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COINTEST ~ Win some sun!


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Once one of the coins is won does the 12 hour wait time start over again?

Or does it mean that no matter how many coins are won you can only guess once every 12 hours?


One guess every 12 hours. No matter what. Sorry but I'm trying to make it fair to cachers who do not share my country's same time zones.

That's a good rule that allows players to get in from every timezone. I use rules like that so that a Cointest is not over before everyone gets a chance to play. This will be a fun one for me to watch, but I have never been good at knowing who sings what, or even paying attention to the song titles, so I will nat be able to come up with any answers.


I'll throw out this obvoius guess though..."Here Comes the Sun" - The Beatles


I can't wait to see the answers for the hard ones!

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Walking on the Sun - Smashmouth


Question - Do covers matter?? or does it have to be the original?? for for example Blinded by the Light was done my Manfred Manns Earth band, yet the original was written and performed by Bruce Springsteen. Would both be correct or only the original




Covers are fine. I would accept both.


But I have to admit I never knew Springsteen wrote that song! :ph34r:


Wow - I really didn't know there were so many songs with "sun" in the title. Maybe it's time for a little hint....


2/3 of our trio are geezers. I'm 43 and hubby is in his 50s. Our 11 year old didn't suggest any of the songs here so that might help just a wee bit. Oh and you can rule out opera, show tunes and classical categories. :cry:


Good luck!

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how about Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers


Ah yes - we have winner #3! Congratulations!!



angiesm123 - Please email me your name/mailing address and preference for shiny gold or antique copper coin. :rolleyes:


[edit] Wow - and first post from angiesm123 too. Welcome to geocaching and to the forums! :D

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Seasons in The Sun


by Westlife


One of my favourites....


We had joy we had fun we had

Seasons in the sun

But the wine and the song like the

Seasons have all gone ...


Hey, I was gonna guess that but seeing that you didn't win helps me avoid a losing answer, lol.


Boy, I can't believe they even had music when you were younger ThePetersTrio :D

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