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  1. Another one that happens somewhat frequently is wet log books. There have been a number of times where to solve the "signed the logbook" I simply put the pen to the paper, and let the ink go to the paper. Any more than that would have torn the paper and rendered it unsalvageable. Did we find the cache? We found the cache, we retrieved the cache, we put pen to paper (and in most cases, unless time crunched, tried to dry the log and cache a bit), and logged a find usually with a maintenance log as well. Did we sign our team name and date? Nope. Did we find it? We believe so. Different people play by different rules. All you can do is set your own rules for yourself and stick to them. Poppa J
  2. Well, with KidAce taking the WASLs this week, she isn't sure she is going to have the energy to be my copilot for the SCM. Is there anyone out there willing to take on a good geocacher and a good navigator into their group for Saturday? cheers, Poppa J
  3. Is there any reason the night course is only in mapsource? cheers, Poppa J
  4. Hey all... KidAce and I are going to be at the CM and have room for 2 more people in our geo-car, or would like to find some other people to cache with to be environmentally friendly and save gas. That, and it would allow Mama Cita and Danger Boy to use the car during the day when we are out caching. If anyone would like to carpool for the day, can you please send us an email or post something here on the forum. cheers, Poppa J
  5. Don't know about a truck, but can help out with the station wagon. I would also be up for 10-15 ammo cans myself. cheers, Poppa J
  6. Well, a lot of 558 ammo cans is a bit beyond me, but I would gladly join with a group thinking of getting some ammo cans. cheers, Poppa J
  7. If people want it, I actually have a list of the rest stops with lat+long for most of the pacific northwest and other states as well. Compiled it for the vacation we took down to utah, and wanted to make sure we knew where the rest stops were for us and our two kids. cheers, Poppa J
  8. For this one, I am going to chime in. I don't see about imposing a big set of rules on what constitutes a find and what doesn't. When it comes down to it, people will respect or not your numbers based on what you do and how you do it. Now personally, I don't log finds on muggled caches, caches I own, or caches where I don't sign the log. However, the other day I found the remnants of a cache container and remnants of a log. I signed the log as best I could and posted a note to the owner telling them what I found, where I found it, etc. Should this count as a find because the cache was mostly destroyed, even if I was communicating to the owner? Is that legit? On another cache, I was able to touch the container, but due to big arms and the last finder putting the cache way into its hidey hole, I couldn't do more than touch it. I talked to the owner and made some suggestions that he implemented, and he told me to make it a find. While I did go back later to officially find it, I still logged it at the original time. Is that legit? At a number of cache machines and other trips, there were more than one of us hunting for a micro. One of us signed it for the group as to not take up room. One of our team touched the cache, but did not see the hide explicitly or place it in there or take it out due to possible muggleage. Is that legit? You have to be able to play by your own rules and justify them to others and yourself, that is what counts in my book. And if a decent majority of cachers don't agree with your rules, you need to rethink them. If a decent majority of cachers say that its cool or in the good side of a grey area, power to you. my 2 cents, Poppa J
  9. This looks like fun...may try to make this and get some use out of my MSR Ascents if schedule allows. It would be very cool to see you again EGH! It's been a while! Clarification... normal hike or snowshoe hike? KidAce is kinda out for snowshoe hikes. cheers, Poppa J
  10. Just adding my 2 cents in here. Ambrosia, me and KidAce would love to meet up with you to do the Ape Cache, and agree that its your plan for the entire thing. However, we have been looking at doing the west side from the ape cache, and wouldn't mind trying to sync up a "Iron Horse revisited" for the same date and work on meeting up with you and your team for lunch, breakfast, or whatever. So, if people are interested in doing the west side of the Ape Cache, between Hyak and Rattlesnake lake, get in touch with us and we will try and sync up with Ambrosia! cheers, KidAce and Poppa J
  11. Wasn't that big hailstorm this morning enough for you? It looked like snow for hours afterward! From personal experience, having to walk to the bus stop while being pelted by small little pellets of hail was no fun. Looked like those dipping dots ice cream thing though.... that was cool. cheers, Poppa J
  12. A shout out to sciuchetti, who grabbed his 1500 this saturday night at Ride The Worm... and a FTF to boot. cheers, Poppa J
  13. So for those of us that didn't make it, how did it go? cheers, Poppa J
  14. Well, I hate to be a wet blanket (no pun intended), but as I am hiking with 9 year old KidAce, I think we are going to bail on this one due to the above weather report. Between that weather and the 5-15mph winds that they are forecasting, I think it is beyond KidAce's skill level. Sorry guys, was really looking forward to this one. Any chance of doing Long Live House Redstone for the next hike? Its a beautiful area just east of greenwater, and the cache we placed there the last time we were there hasn't been found yet. cheers, Poppa J (with hike envy)
  15. Did you get my email re: transportation? If not my address is webmaster at dougwilsonphoto dot com I did and replied back at ya. Of course, the addie you gave here isn't the same as what came across. csxii at schizoaffective dot org That P&R will work just fine. See you then! Just so I can get things clear in my head, so we are doing the ones near the lake on the bookmark, but not going beyond that? I thought a couple of the caches were on the other side of the lake and hard to get to from what I read previously? KidAce and I will be there tomorrow morning, but may be stopping to do a cache or two right before as we want to make #1500 one of the caches on the hike itself. cheers, Poppa J
  16. One comment to this. Is there any way for people who don't show up to the event to get a coin before anyone who shows up to the event has a chance to buy one? cheers, Poppa J
  17. Thanks... I just checked the weather for Hoodsport and it seems to be indicating light rain the day before and day after, and heavy rain on Saturday. Does this affect the plans? As someone who does not have that much wet weather gear, any suggestions for good stuff to get? cheers, Poppa J
  18. Can we get a profile for what the hike will be like for this? I will be there regardless, but KidAce kinda wants to know how tough it will be before she decided if she is coming along for the hike. So, elevation gain, total length, whether to expect snow on the trail, etc would be appreciated. So, depending on the KidAce factor, I will have some room in our geo-mobile if someone else from Kent on over wants a lift. cheers, Poppa J
  19. A couple of other questions: - is anyone taking care of talking to the various police organizations and letting them know we will be through their areas? I think a couple of the past organizers have let the police know what is going on to eliminate some calls that might occur. Come on, if 100 people come to the vacant lot next to you to check out just one tree, wouldn't you be curious and possibly call the police? - the loop into Idaho looks cool, but there seems to be a lot of open space between the caches on that side of the border. was this on purpose? cheers, Poppa J
  20. Thanks for the good work in getting this organized. It looks like we have some caches just on this side of the Idaho border, but none right away on the other side of the Idaho border. Is there any reason for that? cheers, Poppa J
  21. No, but I have S&T, and I can probably import the route into GSAK, and export it to S&T and generate a route that way. cheers, Poppa J
  22. A big call out to Moun10Bike.... 5000... 5K... the big 5 er... Now, how fast can we all get there? How many miles of travel has he logged to get those 5k? cheers, Poppa J
  23. Count KidAce and I for this one, and I want to see if All4One can get us to the caches we missed on the river last year! cheers, Poppa J
  24. KidAce and I are going with the Best Western just down the road... seems to have a good reasonable rate and a swimming pool for relaxing a touch on Friday night before the big event. Poppa J
  25. Not to finagle a fine point, but won't the cache approvers not approve the dinner unless there is no per-person cost involved with the event? I remember PP commenting one time that the number of meeting spots in Kent was a small number because most of the areas that can handle a group of our size (such as Old Country Buffet) require a per person charge, which would not pass muster. I seem to remember something about the rule of thumb being if you can't have someone join the group in the restaurant and just order a glass of water, it won't pass muster. PP, can you speak a bit more on this? cheers, Poppa J
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