult, and wouldn't be *that* far off the trail. The cache was in a remote location. So I will re-phrase. Anyone under 5 years old is exempt because just maybe their momma hasn't taught them yet, but by the time they start school, surely SOMEONE will inform them that stealing is wrong. Anyone between the ages of 5-15 years....may you scratch for only 6 months after you give up your thieving ways. Keep on thieving, keep on scratching, LOL.
  16. sigh. *&%^$$%#&^%&% cache muggler. may you get poison ivy in your crotch for life! with no cure, no relief! My cache "Connie's Curse" was in a really nice place, wooded but with a great view of the lake. It was named after my mother in law. oooo....maybe I should wish HER upon them....that might even be worse than poison ivy in the crotch. thieves...I can't stand thieves! They tick me off more than anyone else in this world!
  17. I just learned another reason to watch the cache your bug is in.... Recently the person who picked up my TB put a photo of my TB's number on the cache log (not the TB log). I had to go read their log on the cache page to find it. They are a new cacher and probably don't know that you aren't supposed to post the numbers. If its important to you, watch it closely...you could end up with a locked bug.
  18. you have to purchase the code....either on a sticker, metal plate....or something.
  20. it's on the cache log, not the TB log. I can't do it, no access. The cacher or CO or Groundspeak has to. sigh. sent another note to the cacher who has it with Blue Deuce's instructions on how to delete it.
  21. I sent a nice email to the cacher yesterday telling them Thanks for picking it up, happy to hear they are going to take it around the world, please be careful with it, its special to us and why, and asked if they could remove the pic because it could cause it to be locked which would break my daughters heart. Today they replied back with the list of countries they are going to and asked me which one I wanted it to go to. So I sent an email to the CO explaining the situation and asking them to politely remove the photo. no response yet. how long do I wait to contact my reviewer or Groundspeak? my stomach is in knots.
  22. Thanks for the quick reply. I sent a nice note ...... I'm trying to be patient. Could you hear the panic in my words, lol. It's a special bug (aren't they all)...but I know they can get locked and just want to get this taken care of quickly.
  23. I just found out that one of our TB's photo is online in a cache log, someone who found it posted it. They are a fairly new user (12 finds) and probably don't realize the error, but I don't want my bug locked. I sent them an email......is there any other way to get the photo removed from the cache log?
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