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  1. I attended an event out there this time last year. I'm pretty sure I heard someone mention at the time that caches weren't allowed by the island's owner. Also, I'd have thought the EO would have placed a cache there for the event.
  2. There is a cacher in my area actively trying to get one of my D5 puzzle caches banned by Groundspeak, basically because he can't solve it himself. Basically, you need to write a small bit of code to process a file. Any programming language is capable of doing it - it's a bit of basic steganography and I even fully explain how the hide is made as an educational exercise. It's up to the cacher to extract the information back out of a file whichever way they can. I've put the usual disclaimer about the file not having viruses etc. Essentially, the best way to do this is to write a bit of code (about 30-40 lines) which processes and extracts the message. He's now arguing that downloading something like Java would break the "Geocache listings that require additional website registration, installs or downloads are generally not publishable." rule in that it requires the user to download extra code. Surely this would invalidate many of the harder puzzle chacheds that either require specialist (free) software to decode something (such as process an audio file) or a programming language (I've solved several puzzles using code). So, is the requirement for a generic compiler/script interpreter that's freely available online a breach of the rules? If so, I can think of a slew of caches I've solved in the past that shouldn't be out there...
  3. That was one of my initial thoughts... but I don't think this is what's happening I can post links to other events and caches and they render fine in the same session. It just seems there's something in mine that confuses Facebook. Facebook developers have commented they're seeing an error being thrown by facebook saying an image is less than 200x200 - yet it works fine for all other events I post (my own old ones and also other people's).
  4. Does anyone know why, when I post a link to my recently published camping event to Facebook, instead of the usual event icon and text being associated with it, I get an advert for the Groundspeak phone app instead? What do I need to do to prevent this from happening? After some discussion in a local forum, the conclusion was that Groundspeak were providing an image that Facebook deemed too small to use - but it seems to be OK for all other events/caches I see being published, so why is my event being treated this way? See attached image to see what I see and expect to see.
  5. Church Micros (and their equivalent) have been started in other countries too. Here in Ireland, the name Church Micro has been retained when the series was started by a local cacher, but is now called Church Micro IE and has its own series numbers.
  6. It depends on which part of Ireland you're visiting. I can't really speak for much in the north as I'm based in the Cork area which is on the south coast - however if you're anywhere near Dublin, everyone gravitates to GC43, Europe's First. If you're heading for Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway earthcache is a must. It would help to know which areas you're visiting and when. If you're around mid-August there is the Geocamping event in the Burren region - this will also have at least 2 other satellite events either on the same day or on a consecutive day. If you're planning to do any of the islands Skellig Michael is a must if you're in the South West but takes the best part of a day - it has 2 good caches - a virtual and an earth cache. A small scene was filmed there last year for the forthcoming Star Wars movie. Be sure to book well in advance as only a certain number are allowed on the island a day as it is an UNESCO world herritage site. If you can let know when you're coming and where you plan to visit, I'll look at my list of found/planned caches if you're going to any areas I've been caching in.
  7. Thanks to all who showed interest in my latest Geocoin - the super sized Eclectic Penguin - a third bigger than the original and nearly twice the weight! I think most of the people who asked to be on the mailing list have now ordered. Now that people on the mailing list have had a chance, if you missed out on getting hold of one through that method, there are still a small number left - however the number shown available are all that are left. I may make others but this is the last of the originally themed Geocoins. If you'd like to see what they actually look like or buy (one or few) have a look at: http://www.eclectic-penguin.org.uk/store Attached is an image of two of the new Geocoins standing next to an original first generation Eclectic Penguin. And to those asking if there are any Mark 1 Geocoins still available - I'm afraid not. I sold the last one a year and a half ago when one was discovered between the cushions in my car when I was cleaning it. I can't even make any more as the original dies have been destroyed by the mint.
  8. The Eclectic Penguin Geocoin is back – bigger bolder than ever! Some of you who have been on this forum for over 5 years may remember my original signature Geocoin, The Eclectic Penguin. He was originally intended as a run of 250 Geocoins but demand vastly outshone my expectations and there are now the best part of 1000 of them out there either in the wild or (mostly I suspect) in collections. Well, production had to stop for various reasons around 2010 when personal circumstances made it difficult to continue to make more of these, despite the demand for more different varieties of the same Geocoin. But let's face it, there's only so much you can do my changing colors and metal types so I decided to let the fella rest a bit and come back at a later date. I've been through a number of life changing experiences since then – probably the biggest being that three years ago, work took me from my native Wales, United Kingdom, to the Republic of Ireland, for a 6 month contract. I loved it so much there that... well, I'm still here 3 years later! And so, I find myself able to think about another production run of my signature Geocoin The Eclectic Penguin, with the thought of making this a 3 year celebration of the Ireland/Wales connection. But alas, I find that the mint only keep their dies for 3 years and *sob* 'he's a gonner. To misquote Monty Python: ''E's passed on! This penguin is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!” I think you get the idea – the original Geocoin can no longer be made without... well resurrection. With that in mind, here's what I hope to do *very* soon indeed. Since I'm having to re-design from scratch, I'm able to make changes to the design. Firstly, the good news – the front of the Geocoin is going to stay exactly the same as the original. He's the same signature Geocoin that I created many moons ago and as such will also have the same Groundspeak icon and name – however there are also important major differences. In order to celebrate my three years in Ireland, the side with the serial number is gong to change (the first time an actual design has changed in any of the E.P. releases). As you can see from the diagram, this side will have a crossed pair of flags – one Irish and one Welsh to celebrate the three years in Ireland. Secondly size. This is going to be a bigger Geocoin all-round! The original was 1.5 inches tall. This one is 2 inches tall with all the re-scaling required for that to take place – roughly 33% bigger than the original. There will be two metals minted – gold and nickel. Both will have glow in the dark bellies and eyes as with previous releases. To add to the Irish/Welsh mix, Gold will have a red bow tie (from the Red Dragon of the Welsh flag) and Nickel will have an orange bow tie (from the Irish flag) The eyes are emerald green and the belly white (from both flags). Cost... well a tricky one. I'm currently aiming for £8.50 Sterling / €10 Euro. Cost in USD will be dependent on the exchange rate at the time but at the moment it would be roughly$13-$13.50. Postage will also depend on international rates – yet to be calculated but will be fairly representative of other international Geocoins. (UK residents note – I'll be posting from Ireland so European postage rates will apply). I'm currently not taking any pre-orders as I need to set up online ordering facilities once again (the original system I used is by now unusable). What I'm asking is, if you *strongly* think you'll be interested in ordering this Geocoin, could you send email to: waddle@eclectic-penguin.org.uk Please include all of the following: email address (please double check) Caching Name Real Name Number and metal color of each Geocoin you'll require Country of delivery I will add your email address to a temporary private mailing list and will keep you informed of progress, including when you can order (or even possibly pre-order). This list will be deleted once the Geocoin is in production. The order to mint is going to be made in the next couple of days and the response I get to the above email address in the next couple of days will directly affect how many I actually initially order. There may be more in the future of course, but that's never guaranteed! If you have any questions/comments … I welcome them below.
  9. Sorry to bring back an old topic, but in Ireland, I recently came across The Flying Dutchman (GC6689), placed on 20th of June 2002 on Sheep's Head Peninsula, west Co. Cork. It still has its original log book in place as of November 2014 with space to continue for a while yet. IF GCF0 no longer has its original log book in place, surely this is now a good contender for longest continual log book still in use in the UK and Ireland - and almost certainly Ireland? I left it in place after signing it, but not after photographing each page. I've made the photographic record available here: http://www.eclectic-penguin.org.uk/flyingDutchman It makes for a very interesting read as to how logging in the field has changed since the early days of Geocaching.
  10. I adopted a cache back in 2009 that had a log book that went back to September 2002 in it and ran continuously to 2009. It was in dire condition - one stage removed from pulp - but with a little bit of TLC, I recovered it. As I felt this is quite an important historic document charting how we log our finds over the first decade of Geocaching, I photographed every page and put them online at: http://www.eclectic-penguin.org.uk/CCCLogBook/ I have since taken over another early Welsh cache and it's logbook went back to 2001 (I don't have its date to hand). That may well get the same treatment at some point but in 2001, folk were leaving their email address along with other personal details so it would have to be an edited version of that log - and that's only 4 pieces of paper stapled together before being replaced by another book.
  11. I would be happy to release it as a different edition of the same Geocoin. I'm more than happy to use the same icon (it's almost identical to the forum icon) and the design is also mine (it's almost identical to the forum icon)
  12. I have a Geocoin that's been very successful over the past few years. I have released quite a few different editions of the coin from editions of 100 to limited editions of just 20 and all sell within days/weeks (and in one case 50 were sold in 3 hours at an event). I would like to release a special version of this Geocoin with the same design on one side, but a modification on the other. The original design essentially has a penguin on one side but text only on the other. Aside from the extra cost in creating a new die, would this be regarded as a new Geocoin and therefore need to register an icon / registration fee? I personally would be happy to use my existing icon and registration as the coin would effectively be the same geocoin but with a flag on its back rather than its name (which is largely redundant as many people rename it anyway). Thanks in advance
  13. Does anyone know what is to become of these images which comprise of regions within the UK, listed alongside many others that have now become souvenirs over the last few days? It's clear that these were meant to become souvenirs at some point, but with the announcement in the Latitude 47 blog that there would be no more regional souvenirs (for the time being) after the 2,000,000 celebration issues which have now all been issued, it seems such a shame that we have potential regions within the UK that have already had artwork created by the same person who drew the souvenirs for the 4 provinces of Ireland (and also Dublin) but remain just images and aren't issued as souvenirs, yet we just get a single image of Tower Bridge to represent the entire UK. And what a shame they missed a diamond opportunity to release the Wales souvenir on St. David's day too.
  14. It makes sense - this prevents someone who has found many of the waymarks previously from getting an advantage in a new scavange hunt. Previous finds don't count on scavenger hunts, so yes, if you want to complete that scavenger hunt you will need to PHYSICALLY visit the waymark again. You do, however, have the option of excluding waymarks you've already visited when you create the hunt. I wouldn't worry about annoying the other waymarker-IF you physically visit the waymark again, and IF you comply with the visiting requirements, your log will be valid.
  15. I'm new to scavenger hunts so please bear with me if this has been addressed. I have created a scavenger hunt which happens to have some waymarks I've already logged as discovered. However the listing for the scavenger hunt lists me as having 0 finds for that scavenger hunt. Do I have to re-find all the items I've already found? If so, won't this annoy the owners of each waymark who have to re-approve every re-find? Or am I missing something obvoious?
  16. I'd like to announce here what I hope will be a relatively large Geocaching event next month here in Ireland held in the City of Kilkenny. The aim of this event as well as having fun as we do at events, is to forge links between various Geocaching communities throughout Ireland (both the Republic and the North). It's already had some interest with some folk (including myself and a couple of others) coming from the Cork area (2 hours) and other interest has been shown from Dublin (equally 2 hours), which is very encouraging as an event orgainser. Lads, I want to make this a night of geocraic to remember. Not only do we have Geocaching related activities in Upstairs@Lanigans which is is currently being re-themed with a GAA theme, with portraits of famous players being placed on the walls (and no doubt a hurley or two up there too!), there will also be live traditional music downstairs too which no doubt will be drifting up to us upstairs so a night with true Irish atmosphere. I've put more effort into this event already compared to all the other regular events I've organised - and if the numbers increase at the pace they currently are, I may have to put a whole lot more effort into it again [] The event's Geocaching page can be found at http://coord.info/GC3XDW0 Táim ag tnúth le tú a fheiceáil ann!
  17. Well, I've moved to live in Ireland for a spell - Cork to be exact... A number of friends have already said to me that if I organised an event here next year they'd come and perhaps spend a few days in the area (mostly friends in England and Wales who know me personally, at the moment). I've also mentioned this on the Irish forums and so far had a positive response from south and also further north of Ireland. It's all very early days yet (both whether I'll be in Ireland that long, but this now looks likely - and also whether there's going to be enough momentum to get this going) but, say I go ahead with this, how many would at least consider a holiday in the Emerald Isle next year to attend such an event - or if you're already a resident, would you travel to County Cork for a Geocaching event? Indeed, if you also live nearby, would you also be interested in helping organise such an event? Travel-wise - I do hope the Swansea-Cork ferry is reinstated, but things are looking a little rough on that front at the moment from what I hear on local news... I no way do I expect it to hit Mega status - but I would like to see something a little more international, that a normal local Geocaching event would bring - say perhaps to bring a flavour of what a Mega would be like to encourage perhaps a future, more concerted effort by the folk of Ireland to bring a Mega event to this lovely Isle. I also hope I'm not treading on any local toes in even considering something like this and would welcome local input & support. Obviously dates would be very sensitive with the probability of three Mega events taking place in mainland Britain next year - like I said, very early days and just testing the water at the moment - nothing more.
  18. I made response to the initial responses to this this and have now deleted it from the forum because I felt it was too strong... that said... (Sorry MrsB- I tried what you suggested and didn't work for me for some reason). I posted a sensible question about how to get a list of "needs maintenance" and got a couple of posts criticism about why I left it so long rather than even attempting to respond? I HAVE A LIFE OTHER THAN GEOCACHING. I'll archive them all if it helps you cope with your lives. I try to get most of my caches maintained within a week which is all I can manage at the moment but that's not good enough for some it seems. Over the last couple of weeks/months, events and life have taken over Geocaching to an extent so I wanted a method today to just get a list of all caches to fix in one go. I asked for advice and got one answer and a couple of "if you ask this question you shouldn't be caching" type answers. I will no longer post any requests for help on this forum as it seems any requests are a bait for criticism and derision and I'm glad I came up with a solution of my own to the situation in the mean time.
  19. What is the best way of getting a list of all caches that "need maintenance" that you own. I wanted to go and fix all the caches I have that currently have "needs maintenance" and it struck me that I couldn't find a section to list these. In the end I created a PQ which listed only my caches and only those with the "needs maintenance" attribute which did the trick - but I was wondering if there's another, more proper way of getting this list? [EDIT] I won't post a help for information like this again. It seems this is NOT the way to get help in the Geocaching community any more - if you stray from what people think is "proper" you get told how you SHOULD do it rather than find the solution asked for.
  20. This sock puppet may have history. Don't worry - you don't need to get what's going on - I don't have the full picture myself but the date around this account was created is quite significant to a number of us locally and I've been aware and keeping an eye on this dormant account for quite some time. I really want it to end here - its been dealt with by Groundspeak.
  21. Have you reported this to Groundspeak? Yes. Other friends have also contacted Groundspeak too once they realised it wasn't me.
  22. Please be aware that there is an individual currently posting on this forum under the name Eclectic_Penguin (with an underscore) expressing opinions that are at times contrary to my own and at times mildly inflammatory. Since the underscore is obliterated by the underline added to the user name when it is a link, it could be easily misinterpreted as having come from myself and I view this as an attempt to make it look like I'm making statements that I may not necessarily agree with or make it look like I'm trying to start an argument in a situation I have no knowledge of. This may also be an attempt to provoke - as such I have taken necessary actions with regards to contacting Groundspeak and forum moderator. I will from now on stay out of this matter on the forums - I rarely post on these forums these days anyway.
  23. For clarity - the above posts from Eclectic_Penguin are NOT from myself or have anything to do with me nor do they express my opinions in any way.
  24. To avoid confusion... the above posts are from someone posting as Eclectic_Penguin and NOT from me, Eclectic Penguin. The opinions stated by this individual do NOT reflect my opinion. Hywel Williams (Eclectic Penguin)
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