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  1. wow i realllllly like this mickey coin
  2. wow free nutella but did you speak french canadian its a great place for a photographer. and only 3593,9 km from my home. wait to find a safari condo or a new west to putt my will attend.
  3. I'll play two mission for me Mission 1 Participating: Name Received: - Mission Sent: - Mission Received: - Mission 2 Participating: Name Received: - Mission Sent: - Mission Received:
  4. I vote for A thank for the cointest
  5. One for me.please i like home made coin specialy yours.
  6. hello daveindeal i have my home foundry with a gaz oven and another one electrique. i did lost wax technique and it's expensive. i did my homemade geocoin (upik nuannertoq) with a lot of detail, 100 coin. with the materiel (crucible, polishing kit,gaz,ceramic shell, petrobond,clear, laser graving......),my time and the activation code; the prize of the coin is expensive i sell it for 20$ shipping included and i don't make $, still some coin left. my next geocoin( the beluga ?) a do 50 coin, because it's too much work and i dont want stay with it. the price gone be lower too. ungaze your recycling aluminum because you gone have some bubble in your coin. keep one coin for me. bye michel
  7. I think it's a very small décorative plate.
  8. I think its a bread with a black cooking plate anyway i like home made geocoin, so i wan one.
  9. Happy 999 still available because, i find some geocoin in a box. Don't miss that chance before she's coming popular and hard to find. Good new i praticly finish the second and the third of the série.
  10. send a package in the mail today with 4 homemade coin and instruction. one of the upik (owl)is actived and it's for log and release after the event all they other coin is for you.
  11. i like this kind of cointest 1) 3 september 2)6:38 a.m. 3)8lbs 10 oz 4)19.5 inch
  12. wow this coin look very similary of one of my serie inuktituk
  13. i sure this little looking great without color. so no color for me and in polish silver.
  14. wow i really like this black frog. where i can find this one.
  15. happy 4 july special of the day 15$ only for today i paid the shipping cost. send your order to nunalik2009@hotmail.com
  16. thanks everyone for your nice comments. make your home coin it's a lot of job and your appreciation is a part of the pay. and it's amazing , i have still some coin for sale and trade.
  17. i have for you my personal coin the upik nuannertoq(magic owl) home made in aluminum oh i forgot it's a special coin .it's trackable and it's a 2 coin with the same tracking number, one to keep and one for release.
  18. i go with only 4 days of work, enjoy your retirement
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