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Milestone Congratulations


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Way to go cachers. This is what it is all about! :unsure: Congratulation to all of you.


Sassy&Gordy #800

Shunra #1200

OBE #1500

grossi #1300

Plaidguy #1300

NBJPoppa #800

EGH #2900

BruceandRachel #1000

BruceandRachel #500

HAWK #800

W7WT #1200 & #1300 (You've been busy! :rolleyes: )

FunnyNose #2000

Nevcowpok #900

Terrible T's #600

Prying Pandora hit #2600

Puppers #4000

nolenator #900


(Gotta check this forum more often. You all been busy....)


The4Grays 1000 at Center of the Nation, Great Vacation.

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Two of my good geopals had milestones today. :P


Wow, 3000! 3k! Congrats, ohjoy!


And, globalgirl sweetly celebrated her 800th cache by finding a puzzle cache with her dad on his 85th birthday!



Way to go, my friends! :ph34r:


When I saw OhJoy! was sitting at 2999 a couple of days ago, I figured something big was coming up soon, and sure enough -- I was right! Congratulations, friend. I've enjoyed sharing a few of those 3,000 with you over the years.


And to the Globalgirl -- what a great way to celebrate a milestone, and thanks for sharing that great picture with your dad. Brought me a big smile this morning, as have all of your amazing caches.


A bit congratulations to all the other recent milestones, too!!

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Thanks jacr and PP! We still feel like newbies compared to the likes of you... :)


Hey PP, love the graphic of Wrastro you posted. Where did yo find it and are there other cool Jetsons pics there? We would love to include more graphics in some of our stuff.

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Lucy&Rickie hit 4200 today!

Thanks!!!! And as a reward we got to see Eraseek re-enact his accident of two years ago when he broke his foot.


Congrats to some of the best people around. The girls and us are very happy for you.

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:D Congratulation to...


Bull Moose #500

Markta #1000

Half-Canadian #2600

LandRover #1400

Masterpuzzler #2800

BabyBackPackers #900

InMotion & TheStachers #500

4Grays #1000

OldBaldEagle #1600

TwoJJ #1500

Ambrosia #900

OhJoy! #3000


globalgirl #800

GrnXnham #1500

Lucy&Rickie #4200

FluteFace #1000

Sassy&Gordy #1000

Lajoie 5 #1400

RisingSon #500

Airzilla #100

sciuchetti #700

Putudles #2000


Looks like everyone is getting off to a great start for the summer! :laughing:


The Tribe

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W7WT hit 1400 at Tick--Tick--Tick yesterday.


Congratulations Dick :laughing:


Hey W7WT congrats and I seemed to have followed you up from Utah we picked up and dropped off some of the same TB's!


This is my daughter with a friend we found at the Great Dane Travelbug Warehouse in Ogden



Thanks for the congrats. For my 1500, I plan on getting the oldest Geocache in Kitsap County - Green Mountain. My 80 year old wife and I will take our time and go get it. We were in Green River, UT on the 15th of June but went on to Ely, NV and then north to Twin Falls. I am not into TB. I have only picked up one and that was because I couldn't get it back into the cache container. We certainly enjoyed your caches in the Shelton Area. Dick, W7WT

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This evening as the wife and I were driving west on I-90 between Moses Lake and George, We come up on a red Honda Civic decored with all of the gear one would expect GeoRoo to be driving. As we pass I roll down the window and greet none other than GeoRoo. We pull of at the Murphy's Corner exit and have a friendly road side chat.

Now this boy has been real busy on a vacation with his two daughters in several nearby states. I ask him if he got to 1000 yet. He replies YES!! with a bigger than life smile.


"Congtats GeoRoo for 1000 cache find"

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:rolleyes: Congratulation to...


Bull Moose #500

Markta #1000


Putudles #2000


Looks like everyone is getting off to a great start for the summer! :anitongue:


The Tribe


Isn't as high as some others, but I'd like to thank the usual other half of my team, KidAce, who along with me, Poppa J, did a run around the state on the July 4 weekend for the WDC and last weekend did a fun little side trip with me and some friends from work to do the Ape Caves. While there, KidAce and I did Mountain Marsh as our #900. We also met DiverDan and PiratesLady along the way at a couple of caches they were doing.


So we hit #900, got GC8 which is the oldest cache in Washington state (what are the oldest caches in the world, btw? does anyone have a list?), and are one step closer to finishing off the WDC!


For those of you who don't know us, Team Jac'd is a family team, although its usually Poppa J (the dad and J in the team name) and KidAce (8 year old daughter, and A in the team name) that do most of the caching, while Mama Cita and DangerBoy (C and D in the team name, and mother and 3 year old son) come along with us some time and provide a solid support network for the team.


From my records, KidAce has done over 60% of the caches with me, which for a 8 year old daughter, is a lot of time to spend with her "old man". I would just like to take the time to recognize her efforts in being a solid navigator on cache machines and the caching trips that she has done. Without her efforts, navigating would be more difficult and the trips would be less interesting by far!


Three cheers for KidAce!



Poppa J

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I missed the Everett CM, and there are probably several more milestones that happened there that haven't been listed yet. Woo-Hoo to all of you once your log entries are finished. :blink:


Here's something else that I missed that must have happened about a week before the cache machine:


Congrats to FrodoB on 2000! <_<:blink::ph34r:

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