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  1. I loved my 60CS. I now have a Colorado, and I sold my 60CS to a friend only because my husband still has his 60CSx. I know it stinks to have to get the maps, but do it. My husband says to get the micro sd card with the whole U.S. on it. He said it's so much better than downloading partial maps. Another place to get in touch with Texas cachers is www.texasgeocaching.com. It's an active forum, and people visit there that never visit these forums. Welcome to the hobby!
  2. No offense taken. However, you are mistaken in that I "want" something from them. I'm just offering the chance for them to get the word out about their hobby in southeast Texas. I do the broadcast show because I believe in local activities, and I do it for free, as in volunteer, just like you volunteer to moderate this forum. It's pointless to join just to send an email. I have plenty of organizations to interview. I had a friend who heard about geocaching and suggested it as a topic. I don't get anything out of it either way, other than to possibly help get local people together with local people. Thanks for your input, though. It would have been easier for you to just point me to a person, since you know them, IMO. Try the Texas Geocaching Association @ www.texasgeocaching.com and see if you get a response there.
  3. Sure thing. We're still there until 8:30 on some Wednesdays. Sorry for the late reply. If you email me through my profile I'll get your responses faster. Look forward to seeing you some Wednesday!
  4. Yes, posting on the TXGA site will likely get you a better response. Also, there is a group of Arlington cachers that meet every Wednesday night from 6-8 at the No Frills' Grill in South Arlington. One of our regulars is a TCU professor and she might have some insight for you.Come join us sometime. My sister geocaches at times and works at UTA so I'll ask her if she knows of anyone that caches.
  5. I bet if you go to www.texasgeocaching.com you'll get some responses. I've cached in Dallas, but since I don't live there I don't feel qualified to give you advice.
  6. I want to tell MRJIFFY thank you for the fun cointest. Both Dark Star and I enjoyed finding a coin and taking pictures on our short vacation to Georgetown, TX. Today is Dark Star's birthday and he was notified that he won a coin for his skull photo! You have no idea how excited he was. You made his birthday a bit more brighter. (It might even be coin karma!) Thanks again, TX Diva
  7. Oh, poopie, that's my fault. I wrote it down in MY time zone....Sorry to burn one of your anwers.
  8. I love British bands too. Most of them heavy metal, which probably doesn't make sense with a Hello Kitty icon! :-) (Up the Irons!) Here is a song from one of my favourite British bands: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon by Queen from A Night At The Opera Freddie Mercury was a musical genius! Brian May...nearly there. (Even if I don't win a coin, I got to spout off about Queen!)
  9. Here's one of my favorites: Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof
  10. "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes
  11. I thought it was a good idea. I liked the mystery of not knowing the finish on all of the coins. This was also a win-win situation for me because I absolutely love the white and black one. So I would have traded my LE for something down the road if I hadn't gotten my favorite color in the world-Green! This set of coins actually got me out of geocoin retirement. I'm not sure whether to say thanks or not on that one!
  12. I found Mr. Jiffy #12 right before taking a weekend trip to Georgetown, TX. He seemed happy to take the road trip when he found that he could go to InnerSpace Caverns! He enjoyed being the only light in the cave. After a trip to the caverns we went geocaching around Georgetown and he wanted to pose with a flower that looked like him. It was really hot, so he took a dip in the pool. He had an exciting day and fell asleep as his head hit the pillow!
  13. Great coin and great cause, Mama Cache! You know that I'll be purchasing some. Several students with autism have been in my classroom in the past few years. Only with research and awareness, was I able to successfully meet their needs. In return, they have taught me to look at things differently and more patiently. Again, awesome cause!
  14. Budget? Geocoins? I think my husband used those two words in the same sentence before I stuck my fingers in my ears and went "LA LA LA!"
  15. Today was the PERFECT day to receive my mission package! I had to drive Dark Star to the eye doctor and sit around and wait while he had his eyes dilated. The mail came just before we left and I saved the package for the waiting room! First I found a notecard with buffalo on the front....well, after I read the nice note I realized they were bison. Bison Woman told me the reason she picked out each coin. The first coin is the Canine Cachers Coin/2005 2nd Edition. This is the "dog" part of the mission. I LOVE silver coins with gold features, and I LOVE dogs! The second coin is a Team Sand Dollar coin. It is the "summer" part of the mission. I've never seen a coin like this, and I'm very happy to have it. Both coins are very beautiful, and I thank you very much! Along with the coins I received two of Bison Girl and Woman's signature item: a buffalo nickel and a North Dakota quarter. The pictures don't do the coins justice! Thank you so much, Bison Woman!!!
  16. That is a most awesome coin; especially the backside.
  17. I haven't received my package yet, so I'm hopefully going to help my person out. I don't have a list, so if my person is hitting their head on a brick wall...STOP IT now. I'm sure I will appreciate and love any coin you send me. I'm easy that way. This is my first mission, so I'll have a list if I do another one. I promise!
  18. I bought one of each of these for Dark Star because he likes skulls. He was very impressed and happy to have them!
  19. Wow! Joni! Awesome. I just love coins like this.
  20. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - doing research 3. Mission Complete - secured for mailing tomorrow July 30th 4. Package Received!
  21. I got to see the samples today! I got to hold the samples today! I told Mama Cache which finishes I liked the best...today. They all looked really good. Now choose your finishes and get these done! I want one...today!
  22. How funny! Mama Cache was telling me about this very coin just a few days ago. She even told me how someone was showing how it was "trackable."
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