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  1. Packages sent: (6-28-2011) Ashallond, DresselDragons, LewisClan77, ModelCitizen, Mpilchfamily, NOSNOW, Steben6, and Toojin. (6-30-2011) Greenish, Laval K-9, Mamoreb, and Yanagi. (7-5-2011) Team kizb, Uktim and Where'sMyMarbles All packages are on their way! Packages waiting confirmation received: Uktim. Packages from: ALL COINS RECEIVED!!! Thanks to everyone that traded with me and put my coins on their want list, this has been so much fun!!! HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM UKTIM?
  2. Wow, I haven't been in the forums for awhile, so this surprises me that not everyone has posted more pics of their BOXES! I don't see how this was a failure....I was glued to this thread for a long time
  3. Waaaaahooooo pictures!!! I can't believe the mints! At one time they were an array of beautiful colors, but sadly they didn't arrive that way. The thing that you don't know what it is (I'm assuming the thing that was holding the TB and the butterfly coin)....it's the bottom half of the Eiffel tower. I couldn't package them assembled, so I ended-up splitting them up:) So, now you have an Eiffel tower ceramic box-hehehe Also, the Eiffel tower photo clip is actually an ornament I couldn't believe I found it during this time of the year. I'm so glad you liked everything, but I'm sorry you already had the coin I guess I looked at a list that was a outdated, sorry about that. Also, thanks for sending me a personal message telling me when you got it-it's always great to hear from you
  4. I haven’t been in the forums for a while, so this is a long overdue and HUGE thank you to Mooncat & KDT!!!! This was a fantastic package and I love and will use everything. Along with a nice card, I got a ton of stuff!!! Contents of the mission: 2 Coins 1 Coin to travel for Mooncat & KDT (on its journey now) Carabiner Carabiner with Tools 4 Compressed Towels 2 Sporks 2 Mystical Fire Packets First Aid Kit Bear Bell Dry Sack Keychain Compass Headlamp Binoculars I had a camping/caching event this past weekend and I was able to put many things to good use. I just bought a Jetboil stove, so the sporks were extremely useful. We had a communal fire so, I was able to try out the Mystical Fire packets-they were sooooo neat. I’ve never seen such a thing. We hiked over six miles around the lake to grab some caches that were placed around the trails, so the carabiners, first aid kit, binoculars, and bear bell was in my daypack and proved useful….especially the first aid kit. The coins that you sent were sooooo pretty, especially the Yellowstone National Park coin (I've been trying to get that one for a long time:) The other one I still don't know too much about, so I need to do some research. As for your coin I have since dropped it off in a very nice cache and even took it to an event to get 'discovered'...hope you don't mind:) So, another big thank you to Mooncat & KDT for an amazing mission….my best yet! Also, a HUGE thank you to Sheltiedogshowlover for putting on a great mission. I forgot my camera at home, but I hope to post pictures this week (when I get a moment to spare at work) of all the fabulous goodies. Mission Complete-on both ends
  5. This needed a bump Round Lake State Park Campout It's going to be so much fun! I have been looking forward to this event for MONTHS!!!
  6. Oh my goodness, I can't believe one of my pictures was chosen!! I feel so honored to be in the top five, out of all the great pictures that I've seen. It must have been a really hard decision! I will have to agree with anne.and.eli, whatever picture is chosen you'll end up with a great coin. Thanks again for the cointest and I can't wait to see the results!
  7. Email sent: 25 June Name received: 26 June Package sent: Almost ready, still waiting for a few things to arrive Package received: 23 July I was out of town this weekend getting sunburnt , so, when I got home late last night there was a lovely surprise from MoonCat & KDT waiting for me!!!! I will open it this evening (I can't wait) and post some pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to post that it has made it here safely
  8. My Pa' told me about this and I thought it was too cute not to share.
  9. This one always makes me chuckle. Edit: The picture was having issues....
  10. I believe it was only Sheltiedogshowlover and myself (other than keewee) that were the last ones. Both sheltie and I have received ours...now it's just keewee.
  11. Patiently waiting for it to arrive. I'll post when it does. Thanks I figured it's just being pokey getting over there. It's just been two weeks today, so I don't think I should worry until four weeks go by and there still isn't any sign of it.
  12. Yea, my daughter is sooooo cute!! When we comes home she immediately starts to shout: Kiwwwiiii, Kiiiiiwwwwwiii!!! She only stops when she gets her beloved Kiwis But I'm sure she is too young to recognize that one is missing so if you can't get the artist kiwi somewhere else I will send it to you. By the way, of course the name of Box #19 is: Lara's Dream BOX That is toooo cute. I was the exact same way when I was little, but I was shouting for my Smurfs and Snorks. Yanagi, that is sooooo nice of you. I will start searching and let you know if I'm unable to find one. Perhaps a toy trade for the young Yanagi?
  13. Packages sent: (6-28-2011) Ashallond, DresselDragons, LewisClan77, ModelCitizen, Mpilchfamily, NOSNOW, Steben6, and Toojin. (6-30-2011) Greenish, Laval K-9, Mamoreb, and Yanagi. (7-5-2011) Team kizb, Uktim and Where'sMyMarbles All packages are on their way! Packages waiting confirmation received: Team kizb and Uktim. Packages from: ALL COINS RECEIVED!!! I received my last two packages from Mamoreb and Keewee yesterday, now time to take some pictures this evening. Thanks to everyone that traded with me and put my coins on their want list, this has been so much fun!!!
  14. I love these little guys, especially the one in the back row holding a paintbrush! These are collectible kiwis from back in the 1980s.... I've managed to get quite a few, and release them as travel bugs. I've also had requests for some, so was pleased to be able to share them in a mission. Butterfly Lady, what is the name of these cute kiwis? I need to try and find the little artist one. Also, that picture is adorable with that tongue sticking out in pure concentration.
  15. I want to send out a well overdue thank you to LewisClan77 for all the goodies you sent me. I was in need of a good starters hiding kit and this will work perfectly. The large box that arrived came stuffed with all the goodies below. I can't wait to start hiding caches All the goods that was in the package: Windsock (Will definitely hang in my backyard) Wind Twister (I just hung it on the edge of my deck. It's driving Riley the Geodog nuts at the moment Dice Glow sticks Fourth of July Necklaces Camo Tape (Already using it to camo some cache hides) Match Container Flashlight (Already placed it in my Geomobile) Pens Marbles Log book Carabiner (A person can never have enough of these) Lanyard (I needed a new one. My old one just broke) Stamp (Will be great for a letterbox hybrid:) Cache Container Nano Container (These containers can be evil....I can't wait to use it) Micro Container Cars Gosh, there was so much, I hope I listed everything. Once again, thank you so much, you did an excellent job picking a theme for me:) A close-up of those cool path-things and my new Voyage of Exploration-Sea coin These were the coins available in the coin pass. Some of them I already had, but the ones I didn't, it was hard to chose which ones to take. The coins on the top row are the ones I took and the bottom row are the ones I put into the pass. Also, a big thank you to EyeD10T for letting me be a part of this fun mission and I can't wait to see the continued journeys of the Blech Nickel.
  16. Hope you had a great time in Arizona and that you got tons of caching done. I saw the pictures of that snake...yikes!!! As for my package, I'm still working on the "creative" aspect and gathering some things. I love what has been posted already.....keep the pictures coming!!
  17. The Blech Nickel started it's next journey yesterday to visit Sweetlife and it should be there tomorrow Tracking number: 0309 2880 0002 3678 2596 Now I need to work on posting pictures of all the goodies that LewisClan77 sent me and the swapped coins
  18. Packages sent: (6-28-2011) Ashallond, DresselDragons, LewisClan77, ModelCitizen, Mpilchfamily, NOSNOW, Steben6, and Toojin. (6-30-2011) Greenish, Laval K-9, Mamoreb, and Yanagi. (7-5-2011) Team kizb, Uktim and Where'sMyMarbles All packages are on their way! Packages arrived: Mplichfamily, Toojin, ModelCitizen, DresselDragons, LewisClan77, NOSNOW, Where'sMyMarbles, Yanagi, Mamoreb, steben6, Greenish and Ashallond. Packages waiting confirmation received: Laval K-9, Team kizb and Uktim. Packages from: AtlantaGal, DresselDragons, E&Cplus3, Greenish, ice13-333, Keewee, TeamAmaroo, kini_ont, mamoreb, LewisClan77, manu luq, Mauison, Team kizb, ModelCitizen, MoonCat & KDT, Scificollector, Six Little Spookies, steben6, and yanagi. Packages received from: - (6-30-2011) ModelCitizen and Scificollector. (7-1-2011) AtlantaGal (7-2-2011) ice13-333 and steben6 (7-5/6-2011) TeamAmaroo, Six Little Spookies, Manu luq, LewisClan77 (7-7-2011) DresselDragons, kini_ont (7-8 thru 11-2011) E&Cplus3, Greenish, Mausion, MoonCat & KDT, Team kizb and yanagi I will take some pictures of my new beauties once I get the rest of the coins. Thanks to everyone that traded with me.
  19. Okay, I haven't been able to check the forums too much the past two weeks (crazy interview madness!), so I'm trying to get caught-up from devious shenanigans and other craziness. So, here I go. Last Friday I received BOX #9....poor #9 didn't have a name, but that will soon change. I opened it in the backyard with Riley the Geodog. Box #9 was from Jug & Roon. It contained an Easter ducky, which will go with my evil duck collection, a mini eight ball, a wooden ladybug with Jug & Roon's signature. The beach ball will start traveling soon and I was given a beautiful Winged Disc to keep, thank you The BOX: The Loot: A huge thanks to WSR for running this fantastic mission. I've had soooooo much fun interacting with all the other crazies in here as we passed the time-hehe...and I will definitely miss this thread Box #9 should be called "He who shall not be named."
  20. Woohoo the butterfly landed and....OMG....The Idaho Butterfly ended back in Idaho!!! That is too funny! :laughing: I'm glad that you like everything. I tried to stuff as much into that little box as possible. When I first saw the mouse I thought it was uber cool, so I had to get him. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed his tag, in very small print, that he was a ring holder. Don't forget to savor that Idaho spud, Toojin, because I know they are hard to come by in your area-hahaha.
  21. Got BOX number nine on Friday. I will take pictures this weekend and post them hopefully Monday
  22. Does anyone know if the Voyage of Exploration-Air version was a special edition just for GWIX and if they're still going to sell them on their site? Edit: Nevermind...just went back to their site and they finally put them on sale
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