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  1. I have one in the works, tried to do similar Wherigo but just gave up on that a few years back. When I first heard of the Intercaches I knew it would work out. I'm just waiting for permission to place the container. It was an easy process to set one up but allows for a lot of creativity. I'm looking forward to doing several more. Thanks for developing this!
  2. See Australia one Zoom at a time. Zoom-Zoom
  3. Today, the secret is out. Way out. West Bend’s $1,000 Cache Ba$h
  4. New video from FolsomNatural! Mid Sized Containers
  5. 2 new videos from a first time submitter, UncleVinnys. Electrify Your Geocache A clever idea with lots of possibility. A Typical Day Geocaching What is a typical day for you? Submit your stories, share your experiences. We love to hear and read about caching. onlinegeocacher@gmail.com
  6. After a bit of a dry spell, we are pleased to bring you two new submissions! A quest for signature items by GeoLobo Geocaching Trading Cards and a mysterious, deadly contraption from another universe. The Machine by Bassocantor.
  7. How about Film Can? Mostly black with a little grey on top Our dogs are "Wedge the Cacher" and "Nestledin" Wedge was a pit and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. We had to put her down yesterday
  8. Just published! A great video by FolsomNatural, Fun with Waymarking. Fun With Waymarking.
  9. Some of the canine cachers are quite accomplished. Doogie Dog
  10. A great video presentation by FolsomNatural! Hiding caches: Examples.
  11. What would you do to find a cache? Extreme Geocaching with Layne Clark aka Tiger130
  12. We all win, if we pitch in. Find it - Clean it - Hide it.
  13. Congratulations!! You found it! Geocaching at 1:30 AM brings Unexpected Find
  14. The perception issue is moot if you own the trees, except for the copycat hiders. How would the Entmoot perceive this issue? It might take a long time to be considered, unless you could find a hasty Ent to give you an opinion...in a month or two.
  15. A Cacher's Carol "I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach." Happy Holidays from The Online Geocacher magazine.
  16. It has been awhile since I have had coin mail and certainly hadn't expected the thoughtfulness of a holiday mystery giver. Thank you! It brought a big smile on a cold snowy Friday!!
  17. When a challenge comes your way, the best thing to say is... I Accept
  18. Nothing is off limits! Extreme Geocaching with noto45
  19. Into the dark and misty deep, through water, icy cold, there is a cache that you can reap, if you would be bold. Going undergound for my 100th Share your adventures with your fellow cachers, send your stories to The Online Geocacher ezine.
  20. What has geocaching taught you? Never assume anything! Extreme Geocaching with Pissedfish
  21. We all have our days, but for nanncyan it's...A normal day.
  22. Extreme caches, not for the average chicken! Extreme Geocaching with Sniperchicken
  23. We have a new author sharing his initial experiences with us. Welcome to OckmentBells! Our first geocache walk.
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