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COINTEST: Dogs vs Cats


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At this point I doubt it's a secret that I'm a total animal lover. :ph34r: I especially love pictures of cute animals, so I thought I'd hold a cointest of pictures!



1. Post your vote in the form of a cute picture of a cat or dog (or both if you can't decide!)

2. One post per day.

3. I will tally up the votes at the end and post the winner, cats or dogs!

4. I will pick one post at random using random.com.

5. Cointest ends in one week on December 14th at 9pm pacific.

6. I reserve the right to change the rules if necessary, but hope I don't need to. :D


Fine print:

There is not really a winner between cats and dogs, they're both cute and great! Please do not put down the species you are not voting for. ;) No animals or feelings should be hurt in the making of and continuation of this cointest!



The winner will receive the le chat rampant AE coin (effin' cats version). Only 25 were made and they are not available in stores. :P



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This little guy is almost as handsome as what my Butterbean was :P Bean was "my" first and only dog that I have claimed. He was so daggone funny. He weighed inat 115 pounds full grown... which is probably one of the larger English bulldogs that I've known of. He was all muscle too. Lots of great stories.


One Thanksgiving, we had a ham leftover... a 15 pounder. Me and Dad wanted to see what Bean would do. If you know anything about this breed, then you know that they are gluttons. So I unwrapped this ham and threw it in the yard for bean. He had never seen anything like a 15 pound ham. At first he thought it was a ball and he tried to roll it around. Then he figured out that it was actually a giant flavored ball of meat. Bean demolished the thing in like 1 hour.


Bean also liked acrobatics. My sisters used to have a tire swing in the front yard. Bean like to clamp down on the tire and spin himself about. Eventually, the tire gave way to his hefty body. So, bean started to just bite on the rope and swing back and forth. You could actually grab ahold of Beans body and swing him pretty high.


Bean was a great guy... he died of a heat stroke a couple of years ago. He was a lot of fun... and I have lots of stories.... I just wish I had a picture of him with me.

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Hello together!


I can´t say whats my favorit. I love cats. My little cat Tiger died last year. She was 13 years old.

I hope I can find some pics.


But today I will post for dogs. Or not? This Dog lives on a monastery at mallorca. And I swear, this dog thinks that he was a cat. When I came to him, he begins to cuddle with my legs. He made a "hunchbag" (I hope this is the right word) and then he was leaking his paws like a cat


Crazy little dog ... but sooo sweet! You can visit him at GC1QDTA



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This Is SPOT, a stray that was hanging around my job. She was a kitten then, Not anymore ...



She was here first, then someone dropped off a pregnant cat in my Yard... They live in the wood shed in Custom built Condos. They're all Fixed and Fat and , well, I'll have enough pictures to get me through the 14th. LOL!!!! :P

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Today'w vote.... will go again in Cats..... and I will explain why....


Here isa photo....with something dogs can not do.... :huh:




Here is something to laugh....



and after the game....



Can dogs do that??


and.... ok.. I know this is not a pet... but I just love this little gute guy

I recently found one of his greek relatives and he was so cute!!! I let him go after 20 mintes of course!





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Our vote has to go to the cat!


She's Pidgie because she looks pigeon toed in front. She's been our entertainer, companion, master, worst nightmare, antagonist, best friend, whatever you call it, for all but about six weeks of her 19.5 year life. She can't leap to the top of the refrigerator anymore, but she can still get up on the sofa, bed, or into a comfortable chair.


Some days you have to just love her for being a cat. :huh:

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