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  1. Just wanted to say thank you serving our country! Also I just finally bought our first 4 trackables and at this point i'm in no rush to send them out into the wild! And the Eat sleap cache coin i'll not let go of and just dip that one. It's very nice!
  2. Well I only have one premium cache within 25 miles of where I live and the majorit of caches around here are all nano's micros, and smalls. I did a couple queries and only 117 size regular and up and 383 of the small, micro and nano. Drivest me nuts seeing these new caches come out and they are all micros and nanos. Out of about 60 new caches since december ony 10 have been regular sized.
  3. Well after staying up till almost 1:30 am this morning looking for a suitable cache and couldn't find any that were big enough without a long walk UGH! There are tons more micros and nanos around here. Think my mission will be to only hide regular size geocaches. I do like nanos and micros but it's rough when you can't find a cache that's big enough to put a tb in! All the ones that were big enough and already had a tb in them actually had no TB in them and they'd been stolen so there went all those big caches to choose from and that was probably about 8 caches or so. So I ended up going back to the only premium member cache with in 25 miles and put the tb in there! Only had a couple hours ro run some errands for dad while he was at his doc appt. And found two micros as well.
  4. See post 14 - I don't think it is cut and dried as a simple denial if a cacher has some NM logs or disabled caches. I know But I think a couple or those such as military and being sick would probably mean that they wouldn't be hiding anyway and I know it'd be hard tomake it cut and dry but if a person has a bunch of NM's they could then disable them or archive them. lol Was just an idea. While I appreciate the idea (and I agree with the principle) - I was just trying to point out some of the flaws in it. Some more food for thought --- I have got NM logs on some of my caches for inane reasons such as "camera full", "no pencil", "cache surrounded by water" (nearby river was flooding), "poison ivy growing nearby" (nature) and my favorite "I couldn't find it - so I know its missing" (new find logs a day later). So just because it has a NM flag doesn't mean I need to run out and do something for the cache immediately or that it has an issue that should prevent me from hiding new ones. Totally understand ya there!
  5. If there are other notes and NM logs noting the log on a cache being full I sign my name over it and am done with it. Frankly this is a fun hobby for me. Other people will do what they're going to do and a bunch will neglect their caches. Eventually NAs are posted and the end comes for those caches. I don't put much thought into it past that. Yep I agree! I guess unless it's really bad unsignable that'd be different. lol Not gonna give that one anymore thought either.
  6. Thank you thank you for the info! I may just end up doing that! Only things is it hasn't had any visitors in a month. Was hoping to find a cache that got a little more traffic than that.
  7. If I found it problematic I would have logged a NM on the cache. If other people note the log is full or there are already existing NM's on the cache I don't feel the need to be a broken record and repeat what has already been said in other logs. It was a lamp post hide and I think people will just start signing over others instead of saying anything probably. lol Just wondered why I noticed it and others did not. I mean heck why not say something? Oh well I was just trying to do the right thing and help out. No worries though. If it becomes a big deal maybe somebody else will finally step. But I tried.
  8. See post 14 - I don't think it is cut and dried as a simple denial if a cacher has some NM logs or disabled caches. I know But I think a couple or those such as military and being sick would probably mean that they wouldn't be hiding anyway and I know it'd be hard tomake it cut and dry but if a person has a bunch of NM's they could then disable them or archive them. lol Was just an idea.
  9. Sadly I literally have just one premium member geocache with in 25 miles of my house and i've been to that one already and actually out of the 11 that we've been to so far that Calvary Saints geocache is my fav! And it was our first ammo box cache as well!
  10. I've had a goal that I wanted to try to find them all at some point so didn't really want to hide anyone or any caches. Was just gonna keep my eye on those I couldn't find and when I notice that someone else has found it then i'd try to get back to it pretty quick to actually make the find. Don't know if that's really a realistic goal but I had to weed so many out and then be left with a bunch of bad and hard caches to find all at once. But this i'm gonna stick to and that's that we will always try hard to find the cache and if there's anything wrong with it i'll report that in the log always! And if we can't find it we'll log a DNF. We had one cache where the log was totally full and people then had just been signing everywhere they could fit their name and a date so I said in the log online that the cache log was full. So why did the next guy not say the same thing? Do some people just not care enough to let the co's know this? Should I have logged a needs maintenance as well?
  11. Thank you Keystone! I wasn't sure which way this was gonna turn or wether it just needed to be in the getting started since i'm still trying to get things going the right way and all. lol mpilchfamily, I'd love to hear more about the iPod suggestion! Is that something that i'll need a data plan or pay more after the cost of the iPod. Surely I could get an ipod pretty cheap on ebay don't ya think? Chokecherry I so wish I could do that! It was funny how I got my garmin cause I said something about it on facebook and my next door neighbor who i've know all my life said she had one and would sell it. I only knew that it was a garmin and had checked and saw that they were anywhere from $50-$100 bucks or so and this is the green one and she's hardly ever used it and gave me it and the maps and software for $30. I figured that wasn't too bad. And dad and I are due for an upgrade but we don't want to do the data and texting stuff so i'm sure that won't change unless it's just a few bucks more. So I doubt having a smart phone will happen or where I could get on the net for one. lol Thanks everybody for the help!
  12. I wasn't wanting anymore work for the reviewers either. And my suggestion of the computer program would not add any more work for a reviewer either. My son is nine and we have a caching bag with some swag and a small first aid kit and many other things to help us out if we need them such as different kinds of pens. I'm a scrapbooker so we use acid free pens and some of those even write on slick surfaces too.
  13. I see that now Harry and glad to be learning more today as to how it does work so i'm glad I did ask. lol Wasn't sure what a reviewers job was for sure and deffinately didn't want to add more work for them. When caches are archived do most owners then go out and get the remains of their caches so they don't become trash? Ugh I gotta not let this bother me. lol Thought it was a good idea for a program that would then not put more work on the reviewer though. lol Was so hoping for that ftf yesterday and apparently so were a couple of others. lol And wondering if you put a cache out that the first three people couldn't find would you go check for it maybe? Or maybe email them and give them a hint? Or check the cords? Think when I do hid my first cache i'm gonna go out to that site a few different times and check that I get the same cords before asking for the cache to be published. Do the reviewers actually go out to each cache site with the cords and check the cache? OMG they must be so busy!
  14. My cell phone is a motorola razor and I don't have a data plan and not looking to change that but where I work the guys have these little palm things by compaq that they use out in the field could something like that work where I could load those cache pages onto that with a usb cord so that I don't need a data package?
  15. There's one tb hotel that i've seen in the listings here about 10 miles away this one seems to lose trackable left and right too! I think it's a slum hotel! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=4071e8a3-fdb9-4b54-8dbc-85b9ba2bc58f
  16. One more question for the day and I hope I have this in the right area. I have the etrex venture hc so I cannot do paperless? I don't really do the PQ's. What I do and have done is if i'm going somewhere and know I have time for a cache i'll sit here ahead of time and load each cache in that area to my gps and print off a copy of the cache page as well and then put it in a binder but now my binder is getting quite full. Think the etrex can hold like 500 caches and i'm nowhere near that yet. I figure eventually i'll get them all in the gps and printed and then once in a while look for the new ones. But this paper is mounting up and getting heavy. Am afraid to take the found it printed cache pages out for fear i'll nead them whe I start getting my cub scouts out geocaching. I'm a single divorced mom with a not so great car so I don't see me going farther than around 25 miles from home and there were approximately 460 caches with in that area. I like having the binder handy to show my scout parents and friends to help get them interested when there is usually no computer handy to show them. When we get to a gache we just take those cache pages out of the binder and into our caching bag before we leave the car. I don't mind the loading them individually cause then I can make sure they all get printed as well. I've been out before and looked for one and found I had not printed it off and ended up not being able to find it. I got my gps from my neighbor and she had some loaded on there but had never went out. Once I went though those and took off the archived ones and did some printing I don't have to worry about that anymore. I probably wouldn't mind the pq's if there was a way to print the cache pages all at once as well. But was wondering if i'm doing this right or is there and easier way and a better way to handle all the paper? Thanks a ton guys! I really appreciate the help! Hoping the weather warms up again so we can really get out and get started caching!
  17. I see your point there too! OMG so much info to take in today! While i'm not really wanting to make a geocache yet I almost wonder if I might be better off to make my own geocache and put it up at the park somewhere where I already have permission. lol
  18. Walts Hunting you make me laugh! I so understand what you mean. And I will remember that. lol I was so not trying to make more work for the reviewers as ours I think has done a great job and seems to have great patience.
  19. Couldn't a computer program be made that sends an email to the would be cache owner to let them kow that they have to many maintenance logs open and that they need to get those cleared up before submitting a request for new cache placement. Don't see where that would get in the reviewers way at all seeing as he would not even get the request for a new cache till the owner had done what they were supposed to do. Just an idea
  20. Sorry Keystone. It's just that apparently one cacher that i've just ran into will have probably 10 geocaches they they've left to rot apparently in Ca and moved here to IL and well before they moved when their caches needed maintenance they ignored that and now they are here and placing a caches that I wonder if and when issues arise if they'll lift a finger to do it and there's no one to hold them accountable for leaving their caches to rot back in Ca.
  21. Was wondering if even calling it a hotel would open it up to people who like to steal. lol I'm still quite a ways away from actually placing a first cache. lol
  22. Wow lots of unknowns in that trackable history. What makes these caches "Hotels"? How are they different from a normal cache? I would so love to have a cache that gets lots of trackables! I think my cub scouts would think that was really neat. But I wanna get more geocaches under our belt before owning a geocache and learn lots more as well. Thanks for the example!
  23. There seem to be way more micros and nanos than small geocaches and regular sized caches in my area and sometimes the even the small ones are just too small for TB's.
  24. Wimsey guy I was hoping there was a way to do a search for that as I have well over 400 within 25 miles of where I live and was hoping to not have to look into each and every one of their logs. lol Chokecherry, love the tourist idea! Maybe I can look through the Lincoln sites ones and find a good one there as well! Thank you thank you!
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