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Cointest across the globe


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Well, I had time after dinner and before Scouts to get all the coins together.



And we even had a bunch of fun drawing coins! BionicleMan would do a little coin dance after each drawing. :lol:



All the winners here should send me a note via my profile with their mailing address.


Whew! What a rush! And with no further ado, I'm happy to announce the winners:


#1 5:33pm SC Micro - Satin Gold

What a grat idea for a cointest and thank you for your overwhelming generosity! Good luck everybody!


#2 6:28pm Crake Swallowtail Butterfly

Thanks for the cointest, Fingers Crossed for actually winning one of them! :laughing:


Here's a Haiku I shamelessly plagiarised from here.


I thought it quite appropiate being 'coin' inspired!


Haiku rides again!

Nice to have you back, poem

Been bored without you


I don't use coinStar

I save my change in a sock

To bludgeon people


Coins jingle-jangle

Like windchimes in my pocket

I'd rather have cash


Coins minted in Rome

Cannot be used to purchase

A goddamn thing here


Wayne Coyne is famous

For his musical antics

With the Flaming Lips


You can coin a phrase

Or you can earn some phat coin

Jokes can be coin-y


A coin collecter

Probably is a huge dork

Just think about it



By Dan.


#3 7:23pm Mt Rushmore Benchmark

(and so I start to get worried that I'm gonna give away 24 coins at this point!)

Thanks for the cointest.


Happy Holidays


But the overnight hours are light... and no winners:

#4 8:39pm April Fools 2007 Silver

#5 9:31pm U-Turn glow

#6 10:55pm Calif. Highway Patrol badge Ant.Silver

#7 11:05pm Tennessee Spinner

#8 12:12am GW5 Attendee

#9 1:16am 'Dream' BrokenW Silver

#10 2:57am Caching in the Holiday Silver


#11 3:14am Zion 8-cent Stamp Ant. Silver

I guess I'll give it a shot...


Thanks for the cointest.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year :D


#12 4:33am Dorkfish Pirhana (Green/Blue/Yellow)

waking from the sleep

Dreaming of big shiny coins

waiting for Santa Claus


#13 5:58am Two Seasons of December Silver

Getting ready for work...

Decide I should lurk...

Munching away on a Big Turk...


Guess that all the "urk" I can say!


Good luck all!


#14 6:36am Cache Movers Copper

A Christmas Joke-


A guy bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for Christmas.


After hearing about this extravagant gift, a friend of his said, "I thought she wanted one of those sporty four-wheel-drive vehicles."


"She did," he replied. "But where was I going to find a fake Jeep?"


#15 7:15am Zion National Park Round Ant.Silver

#16 8:26am Wish You Were Here Postcard GCC Sept.'06


#17 9:45am i-Spy Canadian Poppy Satin Gold

Another hour, another post. I was going add a picture of my cool christmas stocking, but my mother took the camera shopping with her.. Hopefully she'll be back by my next post!


#18 10:16am Bilby Towers Benchmark

#19 11:12am All Season Caching '07 - Winter - Black Nickel

#20 12:56pm CastleMan Star Silver

#21 1:01pm Carabiner Ant.Silver/Green ... Winner OwlCacher at 1:01:08

Thinking up haikus

Although a tedious task

Seems to relieve stress

...and that's two in a row! :blink:


Edit: D'oh :lol:


#22 2:31pm SC Micro Ant.Silver

#23 3:14pm Washington Monument Benchmark


.... continued next post ....

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And, since you can only quote 10 posts in one single post... to finish up:


#24 And finally, 4:27pm Blackpool Tower '07 -- the final winner is Penguin#1 with a perfect 4:27:00

Have a very merry Christmas :lol:

last chance apparently!


#25 & 26 & 27 - Favorite Original Verse(s):

Crake Symbology Ant. Gold

I had a very very unhappy evening; I wrote this haiku to explain it:


UPS lost it

my Christmas gifts are not here

delivered elsewhere


GW5 Attendee

rusty ammo can

painted shades of forest green

snow upon its lid


Lady Luck Red-head / Black Nickel

Yet another hour gone

Like a child on Christmas eve

Exciting cointest


CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners... I actually had more winners than I was expecting. Thanks to all for the wonderful cointest! Do it again next year??!? :laughing::blink::lol:


Please contact me through my profile : http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=9b...95-3d9b0cebb328

So that I can be sure I'm getting the right caching names to go with the mailing addresses.


Thanks to all, and to all a goodnight!

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Yipee, I won a coin! Thanks so much for the great cointest wsgaskins. That is also a coin that I dont have in my collection, so it will be most welcomed! I'll email you my addy in a couple of minutes, congrats to all the winners and to you for putting on such a neat and generous cointest.


Best Regards,

Jason aka MRJIFFY


After a second look, I realized I also won the first post as well, wow, I bought a lotto ticket this afternoon, I hope my luck continues for that!


Thanks again!

Edited by mrjiffy
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