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COINTEST: Dogs vs Cats


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Another vote for the kitties!!!




Here is Max sitting in an empty trash can waiting for the birds to come. You can see outside the window there is a large amount of bird seed on the ground (the birds fling it out of the feeder hanging above). Max found that he could hide in the empty trash can right next to the window and wait for the birds. Once the birds start coming around and start picking at the seed on the ground he would pop his head out of the trash can and scare them all away. I guess for an indoor only cat that is what you have to do for entertainment...

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You all have such cute pets! My son and I are new to geocaching so this is my first of probably many posts to the forums.


This is our persian cat Blackberry. She the wild one!



This is our other persian cat Mick. He's the loud one! He had just had his lion cut.



And this is Buster who is a pug/boston terrier mis and is 10.


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