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First sample-coins arrived last weekend and here they are:



Polished Gold



Antique Gold



Antique Gold in sideview


About the motives:

On the front, you can see Naymlap, Lord/God of the Lambayeque-Culture, located between 700 and 1300 A.D. in the area today named "Peru".

On the back, you see stone-carvings, that can be found in the former capital town "Chan Chan" of the Chimu-Culture.

Top-Down: river with fishs, pelikane, sea otter, fishingnet and waves.


More informations about "Chan Chan" can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chan_Chan


size: 2"


diameter: 4mm


weigth: 25 gr.


highlights: front 3D, 2 charms


trackable: YES, trackingcode will be on the back on blank area at buttom.


unique icon: YES (icon-pic will follow)


price: uncleared


The turquoise is the same at the polished and antique (which looks more like the color in reality) .


I'll order this weekend further sample-coins (different metal and different gemstone-colors).

After getting them, I'll decide, which versions will be for sale.


The coins will be available on a Pre-Sale in my new webshop. (link will follow as soon as i finished the layout)


As soon as I have news, I'll let you know!


I hope you like it



PS: Sorry, my english isn't very well...

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As I opened the envelope with the samples and saw the antique, i thought someone had unearthed the statue after hundreds of years.


Third sample was a satin one, but she doesn't look very nice ans will be not for sale, so i did't posted a picture.


BTW: The turquoise is the same at the polished and the antique, maybe i should take some new pictures.

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Very Unique. Not something that would normally be up my alley but - I like it. the details are neat. I'd like to have one of these on my desk to stare at all day. I'm sure someone would steal the little treasure though. I'll be curious of the price with shipping to the US. Hopefully I'll have some $$ set aside to get one?

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Incredible coin and something that really caught my attention since my grandfather has predominantly Mexican Indian in his lineage and it shows in his face and features very much so. I realize this is from further south in the Americas, but it's a close enough connection for me!


Gonna be saving my pennies for this one!



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To answer the question about the price:


I think it will be around 9 - 10€ ---> 12 - 13$ plus shipping costs


I have to look what will happen to the price for a higher edition (this price was for a total edition of 300 coins), but please let me first see the other sample-coins to deside the variations and get a new offer.

After that I can tell you the final price.

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Antique Silver with sapphirine-blue, ruby-red, amethyst-purple and a opal-"glow-in-the-dark"




Antique Copper with malachite-green, sapphirine-blue and amethyst-purple




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Instead of the earlier announced presale I dicided to make a normal sale.


Yesterday, I placed the order for minting following editions:


246 * Antique Gold + Turquoise

123 * Antique Silver + Ruby-red

123 * Antique Copper + Malachite-green

18 * Artist Edition (NO SALE AND currently NO TRADE)

246 * Sepp&Berta-Special-Edition


756 Naymlaps in total


I did this coin in cooperation with Sepp&Berta from www.myGeocoin.de. Because of the great work with her (over 30 emails with questions were answerd by her), I decided to make a Special-Edition, which will be available only on www.mygeocoin.de.


All other editions will be sold over my new webshop. As soon as I know the date of delivery, I will post the URL and date of sale! (Because of holiday, the earliest date of sale will be 3rd of July!)




Depending on the success, maybe I will decide to make new versions, but no remints of the above mentioned editions!





PS: Presale of my travelstamps will be at same time, so you can save shippingcosts (If you can wait till the travelstamps were minted)

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WOW!! Those are awesome!! i am loving the antique metals as they do look like a relic some one has recently rediscovered. Very nice job on these, I am going to have to have some when they come in so keep us posted. Any chance of a cointest for one when they are done?? :rolleyes:

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Hmmmmm, choices. I love the antique silver metal but I wish it only had the red tranlslucent (I know I'm being picky, lol) and I do really like both the gold versions in the first post. I just really love this coin. I doubt I'll be around for the sale but I'm going to make an big effort to trade for these.


This coin reminds me of 2 things; first Mayan culture and having studied with the Mayan Indians in southern Belize and second; it reminds me of an artifact from an Indiana Jones movie and I love those movies!

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.... I love the antique silver metal but I wish it only had the red tranlslucent .....


The final version is only with red translucent :rolleyes:


Just want to save sample-coin-costs, so I made 4 colors for one coin instead of 4 coins with one color :mad:


Oh that is great news for me :D That will be my goal; getting that version first. This is one of the few coin designs that I would love to have each version in my collection.

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