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What is your Top 10?

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I have been fondling my coins looking for some to sell (to continue to fund the habit) and have come to the conclusion that there are just some that I dont think i'll ever be able to get rid of.


So APART from your Mystery Coins (because they are a given), which coins do you absolutely love, and why?


Here is my Top 10 (in no particular order):


Tiki Lord Pomsby - There is something about the expression on this one's face. The others are a bit tribal and ferocious, but the Lord seems a bit sombre. I also love the fact that this coin is hand made - and it will only ever improve with handling, rather than become flawed.


Allegany State Park Geobash - Gorgeous coins, all of them. A lot more simple than some coins, but really appealing.


Shiny Gold 2007 Earth Turtle - Gold is my favourite colour, so I wanted it for that reason, until I got the others in hand - the colours are just amazing, and I could stare at this coin for hours - I love the message and the artwork too. An all-round superb job.


The Loggerhead series - More excellent coins. I never knew how much I loved turtles until i started geocoin collecting, and now I have whole families of them. I adore the Micros too - so well made!


Alaska Coins - All of LadyBugKids coins are excellent. The amount of work that goes into them is just amazing, and I also like that they are made of bronze, silver and gold - they will keep their worth no matter what the geocoin market does. I also like that they are based on Arctic animals - I love all animals, but Polar Bears and Wolves in particular (and Moose are cute too). Stunning coins, great artwork and presentation. Winners in my book ;)


BelKen - This one is incredibly interesting to me - I like the raised Australia on the back, the photo, etc. All very Australian :D


Jellyfish - what dont I like about this one? Nothing! Jellyfish is so cute. I may have raved about him enough, but for such a simple coin, it evokes a lot of feelings in me. Jellyfish is a jelly on a mission - you can see he's going somewhere...and it's important ;)


Scout Knives - All three sets, all 4 metal combinations. Just a really cool coin that even non-coin collectors love. I have had so many muggles ask to buy it! Scout memorabilia collectors also love it. It's just so realistic!


Rivercity/Team Moagy Personal - Beautiful artwork, and message on this coin, and a beautiful person who made it.


Brahean AE - I thought it looked quite nice in its picture, but in hand this is a really gorgeous coin! I love the three spinners, the weight of it, the metal combination...i could go on. But everyone knows what a great coin this one is!




And because I am a greedy pig, and it's hard to choose just 10, here are the runner ups (also in no particular order):


TikiBirds Micro - another one with the 'je ne sais quoi'! I love the artwork, the size, the birds, etc

2007 Compass Rose LE - although I love the artwork, it is also special to me because of how I got it.

SkinGuy (Black Nickel) - Who can resist a smiley? :)

Dressel Dagons Gold - Stunning coin.

Northern Territory Geocachers - This is most special because of how these coins came into my possession. Sometimes I think being an out and proud geocoin-addict is embarrassing but every now and then something will happen that makes you believe in the generosity and kindness of people. I like that coins are an avenue to make others happy.

Anthus Laptops - really unique coins. These ones really pushed the bar, i feel. Quite a few amazing coins came out after this one - coins arent just round and flat anymore! And geocaching/geocoining involves a lot of internet, so I think its really appropriate. And the gold is my favourite - of course! :laughing:

Carousel Horses - Stunning!!! Roll on Carousel Lions! Wooooo!! Big cats!!!!!

Koh Koh's coin (GBOTs) - Brilliant use of colours and enamels in this one, plus KohKoh is adorable ;)

Australia 2008 Silver - another gift that I absolutely adore

Mousekakat 2008 personal - this one incorporates all my loves on it - nature, tulips, cats....and of course it's Mousey's coin, so how can it not be great?! :P



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It was getting late, and I'll have to get up early tomorrow to run the snowblower at my office, but really wanted to reply to this discussion.


I've gotten into the forum and coin trading a little more seriously since Dec. of last year. So many great people, so many great coins. Personals remain my favorites, dog coins number 2, but I was able to pick out my top 2 if not favorite, most significant coins. In no particular order (there's only 2...how much order can you expect?):


Not really a coin (eartha forgive me,) but a personal sig item given to me by some people my nephew and I had just met a a geogathering. The buddah (a little blurry, but thems the breaks,) #22 of I have no idea how many or how few, was given to me by the PaRacers...not a trade, just a gift, not asked for, just given...this kindness is not forgotten.


The Humane Society Of York County Coin...a trade for one of my chiro-cache coins...a favorite because of a post (whats in your mailbox today,) from IBCrashen, to let me know how happy he was to have gotten a coin with a picture of a schnauzer on it, important to him because his own schnauzer's health was declining...it was wonderful to know my coin brightened someone's day!




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Hmm, that's tough! I love all of my coins and unless I get duplicates it's a pretty safe bet they'll have to be pried out of my cold, clammy hands. But here are some of my absolute faves in no particular order:


Eclectic Penguin - all of them but especially my goldie!

Titanic day - still looking for the night version!

Carousel Horse - satin silver/black

New Zealand Kiwi - I looked for this one for a while!

All Nations Pathfinders - A surprise gift that is now my pocket coin

Cachin' Crow - Another real surprise!

Christmas 2008 Earth Turtles

tsun signature coin - not trackable but truly special

pink geogem - a surprise from mom

Brahean - not here yet and I haven't seen one in person but this one is highly anticipated

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Lackey - Because its hard to find and pretty!

Project Ape - Same as above

Volunteer 2008 - Same as above

Puzzle 4pc - Same as above

Geowoodstock III - Same as above

Anthus Laptop - Same as above

Walaprgus (or however you spell it) 2006 - Same as above

Same as above 2007 -Same as above

same as above 2008 - Same as above

#10 is reserved for somthing special.

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just based on what i have in my collection currently, and based on design only


nanwal tengwar

the breath of life fighting cf

the claddagh

journey coin

celtic sun,moon,(star that i dont have)

i love geocoins

my geo-portal samples

fortune favors the bold

castleman 2007

colorado 2007


and my fav personals


dr neals chiro cache

lapporten -sloan 109

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I don't have very many coins in my collection, but it was still hard to choose.


1. Journey black nickel LE

2. Journey Silver LE

3.Original Stash coin

4. Slo Trekker silver coin

5. Montana coin (this one I asked for some help in finding and then the person who got it for me just gifted it to me) She is a very special lady here in Montana!

6. Castle Man/Castle wife coin

7. Green Earth Turtle (don't really know the versions)

8. Moun10girl (just love the design & the detail on the back)

9.Castleman 2008 SE

10. Geocache America (this one I won and just love the detail on back of this coin.)

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Cape Breton coin (any finish) - I have this coin in both official finishes and in two sample finishes that were never produced. I love it because my family is from Cape Breton and it was my first shaped coin.


Delft Blau porcelein coins - My Delft Blau Klomp and Windmolen are the pride of my collection (or should I say the pride of my wife's collection -- she keeps them in her Delft cabinet). I like all things Dutch. :laughing:


DHobby1 v1.5 - When I started collecting, I wasn't interested in personals. But now that I know the people here on the forums, I really do treasure the personal coins I get in trades. This one, for all its simplicity, is one of my faves.


First to Find v2 (red/gold) - I just love the design on this one.


Highwood Pass GeoKs personal - The design is really cool, and the added mini benchmark makes this coin unique.


Isle of Man 2007 - I love all things Celtic, and the design on this coin is just fantastic


New Zealand Fern - The 2007 New Zealand GPS Society coin was an instant favourite, not least because it was a gift!


Canadian Forces Geocachers #3 - I know quite a few of the cachers named on this coin


Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon - Just love the message behind this coin.


Reintje de Vos in Memoriam - This coin was given as a gift by Sivota, and simply will never leave my collection.


Is that 10 already!!

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Moun10bike V1 - How I aquired it & it was the first trackable personal

Moun10bike V2 - The reason I got into this crazy hobby

Johnnie Lacy 2005 - How can you not love an Old Geezer?

Yemon Yime Ver0 - Old School, 'nuff said

Compass Rose 2007 Two Tone - It's gorgeous

2007 Earth Turtle Nickel - Best translucent design ever

Dorkfish Fish Bowl - The artwork, shape, and kick me sign.

Tranquility Blue is my World - It's beautiful and it's blue

Pennsylvania 2005 Bronze - One of the best designed state coins ever

Penn State Girl Memorial - I bleed blue & white

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Moun10bike V2 - First coin I traded for back in 2004 ;)

Jungle Hair - First shaped coin I got, great cacher too, thanks Sandra ;)

~ Eleanor ~ - Sweet looking zodiac

Avroair v1 - Hey! It was the first micro! And looked better than anything else at the time! :laughing:

Four Musketeers - The package deal, velvet pouch in all

JoeFrog - Funny coin, handed to me by owner, thanks Joe ;)

Cache Mission Impossible - Sweet looking coin

Hurricane Katrina Relief 2005 - First charity coin, was proud to be part of it

Skully & Mulder et Al Memorial - First memorial coin, was proud to be part of it

Pirates of Harriman 4: pirates, driftwood, skull, jeweled dagger, nuff said!


Others I enjoy:

Rainforest Jewel

Project APE ~ first use of gems, well conceived coin

Earth Turtle 2007 ~ Tsun & Georgia did wonders with this coin!

Moun10bike V1 ~ How I aquired it & it was the first trackable personal

Templar ~ made European geocoins trendy

LFD geobone ~ great shaped coin

goblindust ~ who know it came with a bag of real goblin dust!

tranquility series ~ some of those color combos are just spectacular

worker of wood: a geocoin in the palm of your hand!

compass rose ~ 2006 set the bar high, 2007 raised it again! :P

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Not necessarily in order


Moun10bike V1

Moun10bike V2

Worker of Wood

Yemon Yime Old School

C&P's Compass Rose series



Midwest Geobash 2005

LFD Geobone orignal



Most of these are old and aren't as "flashy" as some of the stuff today but all hold some significance or personal meaning to me (and some are very HTF).

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This is hard! Usually my most recently acquired coin is my favorite. Well, anyway here goes:


GeoK's Highwood Pass

ACGA set (I've finally acquired them all)

C&P's Compass Roses

Brawny Bear Clan

Whitebear gold.

Pengo Family

Sweet Lake City

Acadia (of course!)

2006 Quigley Jones (blue sailboat)

Earth Turtle copper.

Quebec City.

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I spent all day thinking about this, lol. How difficult to choose, I'd say half of my coins mean the world to me for different reasons. So, I'm just choosing a few off the top of my head that really stand out in no particular order. I'm not including mystery coins in the group and I will only put 1 of mine in the group and these are all coins I have :laughing:


* Yaal's (sp?) Feather: The ones CF30 gave away in cointest. I love birds, I have a large collection of feathers and I just really loved the coin design and well it just cool to me ;)


* Worker of Wood: I love the front, 3D, color, removable magnetic piece, it's a cool coin especially for that time.


* M10B V3: How can you not love a coin that comes from the man who started this craze? I feel very lucky to have been avle to trade with him personally. So it ranks up towards the top.


* Yemon Yime 2008 Black Nickel: The rotten citrus version. I got to meet the man himself and he's a real personable, all around nice guy. He gave it to me and well that's pretty cool but I actually think it's a really sharp coin.


* PengoFamily 2008 Sunset Edition: I love the colors on this coin. It was the inspiration behind some of the color choices of the GW6 ET version. I really love browns and creams on copper and this coin really catches my eye color/metal wise.


* Rainbow Bridge: Words won't due for the meaning of this coin.


* Birka: I just really loved the way this whole series turned out.


* New Zealand 2008: I love the look of the coin, especially the basket weave. It's a very simple yet beautiful design.


* Tracking Time: One of the first coins that I really wanted to get my hands on. Really love it.


* Earth Turtle 2007 Gold/BN version: The meaning, the colors, I've grown to love this little guy more as each year passes. RFJV1/BN follows very close behind.


Can I list my next 10 tomorrow? ;)

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This was a pretty hard one for me too..and I think that some of my coins are still in CO...and I haven't seen those in over a year and a half...BUT I went through the ones that I have here wtih me in IN and these are my favorites...for lots of reasons...


and these are in no particular order...


1. Team Shydog-2006 (I think), his first

2. Eye of the Pirate (I love the little Wilson in the eye!)

3. Junglehair (LOVE the GPS shaped coin!)

4. GeoBoo 2007-WOW what a great 3D

5. Team Pez-another great shaped coin..and I love pez

6. Nutlady-I LOVED the 3D on this walnut

7. Dorkfish in the fishbowl

8. Moscow32-LOVE that fish!

9. the G Files coin-classic

10. OURS! Had to add our 2007 dog tag coin---the 3D side is priceless to us since it's our dogs



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well, the first few are absolutely clear:


Number one:

The Earth Turtle 2007. I got it in the nickel version. I just love it. It's cute, and it's beautiful, and I love the colors, and the message... I tied it in a leatherband, to wear it as a charm :D


Number two: Lil Dorkfish in it's too small fish tank. It's sooooo cute. And sometimes I feel just like that little guy looks :laughing:


The next three, I can't say that I like one of them more than the others...

Birka: so much detail! And such a heavy coin!

Tengwar: another very detailed elaborate design. I hope I get a coloured one, one fine day ...

Have you seen me: I also love fun coins, that make me smile. This one is really great!



Well, and then it get's difficult. There's so many beautiful/ funny / meaningful coins around, I am not able to choose 5 of them for this ranking... If the threads title was "your top twenty" it might be possible: Mimbres, (I love the black and white version) Tracking time, Indian Paintbrush, The Hitchhiker, FSM, The Dragonfly Talisman, Boomerang, The G-Files, LillySues Key to the Cache, Pay it forward, Over the Edge, The Caching Bug, Moon Mushroom, Cacher Tag, Kansas Sunshine 2007, Scotland 2006, eclectic Penguin, Celtic Cache Trio... Arrrgh... I can't choose 5 of them, they are all gorgeous! :laughing::anibad::P

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This is a hard one!! I'm sure Holmbiorn will have his own top 10, but here is mine-


Birka- stunningly beautiful, amazing detail and steeped in history- love it, love it, love it! :)


Bewitched- (mandrake spinner coin)- I'm fascinated by mandrakes and think this design is gorgeous. :P


Tranquility- I love the effect of the different layers under resin, very nicely done! :laughing:


Remembrance- the most personal coin we've done and full of sentiment to me. :D


Fortune Favors the Bold- What can I say- I'm a Leo! :laughing:


Here Comes the Sun- The song was played at our wedding and the coin captures the spirit of it nicely. :D


Brahean- I love the detail and the spinner portions! :D


Mackey made it- Such a cute design and it helps me keep up hope that some day we'll have a new cacher to give it to. :anibad:


Great Outdoors- solid and well detailed with a nice use of subtle colors. :D


Thors Hammer/Viking Heritage/Viking Ax- I just love those Viking themed coins and am not sure I could choose between these! :D

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First of my "10" favorites :laughing:


2007 Earth Turtle

South Pointing Chariots

Four Spirit Pottery Coins

Delft Blauw / Windmulen & Shoe (spelling issues again :laughing: )

2005 Old Man Winter

Caching in the Winter Wonderland


Tracking Time

Kayakerinme 5 coin set

Moose on the Loose

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this was a fun exercise. made me think a little, why certain coins were faves etc.



Tranquility: Light Gold. Unbelievably beautiful. The prettiest coin out there in all its permutations! Layers of texture and colour, something new to see each time i look at it.


Tumbleweed: Silver. When i first started in coins, this was my very first heart's desire coin. ha. little did i know how rare it was. but as i said in another thread, your true desires come to you at some point. thank you bluemotmot!


Dancing Fool: Copper


Buffalo Wings: white buffalo. thanks to castle man this came home to live with me in my desert. i have dreams of white buffalo which are weird. that and rattlesnakes, i am always dreaming of rattlesnakes.


Atocha cross: simply gorgeous!


Flute Face. it has a kokopelli on it! nuff said.


GeoBonefish: a small work of art.


Tengwar: turqouise and silver. ah me... love it!


License to Cache: Black and Red trader only version. LOVE this version, heck, love all the metal versions of this one. especially the bronze with violet enamel.




Tranquility: Blue is My World - first minting of this edition. slightly different than the later mintings.


this is a great thread with pics of coins i had not seen before. so very cool!



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Here is my list, in alphabetical order:


Aladdin's ANWB Mushroom

Delft Blue Klomp - I guess I'll never get my hands on the Windmolen :laughing:

Dragonfly Orange


PDA Paperless Caching Assistant



Sydney Koala


World Of GeoCaching Version #1 (this coin is a bit thinner than most, but somehow that just adss to its charm)

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"...which coins do you absolutely love, and why?"


10 is far too few, but here are 10 of the 50 or so that are at the top of my admiration list...


In no particular order....


1) Fudamental and Venlis "From Cache to Cache with Saab" personal coin. Far and away one of the best examples of 3d work I've ever seen and incredible detail in a very early coin. Simple and restrained use of elements and enamels with clean and sharp overlaying of imagery that tells a lot about the cacher for such a small package.


2) Gone Caching II Event Coin - A super clean and sharp design that uses metal as a primary color and glow enamel in a very restrained, but clever application. Always catches my eye even though it only has a couple colors it stands out (WAY OUT) in a crowd of coins. It's a classic iconic coin.


3) Lobo's Blue Girl personal coin. - Simple design at first glance, and very smart use of duo-tone coloring. There's just something so sad and creepy about the image of this frail little creature surrounded by the huge pool of glossy black nickel until you notice what she's holding and then it's even creepier!


4) Yime's newest personal coin (the Dark Yime ver) is just beautiful. It's everything that made post-war propoganda and pop-art culture terrific. Filled with imagery telling a life story and with a signature tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, it's what I show people who ask me "What is it about Yimes that make everybody so crazy?" and then when you see their expression you know they've been done in by the bittersweet bite of Yime.


5) Dorkfish Fishbowl personal. Clever use of shape and forced perspective plus a front/back theme that at first glance is convincing enough to fool you as a suncatcher. Great image, surprising heft for it's size and just a very "polished" feel about it. Among the hundreds of coins on display in my home it's among the first picked up every time by admiring coin fans.


6) Duncan Clan "Deception Pass" personal coin. Anything representing WA and Deception Pass in particular would have caught my attention, but this coin's real strength is it's spotless clean lines and gorgeous contrast between snow white and toned copper that makes it a standout. Few coins can pull off what this one does with ease. I still check it out on a regular basis and am inspired.


7) RiverCity Team Moagy personal. I know, I know, I designed it, but even so this is one of those rare instances for a designer when everything "flows" effortlessly. It is a rare, rare moment when an artist is seized by a muse with almost super-natural force and even now after 20 years of professional work under my belt I've only experienced this about a half dozen times. This coin was one of them. Everything came together from RiverCity's many ideas, new books on ancient art I'd purchased only days before, an old book on modern nature sculpture art I'd been studying for years and finally reaching a point where I actually understood what limitations there are when designing a coin. Every single element on the coin is part of a personal story about two cachers and the land they love. Simply one of the best coin designing experiences I've ever had.


8) Parents of SAM personal. A great design made possible by the geocoin forum members on a mission and working together toward a common goal of helping friends. It's a story I tell again and again in coin conversations when people ask me why I love coins. It's a badge of friendship, a personal triumph for Parents and a coin to admire for it's clean and sharp look. Another iconic must-have in geocoins.


9) Zombie Tribe personal. What's not to love about this one? It's dark & menacing, fun & groovy and a total kickback to all the skate-rat art style of the mid 80's I grew up with. Everyone who sees it seems to instantly fall in love with it and it has received more begging to trade or buy for than almost any other coin I own. In a word... FUN!


10) Pirates of Harriman V Event Coin. Another coin project that I was fortunate to be a part of, it's the creative brain-child of Avroair. He knew exactly what he wanted and everything he wanted it to look like, but no idea what it would look like - lol. As he spoke to me on the phone, I could see it all coming together in my head as well as a hoard of potential problems. Translucent enamels over-coating two-tone metals on a 3D & 2D mixed surface on a shaped coin and oh, yeah, throw some bling on that would you? Yeah, right! If ever there were a coin project destined to be laughed out of the mints, this would be the one. Yet, somehow, it cleared the hurdles. Mark was the brains, I was the hands, but only luck and perseverence made it reality. Shiny silvery-white squid arms bursting out of translucent waves to drag down a golden coin inset with a gem. When people ask me "What kind of stuff can you do on a coin?", this is the one I usually hand them first.



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The first 4 - right off the top........


Crake coins


Tracking Time



FGIO Astrolabe


(I like coins with no color)


The next 3........


Crake coins


12 Days of Caching 2006

12 Days of Caching 2007

12 Days of Caching 2008


(I have a contribution to all those coins)


The next 2...........


GCC Selective Availability Red

GCC Selective Availability Green


And last but not least...........


The Pocket Decoder Geocoin


Honorable Mention........


Any of the Navigation Geocoins by Coins and Pins, especially.........


Any Compass Rose Geocoin

The Nocturnal Geocoin

The Planisphere Geocoin


GCC Sputnik Geocoin

GC+PC 911 Geocoins


And many others that are just way too cool.......................


If you're bitten by the addiction like I am, you're in trouble!!!!!!!!!!



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OK... in the order they came out of the box :unsure:


USA Tranquility - Its the only one of its kind I have, and I just love the stark contrast in colors. The detail is also inspirational.


Greatest Cache of All - I got this one for my girls, but ended up having a hard time giving them away! I think it is the combination of artistry and the imagination that went into the concept.


Silver/Red Journey - It just jumps out of the pile of coins. Friends that see my cache of geocoins always pull this one our and say "wow'.


Alien Compass Rose - Its just cool and different, and the color detail is amazing! Oh, extra points for glowing in the dark :o


Proximity and Permanence - These two GCC coins are takes on two of the geocaching guidelines, and do it in a classy way.


2008 Compass Rose - This one is a classic favorite I think. When you can just say a coin's name, and most folks know exactly which coin your talking about, you know you have a classic. This is one of those!


Celtic Sun - I got this in one of my fist trades ever from the creator. This is just one of my coins that just finds its way to my hand without me thinking about it. No picture I've seen does the coin justice, especially this version which I think is an AE.


Crown of Thorns - I like a lot of different type of coins, but I love the ones that really mean something. This is a work of art at many levels in my book.


Blue/Gold Celtic Cross - I get weak-kneed at a lot of the Celtic and ancient culture coins, but this one is just amazing. I like holding it and looking deep into the blue and gold inlay. A striking and enchanting coin.


I could help putting my sig coin in the mix with these great coins. That must be part of the magic of the geocoin. They become so personal and part of who we are as a community. When I see the Journey coin, I think of the person who made it. With other coins it is the thoughtful person that gifted it to me, or the person that traded. Rarely, but sometimes... it was the person that left the coin in a place (cache) for me to take and enjoy. There is also the group of coins that I only get to see in caches and then release; and someday I hope to own one of my own. If we were to so this list again, say, a year from now, I believe that it could look much different as people, places and experiences come and go from out lives.


- Savoy

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Ok so I've had time to think about this a while, you'd think it would be easy with a small (50+) coin collection, but I guess it's almost day to day, I'll pick up one and find something striking about it at the time. So here goes


1, 2 & 3: I love my Canadian Red Poppy Spy coin set: It was my first complete set and it also makes me smile every time I see the quarter (the little one) oh how it caused such a fuss. We canadians love our coloured money :D

4: Darkside of the Cache, what can I tell ya, I'm a a baby boomer, a product that lived the 60's & 70's and I remember most of it too :unsure:

5 & 6: Bewitched coins, first spinners I've gotten, love the colour and the effect, pure beauty

7: Quecbec Owl, a great looking and feel coin, this one you just have to hold


Which brings us to the last three which have a personal meaning, they are the 2009 coins for our association COG (Central Ontario). The blue and green muskoka chairs (with the sign "Gone Caching") are available to the general (soon I believe), the white chair is special in that it is a LE which I won at the February gathering, that I'll cherish :o

So there you have it, pictures & story and all, hope you've enjoyed. :D

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Here's a picture of my Top 10 in no particular order.




Tengwar - Shiny Gold 24K

Journey - Shiny .925 Silver

Tranquility - Antique Gold

Tracking Time CRAKE

Raiders Of The Lost Cache

Delft Blue #2 Klomp

Dragon Spinner - Silver

TIKI's Stackers Set - Sterling Silver

The Da Vinci Challenge Set - Antique Bronze

Templar - Two-Tone


As you can see I like coins with lots of details.

I prefer metal finish without enamel.


Thanks for looking !

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ok so my top have changed after today i went to an event and meet with scavok and joe friday,, ha ha i will post a pic of my new favorate coin. lets just say ,,,awww never mind wait till the photo..haha

I Feel very honored and greatfull and excited to own this coin,, it is the top coin in my collection!! and I will cherish it forever, and truely never forget the day I met scavok thats for sure!! It really dident sink in til i got home and had time to stare at it, and i was actually quite speachless at the time,, he caught me by susprize,,lol so with that,,,,, I thank you again sir scavok and I Present....... A SHINY COPPER & PEACH TENGWAR ,,,,,TAAA... DAAA.....





P.S. SSSSSSHHHHHH !!!! ONLY 2 MINTED :yikes::D:shocked::anicute:<_<:ph34r:

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Ok - so it's almost impossible to pick just 10 as everyone puts out awesome coins :yikes:


I've counted series of coins as one spot (to try and reign in my list!) In no particular order:


Dorkfish Fishbowl - Probably my favorite - love the design and the kick me sign is the best!


Parrothead Parrots - What's not to like abou a Jimmy Buffet themed coin?

Starfish - the Orange Glow was my first coin that I activated

Flip Flops - Love the Beach and summer - these coins just look fun!

Sand Dollar



Souwester - Just a cool coin!

Tethus C Ammonite Series - much larger and heavier than I anticipated, but such a cool design and idea!


And a couple of Runner Up's

Crew from Waterloo

Dive into caching

Game Board

Moscow Delicious


I Love the marine life coins - I guess I bring my work home with me!


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Ok, well, that was annoying...wrote out my list and it disappeared into the black abyss! :D


But how can you stay mad when you are looking at your top 10 most cherished geocoins?? :shocked::yikes:


So in no particular order (and with a picture at the bottom)...


- Celtic Peacock (I received this coin along with the RFJ from a very generous person as a gift and they are very high on my favourites list)

- Rainforest Jewel

- Four Muskateers Imperial Creed (my first trade)

- German Gold Tranquility (due to a recent trade I was able to remove this from my "most wanted list")

- Time and Space Orange Glitter (I really fell in love with it when I held it in my hand)

- Fortune Favors the Bold (one of my very first purchases and introduction to new coins on this board)

- grodan frog glitter (such a cute little guy!)

- Rivercity & Team Moagy personal (this one has been making it's way up my favourites list for awhile now - simple, detailed and with a wonderful message)

- 2007 Compass Rose BN (the best Compass Rose imo)

- Tatanka Pejula (I have one and I gave my best friend one before she left on a world trip with her husband - everytime I look at it, I am reminded of her and how much they mean to me)


Runner up:

I just got the 2007 British Columbia from the math trade and whenever I recieve a coin, it sits on my desk for awhile and I get to stare at it. This one reminds me of my trip to BC/the Yukon/Alaska on a cruise for my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband...I loved that trip and this coin reminds me of it!


I scanned the coins with the sides without tracking numbers to save some time...



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Well, I'm a slow collector - and if I listed my top 10 - that's pretty much my entire collection if you discount more than one type of the same coin.


However, there are two that have to be out there above the rest (of published coins):




The one on the left (that's Goldie #1/50) because it's been such a labor of love to get the old chap minted and made and has been such a fantastic experience fulfilling my dream in actually getting the coins made and sold...


And the one on the right - because I almost weekly go hill walking in the mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park and to have such a MAGNIFICENT coin represent my regular stomping ground is awesome! It's 4 times as big as any other coin I have just weighed 3 penguins in one hand and 1 this coin in the other... I believe the bird on the coin is a Red Kite.


(oh... and alert alert... many more Eclectic Penguins imminently about to be available - NEW BATCH and apparently they glow in the dark too!)

Edited by Eclectic Penguin
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After looking through my coins for a bit I'd say that these are my 10 favorites, excluding my own personal and my upcoming Finger Lakes coin. :unsure:


Waypoint 15 - This one was and always has been my most desired and by far my favorite coin. It's rare and because of how simple it is I think it's one of the best looking coins made to date.


tsunrisebey - I drove from Southern California to Montana, through the Rockies during a winter storm to get this one. ;)


Facedances Ver. 1 - I have a thing for old coins and I love the look of this one quite a bit. Simple designs are my favorites. I also met Facedances once. I think... I dunno, there were a lot of people at that event. :)


2005 Groundspeak Volunteer - When these coins first were made I said I wanted one, but only if it was owned by a volunteer I'd met before. Thanks to Carleenp I got that wish!


2007 Groundspeak Lackeys - This coin was given to me when I visited the Groundspeak HQ in Seattle.


2003 USA (unactivated) - This is the second geocoin ever made, and I dare say finding one of these that's unactivated is harder than getting one of the first geocoins ever made.


2005 NYGO proof - The first New York geocoin was among the first trackable geocoins, and it just so happens I designed it. I got to have the one and only proof for doing so.


Mertat - Another very simply designed coin without any color. Just the way I like them. It's my understanding that Mertat never traded these. I was lucky enough to have mine given to me by Mertat herself.


The first GHOST / SWAGS coin - I bet not many people posting now even know of / remember the SWAGS club, but this is the first coin they put out. I always loved this one because of how few were made and because I mean come on, who doesn't like a slug melting in a spilled margarita?


Geowoodstock 3 - This is another one of the first coins to be trackable, and I actually bought mine at the event itself. It was a great time, but way too humid in Florida for me, lol.


Image showing tracking numbers removed by moderator at OP's request.

Edited by Eartha
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I thought I would take time away from my busy schedule to address this issue.


1. GBA Death March


This is the best coin I have seen in person!


2. Zombie Tribe


Met the Zombie a few years ago


3. The Shadow


A dark acquaintance of mine


4. Blue Girl


Just love the axe!


5. The Phantom


Another evil one


6. Darth Maul


Another acquaintance


7. The Dark Knight


Bring him on!


8. Walpurgis Night


My favorite event!


9. Goblindust


Cool Coin


10. And mine somewhere in between.


Slash On!

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I don't even own 10 coins......so I'll just list the 10 I'd like to have. :unsure:

Tranquility Blue

Dragonfly talisman

Yemon Yime

New Zealand Fern

Brawny Bear Clan

Lemon Fresh Dog

White Bear

Earth Turtle

Cape Breton Island

Minnesota Aurora Borealis

Edited by nefesh
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I don't even own 10 coins......so I'll just list the 10 I'd like to have. :unsure:

Tranquility Blue

Dragonfly talisman

Yemon Yime

New Zealand Fern

Brawny Bear Clan

Lemon Fresh Dog

White Bear

Earth Turtle

Cape Breton Island

Minnesota Aurora Borealis


nonono, that's a different thread! LOL! just joking with you.


be patient grasshopper, all things come to she who waits with grace.



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I don't even own 10 coins......so I'll just list the 10 I'd like to have. :)

Tranquility Blue

Dragonfly talisman

Yemon Yime

New Zealand Fern

Brawny Bear Clan

Lemon Fresh Dog

White Bear

Earth Turtle

Cape Breton Island

Minnesota Aurora Borealis


nonono, that's a different thread! LOL! just joking with you.


be patient grasshopper, all things come to she who waits with grace.



i am with nefesh...i don't have enough yet to list 10 favorites.


it is so hard to wait ....with or without grace. :unsure:

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