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  1. How does one see the original address book?
  2. Maine Family I think that I am in the address book but I have moved. Can I update my address or should I get a new invite. I have been away for a while but I'm finally back at it again.
  3. For displaying my favorites and not for trade/sale coins I picked up a coin display rack at Michaels today. I fit 24 in this one and they are all 2 inch coins am have a little space between them. For the rest I have a tool/tackle box type thing that has adjustable dividers. It has decent latches and a lock to help keep the lid in place. Handy handle to carry as well to take to meet and greets and such.
  4. I have many that I have collected now but my favorites are artist editions of the Musketeers and also a/e of the What was in Your mailbox coin.
  5. Yime if there is anyone that does not honour the reservation let me know. I will be glad to fill in for as many as I can if there are any. I lost my mom to cancer (not breast cancer, but regardless) and as such cancer research is a common area for my wife and I to donate to and support.
  6. I'll be keeping an eye out for the re-mint on these. Great looking coin (of course) for a really great cause. Way to go Yime!!!
  7. If it has been solved by anyone they have not posted it up here yet for anyone to see.
  8. Coins arrived today and I am glad I picked these ones up. Been looking for a set for a while. Love 'em! Thanks again for smooth sales and fast shipping!
  9. I recieved mine the other day and could not believe my incredible luck. I lurk the forums a lot more than I actually post so I was completely beside myself when I found a gleaming silver bubble cointainment unit in my mailbox. I trade often and purchase a lot of coins, have won cointests but an elusive mystery coin had always been a dream. I am going to register my new A/S UFO into the database so I can be fully involved in the project. To the great mystery coiner co-ordinating the research (and gifting the amazing tracking devices), thank you very much for including me in the Project. Safekeeper of Unit #158 kayn_os _os = Operation: Safekeeper
  10. You have payment ! Thanks for another great sell off. Last ones I got were awesome, I'm sure this set will be just a amazing.
  11. I don't have a delivery date as of yet, but they are in process of being done now. ~J Sweet! As you can no doubt tell I am excited about these coins!
  12. I never got the newsletter and was just wondering if mine shipped or not. Paid for a full set.
  13. Any word on the production photos? Love this coin idea so much and super excited sorry!
  14. There have been a lot of posts as of late from new coiners asking/commenting about coin loss so I just wanted to post a good news story to encourage them and tell them that not all hope is lost just because there has been no movement in some time. Thanks for all the comments!!!
  15. One of my coins went missing on 3/30/2008 and just resurfaced last week. Sometimes it takes people some time to find 'em so never give up hope. I was pretty happy to find out. Just thought I would pass on a happy story of a lost one finally found. kayn
  16. Anything new to update on the OCB coins? Are they all sold out now?
  17. Got mine today Great looking micros. New micro dipper for me!
  18. Canadian here as well. From Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Love this addiction and try to cache everywhere I travel now!
  19. Didn't get an invite Resending
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