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  1. For some reason all of my auctions got set to block bidders with addresses in North America. I believe I have this fixed now but if you run across one that won't let you bid please contact me and I'll get it fixed. Sorry for the hassle!
  2. 3D Compass Geocoin Ant Gold AG Trackable Unactivated 3D Compass Geocoin Ant Copper AC Trackable Unactivated 3D Compass Geocoin Ant Silver AS Trackable Unactivated Ace of Cache Playing Card Geocoin Trackable Unact Best Friends Geocoin LE Blue/Gold Trackable Unactivated Best Friends Geocoin LE Trackable Unactivated Best Friends Geocoin Nickel/Blue Trackable Unactivated Best Friends Geocoin Trade Vers. Trackable Unactivated Butterfly Kisses Suncatcher Geocoin LE Trackable Unact. Butterfly Kisses Suncatcher Geocoin LE Trackable Unact. Creatures of Night Caching Bat Geocoin Trackable Unact Creatures of Night Caching Bat Geocoin Trackable Unact GCPC 12/09 Snowman Geocoin & Pin Trackable Unactivated Gnaughty Gnome Geocoin Trackable Unact Rare DJ.J.Rock Wire Wrap Geocoin Trackable Unactivated Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows AC Geocoin Trackable Unact Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows AG Geocoin Trackable Unact Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows SS Geocoin Trackable Unact Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows SS Geocoin Trackable Unact Run for the Roses AB Horse Geocoin Trackable Unactivate Templar Geocoin AC Trackable Unactivated VHTF Dragon Ladon AS/AG Geocoin Trackable Unactivated VHTF Moun10Girl AS Geocoin Trackable Unactivated VHTF SLO Trekker AC Geocoin Trackable Unactivated GCPC Snowman Geocoin & Pin Trackable Unactivated Gnome Geocoin Trackable Unactivated RARE 1 of 2 XXLE Best Friends Geocoin Trackable Unact RARE 1 of 7 AE Best Friends Geocoin Trackable Unact Trackable Token Geocoin Trackable Unactivated Lot of 4 http://shop.ebay.com/sunsetmeadowlark/m.ht...1.c0.m270.l1313 Be sure to check out my other actions to make sure you see all of the coins I have listed!
  3. Still sorting after the divorce and ran across more coins. All coins are trackable and unactivated. Make offer, payment via PayPal only. Sorry, no trades. Any coins that don’t receive a reasonable offer will be listed to eBay. US shipping is $3 for the first coin, $1 for each additional. International is $5 for the first coin, $2 for each additional. Caching Ace Run for the Roses – 2-tone Run for the Roses – AG Rey del Roble - Silver Creatures of Nightcaching Bat – AG Creatures of Nightcaching Bat – AS Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows – AG Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows – Copper Robin Hood Quiver & Arrows – Satin Silver Titanic – AG Day Gnome Gnaughty Gnome Moun10Girl – AS Templar – AC Slo-Trekker – AC Ladon Dragon – Nickel/AG Guardian of the Night Complete Set (AG/Green, SG/Purple, AC/Copper, SS/Black, AS/Blue, SS/White, Gold/Red, AS/Re/White/Blue “4th of July”, BN/Orange “Halloween”, BN/Light Blue version 1 transluscent, BN/Light Blue Version 2 opaque) Compass Geocoin – 3 pc Set (AG, AC, AS LE) Best Friends: Blue/Nickel – 1 Blue/Gold – 5 Yellow/BN – 12 2-tone BN/N – 1 Green/AC – 1 Butterfly Kisses Suncatcher: Sunset/Silver – 1 Sunset/Gold – 1
  4. I received one of these amazing coins last week but am just now getting a chance to look at the website and post here. Thank you so very much to the generous sender, your timing was perfect. I was having one of the lowest days I've had in a long time and this coin definitely helped cheer me up!
  5. The collection is definitely sold, thank you for your support and interest! Mods, please close this thread.
  6. Thank you all very much for your kind words. I'll still visit the forums every once in a while, you are such a special group of people. The collection is tentatively sold. I will update soon with a definite answer on that.
  7. Due to a recent divorce I'm no longer active in geocoins so I've decided to sell my entire geocoin collection. At this time I am offering it as a complete lot, everything I have. There are roughly 300 unactivated trackable coins (a few duplicates, not many). I will also throw in roughly 100 activated or non-trackable coins (including at least 7 Mystery coins) and over 400 Pathtags as a gift if you buy the trackable coins. I don't have a complete list or a good picture but the picture below shows 169 of the coins included in this group and I've listed a few highlights that I can remember off the top of my head. T-Sun Coins: Earth Turtle (at least 5, possibly more) Earth Turtle Mama/Baby (6) Hopi (2) Armadillo (4) Neptunes Compass (6) Dragonfly Talisman (at least 5) Cache Hopper (at least 7) Yemon Yime Coins: Yemon Yime AS (not one of the rare ones) Yemon Yime Gold from GCF 2009 AE Version of the 2009 GCF event coin OTHERS: Four Musketeers - AE Black Nickel with green/yellow enamel Frozen Buns - Artist Proof AG 5th Anniversary Compass Rose - Mediterranean, Spice Islands, Antarctic Crystal Compass Rose - 2 Glacier Ice, 2 Earth Stone, 1 Forest Deadliest Cache - Maverick, Time Bandit, Northwestern (I think!) The Eyes - Black Nickel (XLE I think) Asking $4000 for the entire collection. Price includes Priority Mail postage within the US. International shipping will be exact. Payment via Money Order preferred. I will consider short term time payments but preference will be given to those who can pay in full. If they don't sell as a lot I will gradually list them individually, either here or on eBay.
  8. Life has been hell so far this year so I haven't been doing much at all in the way of coins. But I got home yesterday and found a shiny gold bubble mailer in my mailbox. My first thought was like the others... I haven't ordered anything... and then I saw that the return address was also my own. I hurriedly opened the envelope and found a stunning Carpe Diem coin (#20) inside along with the card. The saying is just perfect, it's reminded me again that life is too short to just let it pass by. Thank you so much to the mystery person who sent me this spectacular coin at just the right time. Your generosity means more than you can possibly know.
  9. Things got delayed over the weekend but all paid orders will be shipped tomorrow. If you haven't yet received notification of shipment yours will be in tomorrows batch. Sorry for the delay!
  10. Unfortunately, all of the purple are gone Sorry! The blue and yellow are selling fast, less than 10 of each remaining I think so if you're thinking of ordering don't wait!
  11. It's been a while but I'm back and have two brand new versions of the popular Best Friends coin in stock and ready to sell! The new versions are both XLE's of just 25 pieces and are fundraisers for tsun's Bucket List Project. A portion of the proceeds from each coin will be donated to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, MT to help pay the adoption fee of a homeless dog or cat. The new versions can be purchased HERE Black Nickel/Yellow Shiny Gold/Blue I've also put up my last remaining Antique Copper/Green and just a very few of the 3 piece LE sets from the original issue. These are ones I held back in case of shipping losses and once they're gone they're gone!
  12. Checking in for StarWarsCam. He's still on the list for Mission 2.
  13. Thanks Jay! I retrieved the coin this morning and will drop it into a cache near the next recipient as soon as they get the mission. Thanks so much for letting me participate!!
  14. Woohoo!! I love this and can't wait to get mine!!
  15. Jay, if you can drop it into GC1P4W1 that would be great. That one is right at my work and is the one I usually dip into anyway. Then I'll retrieve it and drop it in one near the next recipient.
  16. Mission 2 arrived safely from D.J.JRock & Zariah yesterday. Jay, please give Zariah a big hug for me, the coins are wonderful! She sent a green glitter MWGB Parrot and a NoleFan9399 & KimbyJ Just Married coin. Thank you so much!! Sorry for no photos, at this point I'm lucky to just get in here to post. The mission is now back in the mail to another participant. StarWarsCam saw it while it was here and now he's excited to get it too but I told him it would be more fun if I didn't just hand it off to him, he has to wait for it to arrive from someone else. opalsns, if you'll send me the trackable info for the related coin I'll get it dipped.
  17. The icon is up!! I have also just submitted an order for a remint in some new very limited colors/metals. No hints on what the colors are right now but they should be very nice. Thank you all for your continued support of this coin! From the initial batch I'm down to just a few of the 3pc LE sets and a handful of the trade only versions left.
  18. I am so sorry this took me so long to post! Real life keeps getting in the way and I haven't been on the forums much. I received a lovely card and stunning coin last week from Dark Elf. The coin is the Dark Elf personal .Pure Color Travel in one of my favorite color combos, red & black nickel. It's really eye catching! Thank you so much Dark Elf for a great mission and my apologies to you for not posting this sooner!
  19. I really like C but I'll have to pick A since you can see it better.
  20. Nice, reservation placed! Had to order all 3 because of the great pricing and the Pathtag.
  21. Fun cointest, thanks! I really only have 2 resolutions and one of them is more of a long term goal since it'll take closer to 2 years to achieve. But it started out as a 5 year plan so I'm getting there! 1 (The actual resolution) Continue working out daily. Even if it doesn't lead to weight loss it does make me feel better, both physically and mentally! 2 (The goal) Be debt free by the end of 2011. Coins really haven't helped this goal but I'm getting there! edit: Can I add a resolution for Groundspeak? Fix the forum so we don't get so many timeouts and double posts!
  22. Mom and I got ours and they are adorable!! I think the black is my favorite but I'm not positive because they're both so cute!
  23. I received one of the gold relief for Christmas too and absolutely love it. They're gorgeous!
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