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  1. Avroair, any idea when these will go on sale? Looking forward to seeing them.
  2. Glad to hear this "time to do some designs!". Will there be another Mimbres?
  3. What about the people who don't have a Twitter account? I was just going by their original Tweet- "SALE info for the 4th Delft Blue Coin: a twitter account will definitely be needed." The account is free and you do not have to be on a computer to get the Tweet. You can have it sent to your phone as a text. In the end, no matter how they are sold, not everyone will be happy. Just the facts of life in the geocoin world when something like this is involved. I'm old...phones receive text? Okay, I want to complete my set and I really loved last time that we could get the number (to match a previous coin number)if it were still available. I guess I'll have to con a co-worker who is on his cell phone all day long at work to get tweets so I can get one of these beauties. Looking for #31.
  4. Heh! Got my version of the coin today! Me like! So we went with three metals: Nickel = GCF europe debut. If they sell out there, cool... if not they are being put on Geoswag Copper = Geoswag version. Available late August Gold = Mine. 25 of each minted I will try and take some nice pics when the sun is out, after the Jedi event. Does this mean that all 4 versions will be available in copper for those not going to GCF?
  5. This is such great news. Tulps! I am so glad to hear this, I was hoping for tulips on the last coin though I think the trapgevel is so very cool and am so grateful to have it. Unfortunately I don't follow twitter so I'm am glad you posted the information here. Is there anywhere we should be watching for how/when to reserve one?
  6. These are sold out. Thanks for all of the inquiries.
  7. I have 5 Texas Mardi-Gras Event (Venetian Mask) coins left for sale. If anyone is is still looking to own one, email me. thanks Cache_in_hand
  8. I'm not certain how I missed reserving one of these but somehow I did. If you have any reservations that aren't paid would you please put me on your list for a chance at one? Thanks
  9. Photographs do not do these coins justice, and the photo's are great! P.S. You definitely get what you pay for!
  10. The two I put into the math trade are my Artist Edition (which isn't tied to an event) and one of my Seattle versions that I got when I got a set (in essence an extra from my 50 event ones). I am not selling any event ones before the event has happened. Edit to add, the Michigan versions are beautiful in hand! I was speaking specifically about the Event coins, not AE's or Host Sets. I was under the impression that none of the Hosts were going to sell the coins prior to their Events so that the rest of the hosts wouldn't look like jerks for responding to the multitude of email requests with a 'no', From what I've read today, that looks to be true. I second Avroair's opinion of the coins. They do look absolutely beautiful in hand, every single one of them!
  11. :wub: Love both of those versions! I'm on Cloud 9, as I just traded for 3 other versions in the Math Trade--Woohoo! How are these already being traded when the events haven't even taken place? They were traded by two of the event hosts. Well personally, I think someone that is going to attend one of the Mardi Gras Masquerade Multi Events should get first chance at the 'Event' coins. I think it is bad practice to come to the coin forums prior to a coin Event and entertain offers or requests for trades.
  12. :wub: Love both of those versions! I'm on Cloud 9, as I just traded for 3 other versions in the Math Trade--Woohoo! How are these already being traded when the events haven't even taken place?
  13. I can't begin to tell you how very much I like this coin. Please add me to your reserve list.
  14. This is like waiting for Christmas morning.
  15. Well Stephanie did say that she has codes for 50 more if there was enough interest.... Look's like there might be. : )
  16. I agree, the satin would really set them off. As for the color choices, the first two are perfect! Job well done. Can't wait to get some of these.
  17. What is the name of this coin and is it available somewhere?
  18. I received the 2010 Compass Rose yesterday. They are beautiful.
  19. Looking for the celtic turtle geocoin. If anyone has one or two for sale or trade please pm me.
  20. Great job on picking colors Event Hosts! Can't wait to see the finished coins.
  21. Looking for two of the celtic turtles put out by cache addict. If anyone has extra I'd be willing to purchase or trade. Please PM me.
  22. What a great idea! I think it would add to an already neat coin idea.
  23. I'll let Kat keep teasing with the photos. But wrt availability, I hate to speculate. The order is in, but it will be very close to CNY before production is complete. For those of you that don't follow the calendar, the actual date is Feb. 4th this year, so that week will be a down week. One of us will bump the thread when it's close TMA Glad to hear this. Wouldn't want to miss out on this one.
  24. I love the antique copper but shy away from the shiny, I think it looks cheap. Just my opinion of course. As for color schemes that don't look so good with copper. Please, stay away from red. Enough said.
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